The Right Niches Can Boost Sales of the Best Amazon Products

February 22, 2020
Written by Mark Salvania
Best Amazon Products

The best selling products on Amazon are not always found in a broad product category. Amazon product listing optimization should be properly observed. Sometimes you can find them in niches. These submarkets offer high-growth privileges to an online seller.

If you are planning to expand your brand or are just about to open your first online store by selling on the platform, do not overlook or underestimate the power of niches. For starters, they make excellent jump-off points.

In this article you will learn:

Identifying the Niche in Amazon

There is no one way to define a Niche in Amazon. The term can apply to anything. It can be a specific type of best selling products on Amazon or a defined group of buyers.

Nonetheless, regardless of how the term is used or whatever is associated with it, all of them have one thing in common: they are small. And they are likely to be subgroups or subcategories of a much more significant facet.

Despite their size, niches are useful to an online seller. Here are the reasons why:

  • Niches have low competition. They may not have as many sales as the broader categories, but they present better chances of making sales due to the fewer number of competitors present. As a rule, the more specific the niche is, the less fierce the competition will be.
  • They present opportunities for focusing on the needs of a specific group of customers. If you succeed in meeting their demands, you may earn their loyalty. In turn, they will return the favor by endorsing your product via positive reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations. All in all, these benefits strengthen your brand's influence.
  • Niches make excellent starting points. You may find them particularly advantageous if you are a new Amazon seller. Focusing on niches during the early years of your Amazon business provides much-needed leverage for expanding to more significant categories in the not-so-distant future.

On the Significance of Locating Niches

What can you sell on Amazon FBA that is perfect for a niche? Before you can come up with any plausible answer to this question, you need to decide on the best niche you want to focus on first. An excellent way to start is by delving into customers' interests and behaviors.

To access this data, you need to do some serious product research. Knowing how customers think and interact with a product and other topics online gives you valuable insight into their interests. From here, you can begin generating a product idea about what to sell on Amazon FBA.

Now, as you start digging online, consider using these resources:


Check how your chosen topic performs on Google Trends. At this point, it is best to start your product research with a broad topic first. The search engine will direct you to a long list of the most popular pages. With this comes valuable insight into what browsers find interesting.

Instagram, Reddit, Quora, and Other Popular Communities Online

You will not have a hard time finding these communities. They are everywhere online. If you are already frequenting any of these communities, you can start your product research in your favorite community. Doing so will make the whole process more convenient and more enjoyable.

Gauging the popularity of a niche is easy. Just look at the top posts and search for their list of hashtags. The hashtags with 50,000-500,000 posts are ideal.


Find a trending product on Amazon by checking out Best Sellers. Another good option is to check out Movers & Shakers. The section displays a popular product whose sales have considerably increased recently.If you want to know how much people are usually willing to shell out for a particular niche, look no further than Amazon's data. Technically referred to as Big Data , the platform's algorithm takes these online behavioral details from browsers. It collates them, storing them for use in developing and enhancing its engine.

Distinguishing Good Products

Do’s in Finding Product Niches: Distinguishing Good Products

According to an Amazon SEO consultant , regardless of the niche you choose, the best selling products on Amazon will always be those items whose stocks you need to replenish often. A product such as these is generally categorized as useful, which is an umbrella term denoting the following qualities:

  • They are not limited to any specific season or holiday. Customers consider them as necessities that need to be used the whole year round or replenished regularly.
  • Customers should not be able to assess their costs efficiently. When potential Amazon shoppers have no idea how much an item's price is, you have the freedom to set your price based on a reasonable cost that will boost your profits.
  • Try to pick a product that is no cheaper than $15 but not costlier than $200. Items whose prices are falling in this price range sell more on Amazon. A product that sells for less than $15 may come across as cheap or of poor quality. If they cost much higher than $200, however, not too many customers may be able to afford them.
  • Go for items that are not commonly found in brick-and-mortar stores.

Don’ts in Finding Product Niches: Types of Products Worth Avoiding

There are goods worthy of being categorized as the top items to sell on Amazon. But some things may not be as profitable despite their inherent qualities. They usually fall into specific categories or have any of the conditions detailed below:

  • A delicate product that needs warranties like electrical and mechanical games and toys

Due to the sensitivity of these products, they tend to have the highest number of returns or complaints. Both consequences contribute to losses.

  • Breakable items that are difficult to ship

To ensure that they do not get damaged during transit, a seller must use unique packaging materials whose higher-than-average cost will add to the overall operational expenses.

  • Products that are sold in physical stores at more or less the same price or are sold in large volumes by another seller

Steer clear of these products. Also, avoid selling items that are available on eBay. Otherwise, you may run into pricing issues.

  • Branded products or those with trademarks and counterfeits

These types of products can get you in trouble with the law.

Best Amazon Products

Best Amazon Products (FBA) to Take Inspiration from

According to Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers , if you are not too keen about taking risks, why not sell products in niches with high demand? Competition may be a bit tight. But if you are up for the challenge, success may not be as elusive as what most people think.

  • (Real) Books

Not e-books or anything that can be read on a notebook or computer, but the timeless type complete with pages and a front-and-back cover. No matter how technology has progressed, still, nothing tops the satisfaction of holding an actual book and flipping through its pages.

  • All Kinds of Stuff for the Little Bundle of Joy

The world will never run out of babies and toddlers. With that fact comes the need to provide them with all sorts of necessities. These products are usually affordable, ships quickly, and highly in demand.

  • Trinkets and Baubles That Fashionistas Wear

Jewelry, in all its shapes and forms, has always sold like hotcakes. Competition can get a bit fierce, though. That is why you need to advertise diligently using strategic marketing practices.

  • All Types of Wearable Workout Necessities

With more people jumping on the fitness bandwagon, workout wear will always be in demand. Make sure that the items you ship out to customers are new, though. There have been complaints of used clothing sold by an unscrupulous seller.

Advantages Beyond Size

Niche products are essential to Amazon sellers. The search can get tedious. However, you can easily overcome this challenge by allocating enough time for research. Be systematic.

To achieve a viral launch for your products, consider the tips and advice shared in this post. With a little effort and patience, you will eventually find ideal niches with low competition that may yield a high profit margin in the long run.

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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