What You Need To Know About Amazon Transparency Program

Last updated on October 10th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

As you navigate the world of online selling, the Amazon Transparency Program (ATP) is a crucial initiative you should be aware of. This program was introduced by Amazon in 2017 to curb the growing issue of counterfeit products. It aims to ensure a secure shopping experience for customers and maintain product authenticity across its platform.

This article aims to help you gain a thorough understanding of the ATP and its impact on your selling experience. By the end, you will be equipped with the knowledge to confidently identify authentic products and make informed decisions when selling from Amazon.

What Is The Amazon Transparency Program?

The Amazon Transparency Program is a service offered by Amazon to help brands protect their products from counterfeiting and ensure authenticity through serialization. It involves applying unique codes to products, verified by both Amazon and consumers, using a mobile app to foster trust and transparency in the marketplace.

How It Works

Through implementing the ATP, you can protect your brand image better and ensure steady sales for your business. But how does this program work? We'll explain that here.

the three main features of the Amazon Transparency Program

Unique Transparency codes

As a brand owner, you must apply unique product Transparency codes. These codes are generated for each item and associated with the product's Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). When your products are shipped to fulfillment centers, Amazon authenticates Transparency codes on each unit so that only legitimate products can enter the supply chain.

Transparency Mobile App

Customers can use the Transparency mobile app to scan codes and verify the product's authenticity. A green mark after code scanning signifies that the product is genuine.

The app will also provide manufacturing dates and other relevant product information. By utilizing the Transparency app, customers can trust online reviews and be confident that they purchase genuine products.

💡 The Amazon Shopping app also allows buyers to scan Transparency codes.

Supply Chain Monitoring

If counterfeit products from third-party sellers attempt to enter the supply chain, the unique Transparency codes on authentic products will prevent these fake products from reaching customers. This helps maintain your brand's reputation and gives you valuable insights into your supply chain, helping you optimize it further for a better customer experience.

Amazon Transparency’s Benefits for Brands

The ATP offers essential benefits for brands through counterfeit prevention, enhanced customer trust, and valuable data and analytics. Let's discuss these benefits individually.

Counterfeit Prevention

One of the main benefits of the ATP is that it helps prevent counterfeit products from reaching customers. The program provides unique Transparency codes to apply to your product's packaging.

When the products reach fulfillment centers, Amazon personnel scan the codes using the transparency app to ensure you only ship authentic units to customers. If a potential counterfeit product is identified, the transparency team will investigate further and stop the item from reaching the customer.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Another significant benefit of using Amazon Transparency codes is the enhanced trust they offer customers. The green check mark confirming your product’s authenticity boosts brand credibility, engraving loyalty among your customers. This increased trust can result in better online reviews, improved brand reputation, and more sales.

Valuable Data and Analytics

The program enables you to access valuable data and analytics regarding your products. You can use unique Transparency codes to collect unit-level product details, such as manufacturing date and supply chain information.

This data lets you to gain insights into your products' sales and distribution, helping you make better-informed business decisions. Furthermore, the data collected can be used to determine the prevalence of counterfeit products in your supply chain, allowing you to work proactively to address those issues.

Eligibility and Enrollment

You now know how the transparency program on Amazon works and the benefits you'll reap using it. So, let's get into the details of how you can enroll in this program.


Registering to the Amazon Brand Registry is the first step to being eligible to use the platform's Transparency Program. This is essential to ensure that you control your brand and can protect it from counterfeit products. 

Once registered, you can apply for the Transparency Program by providing information about your products.

To know more about Amazon Brand Registry and its benefits, check out this video:


After applying, Amazon will verify your eligibility by checking the authenticity of your brand and the unique codes provided. Amazon uses GTINs to validate Transparency codes and ensure they only ship authentic units.


Once your application is verified, onboarding is next. Here, the Amazon team discusses the program's benefits and limitations and explains the importance of product serialization through unique Transparency codes.

Transparency Code Implementation and Integration

After onboarding, you must apply unique Transparency codes to all eligible products. The Amazon team will scan these codes during manufacturing and shipping. Proper code implementation is crucial to ensure the validity of each product. You can work with a transparency service provider to properly apply and integrate the codes with your supply chain.

Integration with Amazon Systems

Finally, your product information and unique codes will be integrated with Amazon's systems. This allows for seamless scanning of Transparency codes in Amazon fulfillment centers and by customers using the transparency app.

7 Tips for Maximizing the Transparency Program

Now, you are all set to protect your Amazon store from counterfeiters. Once enrolled, here are the best practices you can implement to ensure you make the most of the program's offers.

Tip #1: Implement Transparency Codes Consistently

To make the most out of the ATP, apply unique Transparency codes on every unit of your products. Consistency is crucial to prevent counterfeit products from infiltrating your supply chain, so ensure all supply channels prioritize adding such codes to your products. 

Tip #2: Integrate with Your Inventory Management System

Synchronize the Transparency codes with your inventory management system for seamless tracking and logistics. By incorporating the GTIN information into your systems, you gain better control over the flow of your products and detect potential counterfeit units. Combine the Transparency Program with your business's rigorous quality control to ensure that only genuine and quality products reach your customers.

Tip #3: Regularly Monitor Transparency Data

Monitor the data gathered through transparency-enabled products in real time. By keeping an eye on the manufacturing date, shipping process, and scanning rates of your product's Transparency codes, you can identify issues and proactively address them to maintain the integrity of your brand. 

You can also use the sales data from the Transparency codes to analyze consumer behavior, preferences, and brand insights.

Tip #4: Stay Informed about Program Updates

Amazon constantly enhances its programs and services. Stay informed about updates and improvements to the ATP so you and your team can adapt and use it to its full potential. And if you need clarification or assistance, Amazon customer service is just a click and call away.

Tip #5: Use Transparency as a Marketing Tool

Leverage the Transparency Program to convey customer trust and product authenticity by adding it to your marketing messages. Highlight your products' valid Transparency codes and the green check marks customers receive via the app after scanning. It's easier to gain new customers and keep them loyal when you assure them that your products are authentic.

Tip #6: Track and Measure ROI

Determine the return on investment (ROI) of the Transparency Program by comparing costs and benefits. Monitor key performance indicators, such as sales, online reviews, and brand reputation, to understand how the program impacts your brand.

Tip #7: Stay Committed to Brand Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of your brand is an ongoing process. Stay committed to ensuring only authentic units are shipped to customers, partner with trusted third-party sellers, and consistently apply Transparency codes to reinforce your commitment to providing genuine products.

Use customer feedback, especially related to product quality and authenticity, to refine your transparency strategy. In persistent counterfeit issues, consult legal professionals well-versed in intellectual property cases and Amazon Brand Protection.

You can check out this video for more information on how you can protect your brand on Amazon:

Protect Your Brand With Seller Interactive

As a brand-registered seller, enrolling in the Transparency Program can help you address counterfeit concerns and enhance your customers' shopping experience. It enables product serialization and authentication before shipment. You can proactively safeguard your brand's reputation on Amazon and maintain a high-quality product offering.

To optimize your involvement in the Transparency Program, consider partnering with us here at Seller Interactive. We offer comprehensive support, from enrolling you for Amazon Brand Protection to navigating the program's requirements and processes. 

By working together, we can ensure brand integrity and customer satisfaction on Amazon—empowering your business for continued success.

Leverage the benefits of the ATP. Book a call with us now to protect your brand, improve customer experience, and enjoy the growth that comes with authenticity and trust.

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