Lost and Found: Can I Get an Amazon Lost Package Refund?

August 12, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
Wait before you report an item is lost. Amazon will attempt to deliver packages up to three times

All transactions made come with risks. Ordering online means that buyers are unable to examine products physically. They can do very little in checking a product’s specifications. While, sellers who ship the items also have little to do with inclement weather, unreachable addresses, and so on. Both sellers and buyers can be victims of lost packages. 

Buyers could also be dealing with malicious entities. With the rise of deliverable goods came a new type of opportunistic criminal: the “Porch Pirates“. As their name suggests, these people steal packages left on porches. Incidents like these happen when the receiver fails to be present during a delivery attempt. 

Amazon sellers could be dealing with order fulfillment issues. From problems in inventory to unreliable shipping partners, there could be many instances where items become lost, damaged, or even stolen. Although these issues can be resolved by choosing efficient services, like Amazon FBA, it doesn’t mean it will stop them one hundred percent of the time. 

In this article, you will learn what to do if a package is lost; how to request a refund or replacement (for buyers); and how to submit a claim so Amazon will reimburse your lost inventory (for sellers).

Amazon Lost Package Help

Here are some tips if you are an Amazon seller who noticed a discrepancy in inventory or you have a customer who reached out to you due to a lost package: 

For your buyers

If your buyer has reached out saying the parcel was marked delivered but is missing:

  1. Check the order details, the expected delivery or shipping date, and tracking information.Request them to check the photo proof of delivery (POD). If there is no photo, kindly remind them that, sometimes, packages are marked delivered due to some system quirks. It is best to wait 48 hours before submitting a report.
  2. If there is a photo and the photo is not of your customer’s porch or door, it’s a case of wrong address delivery. Urge your buyers to contact Amazon via their hotline and report the incident.
  3. If the photo is your client’s door or porch but the parcel is missing, suggest that they ask well-meaning neighbors who may have kept the package safe. If that is still not the case, customers must contact local law enforcement as a stolen Amazon package is a crime.

What if your buyer hasn’t received any updates on the parcel and it was declared lost in transit? If this is the case, both you and your buyer are advised to contact Amazon and report the missing package.

For sellers

If you send your items to the Amazon warehouse but a unit has been damaged or lost you may be eligible for reimbursement.

  1. Check with Amazon and with your Account Managers, if you have them. If your product is registered to FBA and fulfills all the requirements, it is eligible for replacement or reimbursement as Amazon accepts full responsibility for possible negligence. But you have to make sure that the item has indeed ticked all the boxes before you can file for a claim.

Other concerns: Some Amazon sellers have reported that tracking numbers by some third-party logistics are incompatible with the Amazon system. The customers cannot track their orders via their Amazon accounts and must use the logistics company website instead. Since Amazon cannot track the package too, they assume the order is “late” and/or “undelivered”. And the option to “request a refund” is shown to the buyers. They are then “auto-refunded” the amount. Sadly, some take advantage of this, choosing an automated refund even when they already have the item. However, you can appeal an A-to-z claim and get reimbursed for wrongful refunds.

Amazon Lost Package Replacement Request

Buyers can request a replacement from either Amazon or third-party sellers if an item is damaged or broken. If the missing package was shipped properly by a third-party seller, getting a replacement or refund is unfair. After all, sellers already created and sent the item. It is simply one of the risks involved when purchasing online, like on Amazon Marketplace. However, buyers can still contact sellers to inform them of the matter, suggest a change in courier delivery, or urge them to register on FBA.

If the lost package is an FBA-registered unit and Amazon is at fault, Amazon may replace the item provided the buyer submits a claim. This claim is subject to review and, if approved, can grant a refund or replacement.

Sellers, as mentioned before, may be eligible for replacements too. If your Fulfillment by Amazon item gets damaged or lost by personnel operating in an Amazon warehouse or on behalf of Amazon, that item will be replaced, or you will be reimbursed. 

Consider getting Amazon Account Managers to help you sort out replacement requests and reimbursements because these take some effort to file and claim.

 Items that are returned in good condition and are resellable are returned to the seller’s inventory.

Filing for Amazon Lost Package Claim 

Inform your buyers to contact Amazon and submit lost package claims by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Your Orders”
  2. Select the Amazon order in question
  3. Click “Problem with Order”
  4. Select “Where’s My Stuff?” and add details to your claim
  5. Select the preferred contact method (e-mail or call)
  6. Wait for Amazon to make contact

Depending on Amazon’s decision, they may issue a refund or replacement on your behalf and charge you. And you can be ready with your counterclaim or appeal if you find the refund is unjust.

Here is how you can submit reimbursement claims to Amazon:

First you may need to verify these things:

  • Your product is registered with FBA
  • Your product has complied with all guidelines and restrictions
  • Your shipping plan is accurate and matches what you sent Amazon
  • That the shipment wasn’t canceled
  • Your item is not for disposal
  • Your product is not broken or damaged
  • Your Seller Account is normal and healthy

If the problem lies with shipment to Amazon:

  1. File your claim no later than nine months after the shipment delivery
  2. Check the reconcile tab to see the details of the discrepancy between your delivery plan and the delivery report
  3. Check your Reimbursement reports if Amazon has already reimbursed you for the loss or damage
  4. If not, use the “Contact Us” button and provide the following information: Amazon shipment ID, Proof of inventory ownership, and Proof of delivery.

If the problem lies with the Amazon fulfillment center:

  1. File your claim no later than 18 months after the date of the incident in your Inventory Adjustment report (when the item was reported lost or damaged).
  2. Check your Manage FBA Inventory report and verify if the product was never found or returned to your inventory
  3. Check your Reimbursement report if Amazon has already reimbursed you.
  4. Only after this do you submit a claim to Amazon. Provide all necessary info like the date and location of the center. Input the transaction ID (for damaged items) or FNSKU (for lost items) to check the eligibility of your claim

If the problem is in customer returns:

  1. File your claim no later than 18 months but no sooner than 60 days after the customer refund
  2. Check your Manage FBA Returns report if Amazon has already refunded or replaced the item
  3. Check your FBA customer returns report if the item was placed back in your sellable inventory.
  4. Check your Reimbursements report to see if Amazon has already reimbursed you
  5. If unsatisfied, provide customer order ID and proceed to file a claim with Amazon

Please NOTE: If the item is not returned, Amazon will not refund the customer. If the returned item is in good condition and is sellable, it’s returned to your inventory, and you won’t be reimbursed. If the customer damages the item in return, Amazon will charge the customer and will reimburse the seller instead. For more information and specifics, you are encouraged to review Amazon’s reimbursement Policy as well as Amazon’s return policy.

Get a reliable team of Amazon managers to help you submit claims

Conclusions and Recommendations

Missing products and lost inventory are unfortunate incidents that require some effort to address. In some cases, an outside authority is necessary. An example of this is when porch piracy causes the lost package. So, it is recommended that you get an expert team that understands the different policies and can help you successfully claim your Refunds and Reimbursements.  

With Seller Interactive’s Reimbursement and Refund services, you can rely on a dependable team to monitor your account for product inventory issues, damaged goods, and pending returns and refunds. Book a call at https://sellerinteractive.com/book-a-call/W/ or call us at 1-800-820-3746 to claim your reimbursements now!

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