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Last updated on June 20th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Do you remember your first time selling on Amazon? You must've felt nervous and intimidated by the thousands of online sellers more knowledgeable and skilled than you. Entering a massive marketplace can be daunting; you will face many Amazon seller problems before ranking high, especially with the intense and excessive competition. 

Don’t feel discouraged! Everyone starts from scratch. You can reach success with the right strategies and a team of Amazon experts to help you work your way through the ins and outs of selling on the marketplace. This article will talk about some of the common issues new sellers face and how to overcome them with the help of consultants.

8 Common Challenges of Newbie Amazon Sellers and How Amazon Experts Can Help

A successful Amazon business does not happen overnight. Some challenges you will encounter are inevitable, but they always have solutions. However, finding and implementing the solution alone might be challenging, so working with an Amazon expert is best. We enumerated the common issues below.

1 - Looking For Products To Sell

The first challenge when you enter the Amazon marketplace is looking for a product to sell. Initially, you want to sell products in high demand but with little competition. On the top of your head, it is tempting to sell all the ideas you have. But you have to take the time to research if these products give you a healthy profit margin.

But how do you know which products are those? Several product research tools are available to help, and fortunately for you sellers, Amazon experts can help with knowing which products are best to sell on Amazon. They can help find items that will generate income throughout the year and attract your target market.

2 - Massive Competition

Sellers on Amazon have continuously increased over the years. According to Marketplace Pulse, as of April 2023, there are 6.3 million third-party sellers on Amazon worldwide. It is undoubtedly a massive competition load, and as a new seller, it can be difficult to attract customers and be on top of the ecommerce industry. 

There are effective strategies to overcome this challenge and improve your Amazon ranking. First, understand how selling on Amazon works: What factors help increase seller ranking? You can find them in the recent algorithm. What are the don'ts to avoid an account suspension? If these are unfamiliar, consult an Amazon optimization consultant.

3 - Getting Customer Feedback

Collecting consumer feedback on Amazon is difficult because you're a new and less unknown seller. Some even attempt to manipulate Amazon reviews (usually by giving a shopper some incentive in exchange). Fortunately, Amazon has taken action and updated the community guidelines. Still, we never know what could happen in the future.

The solution is to focus on providing a seamless customer experience. Be the kind of seller that people can trust and enjoy communicating with. Amazon seller experts can help you with strategic implementations that elicit positive reviews, such as product launching. Through these efforts, you can naturally gain genuine feedback from your customers.

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4 - Strict Guidelines

While Amazon is an easily accessible platform, its eligibility, marketing, and content infringement guidelines are quite strict. As new sellers, it can be overwhelming and discouraging at first, but you need to understand them to start selling on Amazon.

Learn and stay alert on policy updates or changes. If they're not easy to understand, you can always call an Amazon specialist to explain the rules. Since they help set up your account and create an effective marketing strategy on the platform, they are well-versed with the dos and don'ts of Amazon policies.

5 - Repricing Struggles

Due to the high competition on the platform, Amazon price wars are very prominent. Everyone wants a spot on the Amazon Buy Box. Many sellers lower their retail prices aggressively to lure Amazon shoppers to their business. As a result, newbie sellers often make the mistake of setting rates that exceed the required minimum or maximum price. 

This mistake can cause a suspension for violation of fair pricing guidelines. When faced with repricing wars, don't get too carried away. Instead, focus on reasonable pricing and never overprice your products. If you get an account suspension, appeal for reinstatement. An Amazon consultant can help you counter or prevent account suspensions.

6 - New Seller Limitations

If you're a newbie retailer on Amazon, you will be subject to certain listing limitations. For example, you need approval to sell in specific product categories, preventing you from expanding to a larger target audience. While Amazon doesn't directly tell you these limitations, you will eventually notice them when organizing your Amazon product listings.

You need to progress to grow into an established seller account and be eligible to maximize selling to as many product categories as you wish. Amazon vendor consultants can provide insights on how to grow your seller account—from account management, Brand Registry to product listing; these industry experts got your back.

7 - Inventory Management

Inventory management can pose a significant challenge for new sellers on Amazon. As an online marketplace that thrives on quick order fulfillment and customer satisfaction, failing to meet Amazon's standards can result in lost sales, negative reviews, and potential account suspensions.

There's also excess inventory and international labeling standards. When sending your items to an Amazon warehouse, consider all the packaging requirements and inventory costs.

Professional services can help you maximize available Amazon seller tools, particularly the Amazon FBA program. This program offers shipping services, handles the packaging process, and provides storage space for a fee. Amazon experts can help your products reach these fulfillment centers and inform you of the FBA fees so you can sell in a breeze.

8 - Amazon Listings

It's not impossible to generate million dollars in the Amazon marketplace. However, with such tight competition, you need to stand out among the other sellers to do so. In the online business model, product listing is essential for customers to see your online store. No one will buy from you without visibility, so there's no income to generate.

Incomplete product descriptions, poor image quality, lack of competitive pricing, and inadequate keyword optimization may hinder your store from appearing in Amazon's organic search. For these issues, seek help from an experienced Amazon expert to get your listings to rank.

What Can Amazon Experts Do For An Amazon Business

What can go wrong with selling on Amazon? Several strategies can make and break your business. If you're still doubtful about consulting an Amazon expert or hiring a professional service, here is the range of support Amazon experts can provide new Amazon sellers.

  • Advertising management
  • Product listing optimization
  • Inventory control and management
  • Branding
  • Competitor insights
  • Seller performance reports

It's important to note that the specific services Amazon experts provide may vary depending on the individual or agency you choose to work with. Evaluating your specific needs and goals is recommended when engaging with experts who specialize in the areas that align with your business objectives.

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