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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Suppose a buyer is purchasing a laptop in a store, and your product is lined up for selection. The competition is tough; many other brands are out there with promising features, but the buyer goes straight to your product without hesitation. It's as if he/she intends to purchase your item from the beginning. 

This phenomenon is called brand positioning. Every brand's dream is to be the first thought in a customer's mind when deciding on a purchase. Therefore, a brand that positively stands out from the vast majority is a measurement of success. 

How would you like to be remembered as a brand in the Amazon marketplace? We'll walk you through a valuable guide on how brand positioning works and how it's done with the help of an Amazon marketing services agency.

To Be Perceived Differently and Positively: What Brand Positioning Means

Brand positioning is a means of marketing the unique points of a brand to form a distinctive perception in the minds of your target markets. It is a marketing strategy that helps you communicate with customers to perceive your brand in a set of remarkable qualities. 

With a successful brand positioning strategy, you can gain exceptional benefits in different aspects of your business. These include:

  • growth in brand equity (the social value of a brand)
  • increase in customer loyalty
  • expansion of your customer base
  • a higher and commendable brand reputation
  • increase in revenue 
  • a solid and consistent brand tone and message to organize your branding

Brand Positioning Basics: Things You Need For a Good Strategy

Now that you've learned what brand positioning means and its importance in marketing your brand, it's time to learn about the elements you need to create a successful strategy. With these factors, you can get a clear picture of the qualities you want your brand to be remembered for.

Established Brand Value

Answering the "what" of your brand is easier and faster than the "why." Although both questions are essential, the "why" in brand positioning helps you find the distinctive qualities your customers will remember. Contemplate reasons for the following:

  • Why is your business created?
  • Why did you enter this industry?
  • Why is your product or service important? What will customers gain from purchasing it?
  • Why should they pick you over other brands?

Answering these questions doesn't come quick and easy. Aside from your ideas, you also need credible information supporting your claim: testimonials, case studies, statistics, and many more. With this data, you can get your target audience's attention and start forming a positive perception in their minds.  

Precise Target Market and Brand Voice

A good marketing strategy should have a clear and specified target audience. You should know exactly who you are marketing your products or services to. The more specific your target is, the easier it is to identify your brand's strongest points and use them for the right people. 

The basics of proper market analysis include (but not limited to:)

  • Demographics: Age, gender, location, occupation, family status, ethnic background, and more
  • Analytical data from the performance reports of your eCommerce store 
  • Customer feedback data
  • Monitoring your competitor's target audience

The tone of your brand must be established and consistent. Every type of content you create that speaks for your brand should have the same objectives. Think about how the brand can communicate appropriately and effectively with your target audience. 

Brand Associations

Brand associations are a set of qualities that you want the customers to link with your brand. This element plays a massive role in your overall positioning strategy. So how do you identify your brand's competitive advantages? Here are the most common sources you can get valuable ideas from:

  • Online and offline surveys showing what customers think of a particular brand
  • Search sites like Google Trends that display ideas related to your brand when customers search for it
  • Social media data.

Brand Positioning Tips on Amazon

Now that you are familiar with brand positioning elements, you must clearly perceive what your branding strategy looks like. Then, it's time to focus on brand positioning for Amazon, one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms globally.

Amazon is one of the go-to marketplaces for both sellers and buyers—and this also means the competition is very high. So how will you stand out in such a competitive place? Check out some effective brand positioning tips below!

Apply Brand Simplicity

Short and sweet is one way to achieve customer satisfaction. Many customers complain about exhausting shopping decisions (most likely because of the overwhelming brand choices). They prefer a brand that reduces stressful shopping experiences. Understand what the customers want to see, hear, and feel when looking for an item: give them a convenient buying decision experience.

A clear and concise brand expression also helps you emphasize unique points. If you produce vague content about your brand, it will be hard for customers to understand and remember what you're here for. Instead, apply the necessary specifications of your product to establish a unique profile within your niche.

