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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Putting up your own business seems like an easy thing to do. But most people only see the tip of the iceberg. They see the fruits they can get from creating their own business, but not the process of how to get there. 

One of those processes? Creating effective marketing strategies for your Amazon business.

So, why should business owners like you consult an Amazon marketing agency? What do you gain from meeting with an Amazon seller consultant? 

We answer your questions (and more) about Amazon online marketing agencies in this blog.

A Peek Into the World of Amazon Marketing Agencies

Amazon marketing agencies work with Amazon sellers to increase visibility and conversion rates to maximize their profits. Keyword research, strategic planning, product photography, listing optimization, content creation, and more are among the services they provide. 

Working with Amazon Marketing Company is the perfect way to collaborate with pros who can help boost your sales and drive profits.

Types of Amazon Marketing Service Agencies

Did you know Amazon has an average of 220.48 million monthly visitors? Amazon advertising agencies, like the ones below, are popping up to take advantage of Amazon's undeniable success. 

What are the types of Amazon digital marketing agencies and their corresponding functions?

  • Amazon Review Service Agency: Handles all reviews and encourages customers to leave positive feedback. They also mitigate negative reviews.
  • Amazon Optimization Agency: Ensures your product listings reach your targets by staying updated with algorithms and SEO practices.
  • Amazon Content Agency: Composes compelling content and descriptions that inform your target customers about the importance and benefits of buying your product.
  • Amazon Advertising Agency: Guarantees the correct execution of paid product ads to increase a seller’s success rate. The best example is through a PPC campaign
  • Amazon Branding Agency: Ensures all product listings and marketing media reflect your brand, giving it a unique identity that helps prospects remember you. Having your product branded or trademarked is your defense against hijackers.
  • Amazon Listing Agency: Creates and uploads listings optimized for success.
  • Amazon Creative Agency: Responsible for the creative side of product promotion, like photo layout, video editing, and more.
  • Full-Service Digital Agency: An all-around agency that handles all things involving advertising campaigns and brand protection. This agency helps from end-to-end and can be cheaper than agencies with specialized services.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Marketing Agency?

Growing your business entails challenges and hurdles. What if you can get help with it? Keep reading as we share eight reasons Amazon consulting experts can help you grow your business.

To Manage and Optimize Ads

Because managing and optimizing ads are time-consuming, conversing and engaging with Amazon consulting experts is vital. These consultants craft and optimize your ads through in-house technology.

An Amazon marketing agency optimizes your product listings and ads for you, so you can focus on other operations, save time on tedious tasks, and grow your business.

For Branding

Drafting logos, creating taglines, and even designing branding kits take time and effort, especially for business owners.

We can bet that your competitors study the target market, especially with how they respond with their brand and business. The ones at the top have a dedicated team of experts that do this to make sure every line, shape, color, and text deliver a branding message their target market desires. 

To be on the same level as your competitors, hire your own Amazon consulting experts. They will be your own team of experts who can help you strengthen your branding’s message and put marketing materials together that accurately represent your brand.

To Optimize Product Listings

Ranking high on search results is tough, especially for resellers or third-party (3P) sellers.

Choosing the right keywords, images, and product descriptions influence how these listings rank and convert into sales. SEO services for Amazon help increase your organic rank on Amazon and maximize the Amazon A10 algorithm. 

To Check Reviews

Negative reviews weigh more when it comes to Amazon. It’s what psychologists call the negativity bias. So when customers check other customers' reviews, they’re likely searching for that one scathing comment in the haystack of positive ones. 

The task of an Amazon marketing agency is to make sure that if a shopper ever finds a negative review, there’s a reasonable (and polite) rebuttal and a resolution for it.

To Stay Updated With Amazon’s Policies

Amazon constantly changes to improve the service quality it provides its customers. As companies work on the growth of their business, keeping up with the updates and policies may be put on the backburner.

When you work with consultants, you get ahead since you get to review updates quickly and easily. Consultants keep you in the loop and even send you a summary of the updates directly!

To Connect With Amazon Support

Customers, sellers, and resellers need help connecting and communicating with the Amazon support team for various reasons. For those who sell, the most common ones are related to orders and Seller Central account issues which impact business.

