The 3 Types of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

the 3 types of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

Last updated on September 1st, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

The Amazon marketplace has transformed beyond simple selling. Joining the competition demands a stronger online presence, better advertising tactics, and a deeper connection with your audience. If you fail to grab their interest, they will remain unaware of your brand. Fortunately, Amazon Sponsored Brand ads changed the game for businesses.

What is a Sponsored Brand on Amazon? What are its three types? How can they help you connect with potential buyers when they’re most ready to purchase?

If you have these questions, don't worry. Seller Interactive is here to answer them! This article breaks down all the essential knowledge you need to thrive in the retail giant.

What Is a Sponsored Brand on Amazon?

Amazon Sponsored Brand ads are a cost-per-click format that helps you promote your business to a wider audience through custom headlines, brand logos, and multiple product listings.

The 6 Benefits of Sponsored Brand Ads on Amazon

In online shopping, being seen matters. Sponsored Brands campaigns work like guiding lights, helping you stand out from a pool of competitors. But in what ways does it precisely benefit marketers and brand owners like yourself? Check out six benefits these ads offer for your store, from being easily noticed to making your brand more recognized.

1. Increased Traffic to Product Listings

Sponsored Brand ads drive more visitors to your product listings. With eye-catching placements on Amazon, your products become more discoverable, directing interested shoppers straight to your offerings.

2. Targeted Reach

With a well-optimized Sponsored Brands campaign, you can target keywords relevant to your products. Precision targeting increases your chance of reaching a relevant audience, potentially translating into higher conversion rates and revenue.

3. Access to Advanced Marketing Tools

Sponsored Brand ads offer additional advantages if signed up under the Amazon Brand Registry. This program allows you to access various advanced marketing tools unavailable to other sellers. This feature confers a competitive edge, giving you an upper hand over your rivals and elevating the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

4. Improve Product Visibility

Sponsored Brand ads strengthen your online presence by placing ads on search results and product pages. Strategic placement can help you position your brand in the crowded Amazon marketplace.

5. Build Brand Awareness

Sponsored Brand ads contribute to building brand awareness. With customizable ad creatives, including your logo and a headline, you can show your brand's personality and establish a stronger connection with potential customers. 

6. Budget Control

Since Sponsored Brand Ads operate on a cost-per-click model, you only pay when customers click on your ad. You can set your budget and adjust bids according to keyword competition and campaign performance. Such flexibility can help you manage your ad spend wisely.

Placement of Sponsored Brand Ads

Picking the best spot to show your brand's message is crucial in ensuring your Sponsored Brand ads are effective. It's similar to setting up your shop in a crowded area to get noticed. 

Good placement ensures your ads appear at the right time. This connection helps people remember your brand and encourages them to look at what you sell and, ideally, make purchases.

Sponsored Brand Ads have two main spots where your brand can shine:

1. Product Detail Pages

Like Sponsored Product ads grab attention, brand ads have their special spot on your product detail page. When shoppers check out a particular product, these ads show up at the top of the "Customers who bought this also bought" section.

Picture it positioned on a shelf right next to a trendy item. People are already curious, and your ad offers them another option. Your brand is ready to catch their eye and make their choices even more exciting.

2. Search Results Pages

Sponsored Brands have a smart strategy similar to Sponsored Display ads. Not only do they pop up at the very top of search results pages, but they can also show in the middle, sides, and even at the bottom fold.

These positions ensure many customers will notice and learn about your brand when they're curious about similar products.

3 Types of Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon Sponsored Brand ads step in to make your products prominent. They come in three types, each offering special features and advantages. 

Dive into these ad formats to understand how they work and help your brand shine online.

1. Product Collection Ads

Product Collection ads show up to three products from your catalog, making it easy for shoppers to browse and shop within a single ad. These sponsored ads aim to give customers a glimpse of your brand’s offerings, enticing them to explore and buy multiple items at once. 

an example of product collection once they click the product collection ads

Key Features and Elements

Each ad shows your custom headline, brand logo, and at least three products. The featured products can span different categories, making it an ideal format for cross-promotion and upselling.

