Where Is The Claim Code On An Amazon Gift Card? + 4 Common Questions Answered

Last updated on August 14th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Despite being in the marketplace for years, Amazon patrons and sellers may still be unfamiliar with gift cards. They may have queries such as  “Where is the claim code on an Amazon gift card,” “What types of gift cards are available,” and “How can you claim Amazon Gift Cards?”

Let’s review these frequently discussed Amazon physical or digital Gift Card questions and learn the ins and outs of gift card claims on Amazon.

5 Popular Amazon Gift Card Concerns

As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world, Amazon offers its gift cards with the benefits of having no expiration date and being redeemable at any time

And as a seller in the retail giant, endorsing Amazon Gift Cards allows you to promote your business and assist customers in finding the perfect gifts. You can tell customers that with an Amazon Gift Card, recipients can pick and choose your products based on their preferences. 

Your customer need not worry and guess which of your products would be suitable gifts. They can even purchase one for themselves, effectively giving your brand exposure and increasing your profits.

To help you and your customers understand the basics of the Amazon Gift Card, let’s begin our quest by answering the most common questions about the Amazon Gift Card.

graphic showing five primary questions about Amazon Gift Card claims

What Types of Gift Cards Can Customers Buy?

Customers can purchase Amazon gift cards depending on their specific needs. The different Amazon Gift Card types available are as follows:

The Amazon Digital Gift Card may be in the form of an email, text, or a Print-at-Home gift card. Customers can customize them with images and messages to make them more personal.

Physical Gift Cards also come in various design options, such as fun boxes with pop-up designs and colorful imagery, a simple card in an envelope, or the classic and sleek design gift cards are known for. The thoughtful packaging reinforces the idea that gift cards are valid presents.

On the other hand, Amazon has partnered with several known brands for Specialty Gift Cards. Among them are Netflix, Apple, Uber, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. If you play your cards right, your brand may be the next big success to join them.

Lastly, the Amazon Reload is ideal for those who prefer to save all their gift cards for an even bigger purchase, making it the perfect gift for many people.

💡 Sellers should stay informed about different gift card promos and other Amazon news to strategize their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

In addition, during special events like “Prime Day,” special discounts, freebies, and add-ons may become available for gift card purchasers. For instance, the recently finished Prime Day 2023 gave a $20 credit to customers who spent their $100 DoorDash gift cards, among other deals.

Keeping up-to-date with these opportunities boosts your chances of success in the platform.

How Can Customers Purchase Gift Cards? 

Buyers have several options to purchase gift cards, so they can choose which one is most suitable and convenient for them. When purchasing Gift Cards, customers can: 

  1. Add Cash to Account Balance - Customers can load their Amazon.com Gift Card using the Amazon Cash barcode from a participating store. They can print the barcode or access it via phone, then present it to the cashier with their registered mobile number.
  2. Purchase from a store - Amazon Gift Cards are available in stores and online. The Gift Cards are available in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Some stores offer loadable cards from $25 to $500. Check the Amazon website for the complete list of participating stores. 
  3. Order Online - Customers are allowed up to 400 Email and Print-at-Home gift cards per order. There's also a $10,000 cap per customer in one day. 

Where is the Claim Code On An Amazon Gift Card?

Your customers smoothly finished the transaction and now have an Amazon Gift Card. But that’s not where the process ends. The recipient must find the gift card’s claim code before any official product purchase occurs. 

Claim codes are unique combinations of numbers and letters corresponding to specific gift cards. Recipients must redeem these codes before using the card. 

In other words, claim codes serve as your customers’ keys to a locked treasure trove of delightful gifts. 

For Amazon Gift Cards, the claim codes are 14 characters.

Buyers can get the Amazon Gift Claim Code on the card itself. However, claim codes can be placed differently, depending on the type of gift card you select. Here’s one example from an eGift card preview.

annotated screen cap of an Amazon eGift Card with the Claim Code area

It all depends on the gift card type. For digital gift cards, it can be printed at the top of the message or just below the logo in the email body sent to the recipient. It can also be in an attachment sent with the email.

For physical cards, the claim codes are typically printed on the back with arrows pointed directly at the claim code location. However, customers may need to scratch it to reveal the code. The claim code may also be on the accompanying receipt if the physical gift card lacks these features.

How Do You Claim the Amazon Gift Card Code?

Now that they’ve successfully located their Gift Card’s claim code, customers can redeem their gift cards through Amazon’s website or mobile app.  

Via Website
Redeem Gift Card” page and input the gift card code. Select “Add to Your Balance,” and the amount will be credited to their Amazon account. 
Additionally, they can use their claim codes during checkout by heading to their Review your order page's Gift Cards & promotional codes section.
Via Mobile
Buyers must head to the Your Account page by clicking on the person icon in the app and find the Payments section. Once there, they can click “Manage gift card balance.
 They must tap the “Redeem another gift card” button and provide their claim code to activate the gift card successfully.

While there is no expiration date for claiming the code, it is advised that recipients redeem Amazon gift cards as soon as possible to prevent and immediately address any issues. An example is misplacing or mishandling a gift card, resulting in a blurred or unreadable claim code.

💡 Claiming the code places the gift card funds in the recipient's Amazon account. People can save their credits by unchecking the "use gift card" or "use balance" options when checking out.  They can check these options once more when ready to use the points.

An Amazon Gift Card cannot be transferred or refunded once claimed. 

shot of a troubled and frustrated lady looking at her laptop

What Issues Can One Encounter When Redeeming Amazon Gift Card’s Claim Code?

Nothing is perfect, and even with Amazon, there can be issues in claiming gift card codes, such as the following:

  1. The Gift Card is not sending: Advise customers to double-check recipient's email address and check “junk” and “spam” folders. They may resend the gift card up to 5 times, but Amazon has to deactivate the previous card before issuing new ones.
  2. The Gift Card is already being applied: The recipient may receive an error message when they redeem a gift card. The code may have been redeemed. The recipient should check the account balance for clarification.
  3. The Gift Card is applied to the wrong account: This issue occurs when people share devices to log on. Before redeeming, the recipient must ensure they are logged in to the correct Amazon account. They should never share the code or any order details. 
  4. The Gift Card claim code is unreadable - If the claim code is unclear, contact Amazon immediately and prepare the serial number and order details. If purchased from a store, the buyer can ask for help from the store. 
  5. Other Issues - Request your buyers to check Amazon's Terms and Conditions. Make sure they are not violating any rules that would affect their purchase.

As long as your buyers and their recipients are careful, there should be little to no issues. As a seller, aftercare is a must-know. You can easily resolve these concerns with Amazon account managers handling your Customer Service.

Final Thoughts

Gift cards are great and versatile gifts. You can send a physical card with claim codes at the back or send them digitally via email or text. You can choose designs or customize your own. They are also easy to activate and redeem.

Amazon Gift Cards can bring much-needed exposure for your brand and increase your sales while solving your customers’ gift-giving dilemmas all in one go.

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