Amazon consultants help third-party sellers (3P sellers) easily reach Amazon support through their collaborative relationship with the marketplace. By easily connecting with them, agencies can make resolutions fast, mitigating any loss of business.

To Learn From Experts

One of the indirect effects of working with an Amazon marketing agency is the transfer of knowledge. Most agencies have an open communication through online channels wherein business owners can ask questions. 

A free flowing exchange like this becomes an opportunity to consult with the team freely should the owner wishes to gain marketplace insight. Apart from knowledge, sellers can also be exposed to new tools and technologies that the agency integrates to a merchant’s Amazon account.

Types of Solutions You'll Get From an Amazon Marketing Agency

Full-service amazon marketing agencies can help you get started in the digital marketing sphere. On Amazon, you have four leading solutions to make your products and brand known, while off Amazon gives you three.

Amazon Ads 

  • Sponsored Product: This type of PPC advertising is the most commonly used. It puts your products on center stage, appearing on results and product pages of customers looking for similar products. You want these potential buyers to click on your ad and buy from you instead.
  • Sponsored Brands: Contrary to the first advertising solution that shows the product itself, Sponsored Brands show minimal but highly appealing taglines, photos, and other visuals with the brand's logo. It aims to create brand awareness and an audience interested enough to click to see your complete product portfolio. In creating awareness, consistency in branding is the key.
  • Sponsored Display: This solution will make your ads appear on the Amazon platform, third-party websites, and applications. You may create ads focused on your products or materials for brand awareness. An Amazon marketing agency will assist you with setting clear goals and objectives, creating advertisements for your product or brand, and deciding what targeting goals you should have.
  • Amazon Stores: Like building a website, Amazon Stores will provide you with a unique URL for your brand, which you can publish on other platforms to lead more visitors to your store. A partner agency will provide Amazon-sponsored ads management, which includes search engine optimization, a customized Amazon store layout, and branded images. 

Website Creation and Optimization

If you already have an Amazon store, do you still need to establish a separate website? It depends on your goal as a seller. If you want to increase your brand's credibility and have more space to discuss your products and related topics, build a website. 

The step-by-step of creating a website is a bit complex for one person. We're talking about developing the site itself, content creation, site management, maintenance, and a bunch of other processes. 

A helping hand from an Amazon marketing agency with a team of in-house content writers, website designers, SEO specialists, customer support professionals, and marketers can do wonders in this area.

Off-Amazon Ads

  • Google for Retail: Another advertising solution you can use to expose your products to viewers outside Amazon is Google for Retail. Commonly called Google Ads by Amazon sellers, Google for Retail offers three main campaigns you and your partner agency can choose depending on the business goals you have set.
  • Search Campaigns: This works like Amazon's pay-per-click advertising, where you only pay when potential buyers click on your ads, visit your website, or contact you. Your ads will appear when customers search for products or information related to yours.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns: Users need not search for your brand. Google has an algorithm that measures every user's search and view behavior. This will let your ads automatically appear on highly-viewed pages that offer similar products.
  • Shopping Campaigns With Partners: With this campaign, manufacturers and retailers can collaborate. Manufacturers can support their retailers’ advertising campaigns by allocating a budget for them. With this, both manufacturers and retailers can benefit from increased sales. 

Social Media Campaigns and Management 

Your partner Amazon marketing agency will utilize the benefits of social media marketing and marketing plans to make your brand and products known.

They can partner with social media influencers to endorse your brand and create different content for various social media platforms, among other things. This will help increase sales, brand awareness, and product advertisements.

Other Digital Marketing Efforts

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is all the efforts done to rank a product or service organically on Amazon’s search engine without spending on advertising. This includes keyword research and listing optimization. When done well, SEO efforts can bring significant effect on your Amazon product’s rankings, and your store’s overall rank as well.
  • Email Marketing: This digital marketing effort provides specific content to its target consumer. The content can take on the form of a newsletter, a product update, or a full blown promotion. What’s amazing about email marketing is that it serves as a medium for more digestible forms of content that can boost customer engagement.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Collaborating with social media influencers and content creators is the gist of affiliate marketing. It aims to use the popularity and “influence” of these personalities and associate them to the product a seller is advertising. In effect, they can boost a brand’s image and sales.