Product Collection ads work well when you want to advertise:

  • Product Lines: A group of related products that your brand offers.
  • Seasonal Collections: Sets of products made for specific times of the year, like holidays or changing seasons.
  • Complementary Items: Products that go well together when used simultaneously.

Benefits for Sellers and Brands

The convenience of exploring a curated selection within a single ad reduces the effort customers need to invest in their decision-making process, building a sense of trust and satisfaction.

With a diverse assortment of products, you can easily cater to various preferences, widening your customer base and strengthening loyalty. Adapting to changing needs is tough, but these ads can help you understand customer behavior more easily.

Successful Strategies for Product Collection Ads

  • Combine a mix of top-selling ASINs with lower-selling ASINs. The popularity of your best-selling items can draw attention to products that need a boost in visibility.
  • Create a selection of products with a common theme.
  • Avoid poor images and inconsistent branding elements.
  • Select relevant keywords for your ads. Make them appear to the right audience in search results. 
  • Review their performance metrics like ad clicks, advertising cost of sale, and more. Update them with new products and effective search terms.
  • Experiment with different product combinations and ad placements.

2. Sponsored Brands Video Ads

an example of Sponsored Brands video ads

Video ads introduce an engaging dimension within Amazon’s advertising landscape. This advertising format ignites a fresh and dynamic interaction between your products and customers through movements, sounds, and animation. 

Key Features and Elements

Each ad contains a custom headline text, mute toggle button, product details, brand logo, and call to action. These pieces work together to create a video that tells your brand's story and shows off your products.

Videos make watching an ad more interactive, so people remember it better. You can use it when you want to promote:

  • Brand Identity: Show your brand's personality, values, and unique selling points through video.
  • Product Demonstrations: Highlight your products in action, demonstrating their features and benefits.

Benefits for Sellers and Brands

Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads auto-play in the search results, helping customers get a quick, educational presentation of your product without clicking through to your listing. 

Video ads also deliver a quick and concise presentation of your product. It’s a significant advantage, especially in today’s fast-paced online environment, where customers don’t spend much time reading lengthy descriptions.

Successful Strategies for Video Ads

  • According to Amazon guidelines, a video ad should be between 6 and 45 seconds, in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and have a resolution of at least 1280x720 pixels.
  • The video file size should be no more than 500MB and be in one of the supported formats, such as MP4 or MOV.
  • Include your logo within the video so online customers can easily recognize your brand store.
  • Feature English text or voiceover for English-speaking audiences. Use the Italian language for the Italian marketplace.
  • Keep in mind that video ads are keyword-targeted. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords.

3. Store Spotlight 

an example of store spotlight ads on Amazon

From the word itself, store spotlight ads show your products in one place and let customers explore what you offer. Consider it as a window or a stage into your brand’s world, making it easy for people to discover and shop for your products.

You might think it’s similar to Product Collection ads, but it’s not. Product Collection ads emphasize specific product groupings, while Store Spotlight ads offer a broader view of a brand’s products and identity within a centralized space.

Key Features and Elements

Store Spotlight ads come with a brand logo, custom headline, and store with at least three subpages. 

These ads are useful if you want to:

  • Promote Exclusive Offers: Running special offers, discounts, or sales across multiple products in your store? Store Spotlight ads can channel traffic toward your store.
  • Highlight Bestsellers: If you have products that consistently perform well, Store Spotlight ads can give them a prominent position, drawing attention to products that customers already favor.

Benefits for Sellers and Brands

Offering a storefront within an ad format lets customers delve into your brand’s story and products holistically. 

Immersive visuals and varied products also pique their curiosity, directing them to a customized landing page where they can explore and purchase your products.

Most importantly, store spotlight ads streamline product discovery, providing a more convenient shopping experience.

Successful Strategies for Store Spotlight Ads

  • Create an engaging storefront layout that represents your overall business.
  • Feature distinct product categories or special collections that reflect your brand identity.
  • Given the prevalence of mobile shopping, ensure your storefront is user-friendly on various screen sizes.
  • Test storefront layouts and featured collections to identify what functions best with your audience.

Seller Interactive: Your Reliable Amazon PPC Experts Team

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