9 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Marketing Agency

amazon marketing agency

Putting up your own business seems like an easy thing to do. However, most people only see the tip of the iceberg. They see the fruits that they could get from creating their own business. However, they don’t see the process on how to get there. One of those processes include creating marketing strategies that would be effective for your Amazon business. Now, why should business owners need to consult an Amazon marketing agency? What do they get from consulting an Amazon seller consultant?

Marketing strategies continue to evolve through the years. Businesses need to keep up with the latest trends in order to beat the competition. Truth be told, digital marketing transformed the way businesses engage with customers. Putting up a website for your business and running ads is not sufficient. You should make sure that your business is on a trusted eCommerce platform.

Why do you need an Amazon marketing agency?

Growing your business entails challenges and hurdles that may consume your wit and creativity in resolving issues. Continue creating content and improving your listings without worrying about your main business operations. Continue reading as we share 9 reasons on how Amazon consulting experts can help you grow your business.

Manage and optimize ads

With the cost-per-click or CPC, most people attempt to treat each item or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) like it’s a single business entity. Every business looks at the bigger picture. They look at how they want their businesses to be and strategize based on that vision. A number of factors affect the way businesses think and formulate their goals. Those include the following:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Sales
  • Traffic

But, sellers have a lot on their plate. Handling ads and optimizing every ad that comes their way consume time. It’s vital to converse and engage with Amazon consulting experts so you get a complete Amazon marketing services guide to help you.

These consultants craft and optimize your ads through in-house technology. Organizing and layouting images on your product listings takes time, especially with the different business processes that they need to manage.

An Amazon marketing agency helps optimize your listings, as well as helps manage and optimize ads for you so you focus on your main business operations. Not only do you save time from doing these tedious tasks, but you also get to collaborate and focus on growing your business.


People think of different things when it comes to expressing their brand. Drafting their logos, creating their taglines, and even designing their branding kit takes a lot of time and effort, especially for business owners.

Your competitors take their time in studying the target market, especially on how they will respond to your brand and your business. Putting different images together that represent your brand accurately is one of the many reasons why you need Amazon consulting experts. They will help you craft your brand into something that accurately reflects your products, business, and yourself as a business owner.

You will never go wrong with working with an Amazon marketing agency.

Optimizing your product listings to rank higher in search results

Reaching your customers always helps increase your organic rank on Amazon. Others know this as Amazon SEO. ranking high on search results is always tough, especially for resellers or third-party (3P) sellers.

One of the things that businesses need to improve on is the manner in which they show and present their products. Choosing the right keywords along with the right images and product descriptions influence how these listings rank and convert into sales. Frankly, most sellers have a hard time brushing up on their knowledge about the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

As business owners work with the logistics of their business, understanding and comprehending how SEO works may be quite hard to accomplish. Consulting with an Amazon marketing agency helps you find the right keywords for your product listings in no time. They will also help you in case you face technical problems with your listings.

Get updated with the policy changes on Amazon

The eCommerce giant, Amazon, always undergoes updates and changes to improve the quality of service they provide to their customers. As companies work on the growth of their business, keeping up with the updates and policies may scare them at some point.

When businesses work with consultants, they always become one step ahead since they get to review updates quickly and easily. Since trends change almost every single day, consultants keep you in the loop and even send you a summary of the updates directly!

Businesses get to focus on the main business operations

Most people say that time management is key to every business. However, there are times that even if you plan out your day or even your entire year, there are unforeseen events that throw you off course.

Unloading other parts of your workload to an expert lets you work on how to grow your business, create or develop new products, and even improve your advertising channels.

With trends and search engines continuing to evolve, keeping up may seem tough and challenging.

It’s tough to serve two masters at the same time. Therefore, when you work with Amazon experts, not only you let your business grow, but you also let yourself have some work-life balance.

Connect with Amazon Support more easily

Customers, sellers, and resellers encounter troubles with connecting and communicating with the support team. At first, they respond to your queries or issues quickly. But after a while, it just fades and you worry if they are still there to help you with your trouble.

For resellers or third-party sellers (3P sellers), it gets tough to reach anyone at all. Most of the people would be busy focusing on their own strategies. Amazon consultants always prioritize the people that they work with. They have a flourishing collaborative relationship with Amazon.

Working with tools automate things, but it takes time to learn them

As technology evolves, tools and applications continue to incur some major and minor updates that may leave you puzzled on how to navigate through them. When you lose the patience on how to deal with these tools, it will affect the performance of your business and even how you reach out to your customers.

Working with people who know how these tools work seem better. Encountering problems with tools will be resolved easily when you have people to communicate your problems with. The applications and tools work better when humans navigate or use them to improve the quality of work. Moreover, tools alone don’t adapt quickly to whatever changes that happen in Amazon. It still requires coding and programming that will eradicate the bugs that hinder the tools from working with the updates.

Therefore, make sure that you work with an Amazon marketing agency that utilizes various tools helpful in navigating and working with Amazon. 

Delegate work

When you put up your own business, most of the time you handle everything. That lasts for a long time or as soon as the business picks up and earns more profit. Usually, you get used to handling and managing everything. However, paying attention to a lot of things may be detrimental to the business especially if you want to increase or boost your presence on the internet.

When you work with Amazon consulting experts, you save time and money. Instead of being all over the place, you focus on your business goals. Plus, you will learn about their progress through the reports they generate.

Transitioning from brick-and-mortar stores to digital stores

When you started your business as a brick-and-mortar store, transitioning into the digital platform seems challenging and impossible to do. A number of eCommerce platforms say that you need to invest in them. Amazon is one of the platforms that you can always trust and invest in.

Migrating your brick and mortar store to Amazon may give you various options, such as:

  • Hire a team of Amazon experts
  • Study and learn everything on your own
  • Work with an Amazon marketing agency and let them manage everything for you

One of the many benefits of moving to Amazon include saving up on rent for the physical store and even with transportation to and fro the store.


In another lifetime, people think that Amazon is just the next big thing after eBay. They would be reselling items, sell products at a relatively cheap price without investing time in composing the details of the product listing.

As time goes on, things continue to change. Every policy that Amazon motivates every seller and resellers (3P sellers) to continue improving their listings. Doing so  raises brand awareness, and other brands look forward to collaborating with them. Through the help of a marketing agency, you can continuously grow your business.

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