Focus Highly on Customer Experience

Amazon offers excellent customer-based services, ensuring that the rules and regulations for a good brand-customer relationship are strictly followed. As a seller, it's important to monitor customer experience and use that data to enhance your marketing efforts. Amazon provides metrics for shipment, FBA, customer response, customer and seller feedback, and more. 

It is best if you can also put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Think about their expectations and possible actions when they visit your Amazon store. Check if there are issues with the purchasing process and fix them immediately. Most importantly, nail your customer service: Be a brand that customers can rely on with any inquiries they may have. 

Excel in Amazon Optimization

Apply general and search engine optimization strategies to your Amazon product listings. Optimizing your content increases the chances of placing your brand on a high spot in the search results, increasing traffic and conversions in the long run. To successfully optimize your Amazon store, you will need to work on the nitty-gritty details.

Some of the fundamentals of Amazon optimization are proper keyword application, repricing strategies, compliance with the algorithm, review management, listing optimization, optimized images, brand protection, and many more. In addition, Amazon offers optimization services: A+ content, Enhanced Brand Content, Premium A+, and more. These tools will help your brand give a lasting impression to your customers. 

Multi-Channel Marketing 

Expand your brand visibility with omnichannel marketing. Your customers jump from one platform to another to maximize their buying searches, so you need to follow them. For example, Amazon is an excellent place to earn more customers, but the data you get is limited to that platform. Therefore, it is wise to leverage your marketing across various channels in expanding your audience.

Multi-channels maximize the marketing opportunities for your brand. You can build a community and a valuable role more than just selling a product: you can be a brand that educates and inspires various communities worldwide. Additionally, some platforms offer cross-channel data, which means you can get customer analytics from external sources and use the same strategies that work from one platform to another.

Competitive Positioning

What sets you apart from other brands of the same niche? To stand out in a crowd of brands, you need to know how your competitors are marketing their products and services. Brand positioning is all about differentiating your products and value from your competitors—you want your consumers to remember you for a certain set of qualities.

Conduct competitor analysis to recognize gaps and opportunities. Find your direct and indirect competitors: What do they claim about their products and services? Do they look credible? How do they market to the target audience? What are the customers saying about these brands? After gathering all this data, create a strategy that allows you to do better on areas your competitors need improvements on. 

Top 3 Trends for Brand Positioning 2022

Do you need more ideas for a successful positioning strategy? Here are some of the latest brand positioning trends you can check out! 

Substance Over Style

Having a unique brand style is no longer enough; you also need to build accountability. 2020 has been a year when many social issues (particularly human rights) came up, and people's lives changed. Consumers expect brands to show genuine concern and participate in various discussions when necessary. Be a brand that communicates for the right reasons, partnered with commitment and appropriate action.

Leverage Audience Research

Customer-based research has always been a significant part of marketing strategies, but it's even more demanding recently due to the effects of the pandemic. How well do you understand the people today? What are their expectations, needs, and priorities now? Observe your target audiences closely: look them up on social platforms, product or service reviews, customer surveys, and engage actively in their discussions. 

Eccentric Art

Quirkiness is essential to a brand positioning strategy, especially if you're aiming for younger audiences. Unique brand imagery is more memorable and recognizable, which significantly improves your positioning efforts. Don't be hesitant to tap out-of-the-box ideas to create a brand personality—but be careful enough so it doesn't make any issues that can backfire.

Brand Positioning With an Amazon Marketing Agency

Are you ready to carve out a place no other brand has ever carved out? An Amazon digital marketing agency can help you be the default thought in a consumer's mind. The advantage of working with a full-service digital marketing agency is that they guide you from start to finish: account management, product launch, goal setting, writing a marketing plan, execution, and troubleshooting. 

Avoid spending too much time trying to figure out how things work. Seller Interactive experts can explain it to you in ways you can easily comprehend! If you need more information on how an Amazon ad agency works, or how much Amazon marketing services cost, give us a call at 1-800-820-3746 or send us an email at [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Brand positioning on a massive marketplace like Amazon is not easy. However, with the right approach and help from a skilled agency, you can increase traffic, boost conversions, enhance brand awareness, and find something different only your brand can offer. 

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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