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July 31, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
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How well do you remember your first times? Your first day in school, your first job interview, or your first day at work—you must've felt nervous and intimidated towards the rest who are more knowledgeable and skilled than you are at that moment. It's the same as your first time as an Amazon seller. Entering a massive marketplace can be daunting; you will face many challenges and find that it's not easy to rank high, especially with the presence of strong competitors. 

But it's too early to feel discouraged! Everyone starts from scratch, but you can reach a success level you never imagined with the right strategies. The good news is, you don't have to do all the work on your own—a team of Amazon experts can help you work your way through the ins and outs of selling on the marketplace. This article will talk about some of the common issues new Amazon sellers face and how to overcome them with the help of consultants.

5 Common Challenges of Newbie Amazon Sellers and How Amazon Experts Can Help

Being a newbie seller on Amazon is not easy. Some of the challenges you will encounter are inevitable, but they always have solutions. However, it might not be easy to find and implement the solution on your own, so it is best to work with an Amazon expert. We enumerated the common issues below.

Challenge #1: Massive Competition

Sellers on Amazon have continuously increased over the years; March 2021 statistics reported 9.7 million sellers worldwide (1.9 million actively selling) using the platform. It is undoubtedly a huge load of competition, and as a new seller, it can be difficult for your Amazon brand to penetrate the target market. 

However, there are effective strategies to overcome this challenge and start improving your Amazon ranking. First, you have to understand how the Amazon marketplace works: What factors help increase seller ranking? You can find them in the recent algorithm. What are the don'ts to avoid an Amazon account suspension? If these things sound unfamiliar to you, consulting with an Amazon optimization consultant can help you understand.

Challenge #2: Getting Customer Feedback

Collecting consumer feedback on Amazon is difficult because you're a new and less unknown seller, and some attempt to manipulate reviews (usually by giving a shopper some incentive in exchange). Fortunately, Amazon has taken action and updated the community guidelines. Still, we never know what could happen in the future.

The solution to this problem is to focus on providing a seamless customer experience. Be the kind of seller that people can trust and enjoy communicating with. Additionally, Amazon seller experts help you with strategic implementations that elicit positive reviews, such as product launching. Through these efforts, you can naturally gain genuine feedback from your customers.

Challenge #3: Strict Policies

While Amazon is an easily accessible platform, its guidelines for eligibility, marketing, content infringement, and more are quite strict. As a newbie seller, it can be overwhelming and discouraging at first, but you need to understand them to sell on Amazon.

Learn and stay alert on policy updates or changes. If they're not easy to understand, you can always count on an Amazon specialist to explain the rules for you. Since they help set up your account and create an effective marketing strategy on the platform, they are well-versed with the dos and don'ts of Amazon policies.

Challenge #4: Repricing Struggles

Due to the high competition on the platform, many sellers aggressively try to win over the other with pricing strategies. Everyone wants to get a spot on the Amazon Buy Box, so they offer a price that most customers will choose. As a result, newbies who aren't familiar with this would often make the mistake of price gouging: setting rates that exceed the required minimum or maximum price. 

This mistake can cause a suspension for violation of fair pricing guidelines. When faced with repricing wars, don't get too carried away. Instead, focus on reasonable pricing and never overprice your products. If worst comes to worst and you get an account suspension, you can still appeal for reinstatement. An Amazon consultant can provide solutions to help you counter or prevent account suspensions.

Challenge #5: New Seller Limitations

If you’re a newbie retailer on Amazon, you will be subject to certain listing limitations. While Amazon doesn’t directly tell you these limitations, you will eventually notice them as you try to organize your Amazon product listings. For example, you need the approval to sell in specific product categories, hampering you from expanding to a larger target audience.

Therefore, you need progress to grow into an established seller account and be eligible to maximize selling to as many product categories as you wish. Consulting Amazon vendor consultants can provide insights on how to grow your seller account—from account management, Brand Registry to the product listing, these industry experts got your back.


Initially, success might seem unreachable, but any Amazon store can grow with the right marketing strategies. If you're a new seller on the platform, patience and understanding must be the top qualities you should have—there are regulations you need to follow, and you need time to get a clear understanding of how things work, so take things slowly but surely. 

When facing the challenges of a newbie Amazon seller, remember that you can rely on a team with excellent expertise to help figure things out. Seller Interactive experts assist you from start to finish—from full account management to Amazon brand protection and suspension reinstatement; we're here to ensure your Amazon business is continuously progressing! Should you have any more questions, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-820-3746. 

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