Quick Guide to Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

Amazon Gift Cards are a great and versatile gift idea

Gift-giving is always tricky especially when the recipient is not a close acquaintance. Gift cards to the rescue!

Gift cards are a less lazy gift than just sending money. But like money, they give the recipients control over what items they would be receiving. This level of control lessens the disappointing faces and the likelihood of returns.

What is an Amazon Gift Card

As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world, Amazon, of course, offers its gift cards. The best part is that there is no expiration date and they are redeemable at any time. 

As a seller, you can promote your business and help customers with their gifts by endorsing Amazon Gift Cards. Tell customers that with an Amazon Gift Card, recipients can pick and choose your products themselves. Your customer need not worry and guess which of your products would be suitable gifts. Maybe they can even purchase one for themselves.

There are different Amazon Gift Card types available:

  1. Digital Cards (Print at Home or E-Gift Cards) - these may be in the form of email, text, or Print at Home gift cards. Inform customers that they can customize these cards with images and messages to make them more personal. 
  2. Physical Gift Cards - unlike other Gift Cards, Amazon.com Gift Cards come in a variety of options. Buyers can choose to include fun boxes with pop-up designs and colorful imagery, a simply designed card in an envelope, and of course, the classic and sleek card design gift cards are known for. The thoughtful packaging reinforces the idea that gift cards are valid gifts.
  3. Specialty Gift Cards - Many successful brands offer their gift cards on Amazon.com. Among them are Netflix, Apple, Uber, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. Maybe your brand could be the next big success to join them.
  4. Amazon Reload - for those who prefer to save all their gift cards for an even bigger purchase, this would be the perfect gift.

It’s best for sellers to be informed of different gift card promos, along with other Amazon news,  so they can strategize their marketing campaigns accordingly. Different types but the same awesome functionality. Now you can help your customers with their gift-giving dilemmas. And during special events like “Prime Day”, special discounts, freebies, and add-ons may become available for gift card purchasers. This recently finished Prime Day 2022, for example, gave an additional $10 to those who reloaded their gift cards with $100.

How to Get Amazon Gift Card Claim Codes 

Before your customers can get claim codes, they first need to purchase Gift Cards. 

  1. Add Cash to Account Balance - You can load your Amazon.com Gift Card using the Amazon Cash barcode by visiting a participating store. Simply print the barcode or access them via smartphone. Present it to the cashier along with your registered mobile number.
  2. Purchase from a store - Amazon Gift Cards are available in stores and online. The Gift Cards are available in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Some stores offer cards that are loadable with any amount from $25 to $500. Check the Amazon website for the complete list of participating stores. 
  3. Order Online -  Inform customers that they are allowed up to 400 Email and Print at Home gift cards per order. And that there’s also a $10,000 cap per customer for any one day. 

Buyers can get the Amazon Gift Claim Code by checking the card closely. The claim code should be printed clearly on it. 

Gift Cards are a less lazy gift than money but with the same great function

How to Claim Amazon Code

Remind customers to include instructions when sending their gift cards as claim codes can be placed differently. It all depends on the gift card type.

  • It can be printed at the top of the message or just below the logo. For physical cards, there should be a claim code printed on the back. But you need to scratch it to reveal it.
  • Once located, they can go to “Redeem Gift Card” and input the claim code. 
  • Finally, they should select “Add to Your Balance”. Then the amount is credited to their Amazon account. 

There is no expiration date for claiming the code. However, it is advised that recipients redeem the gift cards as soon as possible to prevent and address any issues should there be one. An example is misplacing or mishandling a gift card, resulting in a blurred or unreadable claim code.

Claiming the code credits the gift card balance to the recipient’s Amazon account. People can opt to save their credits by unchecking the “use gift card” or “use balance” options when checking out. They can check these options once more when they are ready to use the points.

What are Issues in Redeeming the Claim Code for Amazon Gift Cards

Nothing is perfect and even with Amazon, there can be issues in claiming gift card codes

  1. The Gift Card was not sent - Advise customers to double check their recipient’s email address and also to check “junk” and “spam” folders. Your buyers can resend the gift card up to 5 times. But it requires steps for Amazon to deactivate the previous card before issuing new ones for resending. So they have to be patient.
  2. The Gift Card was already applied - This is when the recipient is trying to redeem a code. But they receive an error message instead. It may be that code was redeemed. If so, they need to check their account balance. If there is no change, the code may have been applied to the wrong account.
  3. The Gift Card was applied to the wrong account - This usually happens when people share a device to log on to Amazon. Make sure the recipient checks which account is logged on to Amazon before redeeming any code. Remind them never to disclose the code or any order detail with people they don’t trust. Sadly, the gift card, once claimed, cannot be transferred or refunded. 
  4. The Gift Card claim code is unreadable - If the claim code is unclear contact Amazon immediately and prepare the serial number and the order details. If purchased from a store, the buyer can ask for help from the store. 
  5. Other Issues - Request your buyers to check Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. Make sure they are not violating any rules that would affect their purchase.

As long as your buyers and their recipients are careful, there should be little to no issues at all. As a seller, aftercare is a must-know. You can easily resolve these concerns if you have Amazon Account Managers that handle your Customer Service.


Gift cards are great and versatile gifts. You can send a physical card with claim codes at the back. Or you can send them digitally via email or text. You can choose designs or customize your own. They are widely available both in stores and online. And are easy to activate and redeem.

Successful brands have gift cards of their own. Buyers get to patronize your brand without the hassle of choosing specific products from your catalog. The recipients are free to browse and choose what they wish leaving little chance of refunds and returns.

The best part about Amazon Gift Cards is that they don’t expire. Buyers aren’t pressured to make decisions that could lead to buyer’s remorse. If you find this article helpful for your business, do consider booking a free call with us at [email protected]. Let us help you help your customers and grow your brand.

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