Escape the Copycat Trap with Amazon Positioning Strategy

Copycat positioning strategy

Last updated on June 15th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

There’s never been a better place to start your online store with Amazon’s over 310 million active customers. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to differentiate yourself, especially with the saturation of the online marketplace and the popularity of certain product categories.

At some point, you’re probably thinking of recreating your competitor’s brand positioning strategy. But even if you mimic how they optimize their product listing or manage their pricing, it won’t help you develop a unique value proposition. Without this element, your business will eventually die from the tough competition. 

So, how can you establish your Amazon positioning strategy without copying others? Let’s find out all the answers in this blog post.

The Problem With Being a Copycat on Amazon

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There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. But if you’re copying what someone else is doing, it leaves little room for originality and innovation. It’s like playing catch-up, following the footsteps of others rather than blazing your path.

Copying products limits your potential to create something truly fruitful for your business. Here are some issues you may encounter when imitating products:

Difficulty in Brand Establishment

Establishing a well-recognized brand is hard when you don’t have a unique product. People won’t probably consider you special since your product is only second-rate. For this reason, you’ll likely have to compete on price alone, which can be difficult and lead to lower profits.

Risk of Run-Ins With Amazon’s Policies

Amazon has cracked down on sellers found to be engaging in suspicious activities. If you attempt to sell products that are direct copies or imitations of existing brands or patented designs, you risk facing the consequences.

Although you can always appeal the decision, there’s no guarantee that your account will be reinstated. So not only will you make less money from selling copycat products, but you can also lose your selling privileges or get kicked off Amazon entirely. 

Remember, what works for them might not be what works for you. Instead of resorting to copying products and relying on the similar results they achieve, prioritize creating successful brand positioning strategies that point directly to you and not to anyone else.

Why Do You Need a Unique Positioning Strategy?

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Have you ever questioned why you chose to sell on Amazon over other marketplaces? It’s because their name has become synonymous with online shopping, making it the preferred choice for millions of shoppers worldwide. Their name carries a reputation that signifies trust, convenience, and reliability.

This reputation is the direct outcome of Amazon’s mission to be the most customer-centric company in the world. They are driven by a commitment to delivering a seamless and exceptional customer experience. Everything they do is rooted in the desire to provide what’s best for their customers.

You, too, can emulate Amazon’s customer-centric goals. It starts by cutting through the clutter of “sameness” and standing out with a unique brand positioning statement. Here are some of the ways that a well-defined positioning strategy can help your brand to thrive:

1. It Provides Direction for All Aspects of Your Brand

Why is brand positioning important in your marketing strategy? It’s simple: it provides clear direction. Whether devising marketing and communication initiatives, delivering the best customer service, or refining product development, positioning is a guiding light for all facets of your brand.

Brand positioning ensures that every touchpoint accurately represents your brand and drives home your key messages. It creates a cohesive and consistent brand experience across various channels, resonating with your target audience and reinforcing your brand’s differentiating qualities.

2. It Clarifies Your Purpose

Your positioning statement clarifies your brand’s purpose. Its focused message communicates the essence of your brand and why it exists. It helps you connect with your target customers and understand the brand value it brings to their lives.

By drawing inspiration from Amazon’s positioning strategy, you can align with the expectations and preferences of modern consumers who appreciate ease and efficiency. This, in turn, can help you influence their purchasing behavior and foster customer loyalty.

3. It Commands Premium Pricing

Customers are often willing to pay a premium when they recognize that you offer unique value or a distinct advantage over alternatives. They understand that these qualities are not easily replicated by competitors, which makes your service more desirable and justifies the premium price. 

They are willing to invest in a service that caters to their needs and delivers higher customer satisfaction. This ability to command a higher price enhances profitability and overall financial performance.

4. It Drives Business Growth

Growing your Amazon store takes focus and dedication. Several moving pieces must be carefully managed and optimized, making it tough to determine where to direct your attention to boosting growth. 

This is where brand positioning strategy comes into play. Rather than dispersing your marketing strategies across various channels, brand positioning helps you prioritize and allocate resources where they will yield the greatest return on investment.

5. It Prevents You From Being Overshadowed

Amazon is a noisy marketplace. With numerous sellers and a wide range of products, it’s no wonder many brands struggle to stand out and often get overshadowed by their competitors.

The intense competition on Amazon means that selling is not enough. You must understand the dynamics of the platform and create a brand positioning strategy that can build brand loyalty and emotional connection with your customers. Establishing a strong and unique presence on Amazon is attainable when done right.

How to Find Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

People prefer something unique and different. You can leverage this preference by finding your unique selling point (USP). It’s the aspect of your business that leaves a long-lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

Successful communication and delivery of your unique selling point nurture a positive brand experience, making customers become devoted, lifelong consumers. And when you have a devoted following, you can weather any crisis. That’s something you need to keep in mind if you want to become a successful Amazon seller.

 If you’re not sure how to find your proposition, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Take a close look at your products or services: Assess all aspects of your offering, from the product to the packaging, pricing, shipping, and customer service. 

It doesn’t matter how small you think these selling points are. Highlight them as much as you can! Don’t be afraid to be different. Instead, embrace what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.

  • Consider who you want to reach: Whom do you hope your marketing will reach? Once you know your target market, you can brainstorm ways to appeal specifically to them. 
  • Be aware of trends: Keeping up with industry trends can help you keep ahead of the competition and generate fresh marketing ideas.
  • Identify customer pain points: Discover the unmet needs your target customers face. Determine how your business can address these pain points more effectively or uniquely than competitors.
  • Focus on your niche market:  Narrow down your target group. Concentrate on a specific market segment to provide specialized solutions and cater to that niche's unique needs and preferences.

Achieve Success with Amazon Brand Positioning

Differentiate or deflate—that's the name of the game on Amazon. Dare to rise above the crowd and showcase your unique edge. Start by crafting a stellar Amazon positioning strategy where your brand takes center stage. That's the key to prosperity in the long run. 

We hope this article has given you some food for thought about your Amazon business and how you can apply these lessons to increase your market share, fuel your creativity, and break free from imitation.
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