Should You Hire an Agency?

Though we can’t stress the importance of an Amazon agency enough, we’re sure you have numbers running through your head. We know you want to know if the benefits outweigh the expenses of hiring professionals.

To get a balanced perspective, you can look at the pros and cons of hiring an Amazon marketing agency. Read through our list below to help you decide whether or not you should work with experts given your budget.


  • Expert Knowledge: The main advantage of working with an Amazon marketing service agency is having people with extensive marketing knowledge. Experts who understand marketing will greatly benefit you by giving you solutions to certain issues that are beyond your scope of knowledge and expertise given your role as a seller on Amazon.
  • More Help: You pay for an entire team when you consider hiring an agency and not just a single expert. This means you have more hands on deck, allowing your company to produce more marketing materials and promote your brand more effectively, which you can't do with lacking manpower.
  • Higher Rate of Success: Marketing agencies have been shown to help boost the likelihood of an Amazon store’s success by leveraging social media to gain more customers. Experts in certain areas of Amazon collaborate with other experts such as social media managers and SEO specialists in a unified effort to achieve your business goals. This collaboration of experts within the marketing agency brings about tremendous results that sellers can see and feel in just a couple of months.


  • An Extra Expense: The common drawback is that hiring a marketing agency will cost your company more money than doing things on your own. In exchange for paying them for their services, you must also pay for PPC ad spend and any other techniques they recommend.
  • Different Points of View: One more possible drawback is that your perspective for your strategic plan may differ from that of the marketing agency. You should, of course, have the final say as their client. However, they may try to persuade you that their vision is superior, which can cause some friction and slow down the entire process.

The benefits and drawbacks above are a fair evaluation of the things an Amazon agency can bring your business when you take them on. If you still need more information to make a decision, check out an agency’s portfolio and case studies to see real results from previous clients, expressed in hard numbers.

Hire the Best Marketing Agency

Opting for an Amazon marketing agency is a significant move for a business owner. Hiring consultants means you have to allot a budget for them, and you will be using a portion of your resources for professional help. So, don’t waste your time, effort, and money—here is a checklist to help you when choosing the best Amazon agency.

  • Years of Experience in Ecommerce: You have to know how long your agency has been in the ecommerce industry, so ask for how long they’ve been in business and several tried-and-tested strategies that worked for them over the years.
  • Services Offered: Agencies must typically cover Amazon seller management and store setup services, customer/seller support services, SEO and digital marketing campaigns, content and catalog supervision, and review management.
  • Knowledge About Amazon Buy Box: It is a basic thing for agencies to work around the Buy Box that contains the "Add to List" and "Add to Cart" buttons. They must have the expertise to win this portion of Amazon through product optimization and affordable pricing.
  • Satisfied Clients: Most Amazon agencies have websites where you can see the positive reviews from their clients and their portfolio of case studies. Try to learn about the accounts they have successfully optimized.
  • Best Practices for Amazon Optimization: Not all Amazon agencies operate ethically: there are agencies that  practice black-hat strategies, including staged product or brand reviews and violations of search engines' guidelines to increase your product ranks. Remember that the results of these practices are temporary, and your account has the chance to be banned on Amazon. Steer clear of such agencies.
  • Eagerness To Learn About Your Business: A collaboration with an Amazon marketing agency starts with a consultation call. From this interaction, you can gauge the enthusiasm of the representative. A good measure of eagerness is if they ask questions about your business and offer bits of advice to give you insights on what they will do if you take them on.

Time To Make a Choice

You have everything you need to decide whether you should opt for individual specialists or partner with a full-service Amazon marketing agency. Now you must choose if you want to support your vision of growth and longevity in ecommerce.

As a takeaway, give your goals careful thought and put a number and a deadline to them if you can. If you do this, you’re already halfway to taking the leap for growth in the Amazon marketplace—the other half is talking to an Amazon marketing agency representative so you can hash out a concrete strategy to reach your goals. This is how an Amazon business grows.

If you want to learn more about Amazon marketing services, read "Mastering Ad Essentials With Amazon Marketing Services".

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