7 Pressing Questions About an Amazon Gift Return, Answered!

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Last updated on August 2nd, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Regardless of the efforts you exert for product quality checks and customer services, there will always be returns and refund requests from customers. With Amazon's desire to always put customers first, the platform has designed a simple and convenient return and refund process. But what about when the matter is all about an Amazon gift return?

If something customers bought doesn't work out or they change their mind, all they have to do is print out a prepaid return label and send the item back. But processing a gift return is different. What will the procedure be like, and what is your role as an Amazon seller?

In this article, we'll break down the process of returning an Amazon gift to give you visibility and knowledge about what your customers go through and what the effects are to sellers like you. So, keep reading!

  1. How Does an Amazon Gift Return Work?

Customers who are dissatisfied with an Amazon gift may request a refund. Here's how to go about the process per Amazon's Gift Returns policy, from choosing the gift in the drop-down menu to entering the necessary details.

an image showing the step by step of The Amazon Gift Returns Process

Amazon will then generate a return shipping label to send the gift back. And once the platform receives the returned gift, they'll process the refund and notify the customer via email. Customers should receive the refund within 7-10 days.

Customers may also contact Amazon's customer service hub if the refund takes longer than the prescribed time. 

💲 Monetary reimbursements are not allowed for gift recipient returns; however, Amazon gift cards are almost as good as money. The returned item's value will be applied to the gift receiver’s Amazon account and can be used for subsequent Amazon orders.
  1. How Long Does an Amazon Gift Return Take?

One of the best features of Amazon is how accessible returning gifts are compared to other online marketplaces. Customers could return the gift for a full refund if they had purchased it within 30 days. However, this may depend on the seller, item type, and specific policies. 

  1. Can Customers Return an Item Without a Gift Receipt?

Yes, absolutely! In most cases, a recipient may not have the receipt of the Amazon gift package. But these customers do not need to worry as that’s not what they will need to obtain returns and refunds. Instead, Amazon will ask for the order number or the email address of the person who purchased the gift. 

  • If you can't find your 17-digit reference number, contact Amazon Customer Service and give them the tracking number for your transaction. 
  • If you don't have the tracking information, the individual who sent you the gift must contact Amazon directly to make any returns.

After completing the online process, all that remains is to return the item physically. 

That said, the process may vary if the item was purchased from a third-party seller and may require the receiver a gift receipt.

⚠️ Returning numerous items at once is not recommended. This might cause complications with Amazon's return processes and infrastructures. If you want to return multiple gifts, you must process them individually.
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  1. Is There a Deadline for Returning an Amazon Gift?

Yes, there's a deadline for gift return. So when customers receive gifts they don't want, they should decide whether or not to return the gift quickly. The Amazon Return Policy states that customers are given 30 days from receipt to return gifts for a refund. 

When returning an Amazon gift, customers must also take note of the following:

  • If the item was sold by Amazon but fulfilled by a third-party seller, they must follow that seller's return policy instead of Amazon's. As a seller, buyers should see your returns policy disclosed on your product page.
  • If the customer received an Amazon Gift card as a gift, it cannot be returned for a refund. However, they can still cancel the transaction if the Gift card has not been cashed.
  • Amazon can refuse any return or exchange, such as when an item is damaged or defective. 
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  1. Will the Amazon Gift Sender Know?

This question is the most common reason people put off returning to Amazon; they don't want the gift giver to feel bad about it being returned. But customers have nothing to worry about that aspect! 

Some situations do not require notifying the gift giver, including:

  • Returning a gift using the 17-digit order number in the packing slip or the tracking number. With this, customers may enjoy their Amazon reimbursement credit without worrying about making the owner feel bad about returning the gift.
  • The gift was purchased from a third-party seller. The refund may be issued to the gift recipient instead of the original purchaser, and they won’t be notified of the return.
  • The gift was purchased using a gift card. The refund for this type may be issued in an Amazon gift card instead of the original payment method, so the original purchaser may not be notified of the return and refund.

In some cases, the original gift purchaser gets notified of the return.

  • If the original gift purchaser initiates the return, they will be notified of the refund.
  • The receiver contacts the person who gave them the gift and lets them know they want to return it. The sender assists them in processing the request.
  1. Is Returning Used Items Allowed?

Returns must be unopened, undamaged, and in the same condition customers received them to be eligible for a full refund. One can also request a refund for things that aren't in their original or pristine condition, but Amazon is unlikely to refund the total price during the purchase.

  1. What is the Role Of Sellers in Processing Amazon Gift Returns?

You may wonder, “What’s this have to do with sellers like me?”  If Amazon sells the item, you may not play a direct role in the return process. But as you can see, you are still one with Amazon regarding making processes as easy and seamless as possible for customers. 

Sellers play a vital role in processing the return and providing support throughout the entire process if

  • they have additional rules for gift returns, or
  • a third-party seller sells the item returned.

Firstly, you must understand and adhere to Amazon's return policies and guidelines. This includes clearly understanding the return window, eligibility criteria, and any specific requirements for gift returns. Through this awareness, you can effectively communicate the guidelines to customers seeking to return a gift.

You are also responsible for promptly responding to customer inquiries, answering their questions thoroughly, and providing necessary assistance. This includes providing clear instructions on how to initiate a return, guiding customers through the process, and addressing any concerns or issues raised by customers during the return process. 

Lastly, one of your duties as an Amazon seller is to provide accurate product descriptions and fulfill orders on time. This prevents you from receiving more return and refund requests, costly penalties, account suspension, or removal from the marketplace.

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Suppose you're still on the fence about how Amazon gift returns work for customers and what role you play in it. In that case, we hope that this article has helped clear up some of the confusion. Amazon has simplified the process for customers, but you still have a part to play—directly or indirectly—that can affect the efficiency of the process. If you have further clarifications, feel free to contact us here at Seller Interactive. We are a group of Amazon specialists helping sellers looking to grow their businesses. We provide wide-ranging services and continue to grow dynamically, catering to the dynamic world of Amazon and eCommerce. Book a call with us today; we're happy to help!

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