Amazon Strategic Account Manager: Top Amazon Selling Strategies for New Sellers

amazon strategic account manager

Last updated on December 19th, 2022

Written by Ken Zhou

If you are new to Amazon selling and want to become a professional, this article is for you. More and more business owners are using Amazon to sell their goods. This means the competition in the Amazon market is getting fiercer than ever. Amazon is a proven profitable eCommerce platform for sellers with the right strategy. It’s not recommended to dive into Amazon’s online jungle without a plan. That said,  we have laid out some of the most important Amazon selling strategies for new sellers, according to a professional Amazon strategic Account Manager

Do the Packaging Right

Most sellers commit the grave mistake of taking product packaging for granted. That should not be the case because product packaging is actually a crucial part of your journey as a seller.

You need to do this aspect of the business right. It is worth taking note of that each country has its own set of product packaging requirements. Non-compliance with these protocols will put your products at risk of confiscation by customs, putting your products, capital, time, and effort to waste.

Invest in Branding Strategies

Branding lends your business a personality, a voice that communicates with your target market. You WANT to establish brand awareness in the most cost-efficient way. This makes way for a steady stream of leads, funneled down to sales, and funneled even more to repeat customers. An effective sales framework that is based on excellent branding and a loyal customer base will put an online business on the map and turn it into a household name.

As we’ve mentioned, you can’t compete in the Amazon market if you don’t have a solid plan of action. This is where Amazon professionals come in. Hire a team of experts who can build your brand from the ground up or do magic with the hard work you started.

Pricing matters

Do thorough price research within your niche. Don’t play with numbers, going either too high or too low from the standard range. Pricing too high on your items will easily drive shoppers away, and pricing it too low will put your profit in jeopardy.  Lead the competition by learning repricing strategies from seasoned professionals. There are several resources online and offline to access this information if you want to manually do these strategies on your own. But to guarantee more success in your repricing efforts, seek the assistance of an Amazon strategic account manager. After all, a team is better than one.

Follow Amazon’s Rules

Getting penalized or suspended on Amazon would mean losing money for weeks and even months. This is a very concrete scenario that could take place in the middle of your campaigns, and you absolutely do not want this to happen. Amazon is known for its straight-to-the-point selling policies you can find when you logged on to your seller central account. Read all the important policies and make sure you follow all the rules to save yourself from getting penalized for violating Amazon selling rules. In case you are targeted by blackhat tactics, you may want to consider enrolling under Amazon’s brand protection program.

Do Promising Customer Service

One of the things that Amazon takes pride in is how it prioritizes customer service. As an Amazon seller, it is your responsibility to uphold Amazon standards while giving your customers an outstanding shopping experience, one that merits stellar reviews. Take note that most shoppers value good customer service more than the product and price. So, make it a habit to respond to every customer inquiry and feedback right away.

How you handle customer service can significantly affect your sales and Amazon ranking. The golden rule applies—the more positive feedback on a seller’s product listings, the higher the chance of generating sales. Increased sales also mean higher rankings.

Here’s how a professional Amazon marketplace account manager handles outstanding customer service:

  • Respond to feedback, reviews, inquiries, and other requests in a timely manner.
  • Respond to negative reviews. It is crucial to respond to negative feedback to shed some light on the situation and offer viable alternatives. 
  • Don’t argue with customers. Instead, show sympathy and initiative to do better.
  • Offer fast and reliable shipping.

Pro Tip:

When you sell your products via Amazon FBA, most of the work is done by Amazon professionals. This saves you time and effort spent on responding to customer feedback and other daily operations on the platform.

Consider Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you want to become a professional Amazon seller without paying a high Amazon strategic account manager salary, it would be wise to sell through FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. This program will allow you to ship your merchandise in advance to Amazon fulfillment centers and have your inventory, along with most tasks that come with it, handled by Amazon. FBA will take care of all the crucial daily operations, which include customer service, delivery, refunds, and returns. This will give you more time to focus more on your business.

Though Amazon FBA will cost you more, the benefits you can get out of it will make it a worthy investment. The fees will mostly cover the cost of shipping and all the needed materials. It will definitely save your time and effort, allowing a more top-notch service for your loyal customers.

Win The Buy Box

One of the most important strategies for increasing your sales on Amazon is winning your product’s Buy Box.  The Buy Box is responsible for more than 80% of sales on the platform. It means most shoppers don’t bother looking at other sellers and make the purchase right away. 

Below are the top strategies to win your Buy Box.

  • Keep your product in stock. 
  • Respond to shopper queries right away.
  • Set a competitive price for your inventory.
  • Take advantage of FBA
  • Keep your Order Defect Rate (ODR) to a minimum.
  • Meet your promised delivery time.

In order to keep your product’s Buy Box, you need to maintain your performance. Reprice your items and optimize your inventory management regularly to get ahead of your competition.

Optimize Your Product For SEO

More than half of the product searches online are on the leading eCommerce platform. If you want to boost your sales and increase your visibility, your listings must rank on the first page of Amazon search results. 

You can learn more about how to optimize your product listings here.

Produce Excellent Visuals

A product listing is never complete without high-quality images. Take note that Amazon has strict image requirements. Product images need to be at least 1000 pixels in size and taken with a plain white background. 

An original and high-quality image can build up trust and help buyers zoom in on the details easily.

Key Takeaway

Know that the right strategy for your business can help you earn profits and get ahead of your competition. However, if you want to focus more on your business and leave the Amazon selling strategy to an account manager on Amazon; Seller Interactive is the company to turn to!

We offer Amazon full account management services at a price that will not cost you more than what they’re worth. Book a free consultation today and hire an Amazon strategic account manager from us! 

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