The Amazon Marketing Services Guide Every Seller Should Read

March 25, 2021
Written by Kevin Wong
amazon marketing services guide

One of the best ways to make the most of Amazon is to tap into its full marketing and advertising capabilities. With such a massive reach into consumer markets, it's a perfect channel for advertising products and building your brand awareness.  The wisest sellers are now utilizing the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to increase their overall online presence. Don't miss out and read the Amazon Marketing Services Guide we have prepared for you.

What You Need to Know about the Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an in-house marketing Pay-per-Click (PPC) platform for approved Amazon sellers to advertise their products directly to their target market based on products, keywords, and customer interests. Amongst all of Amazon's vendor programs, our Amazon marketing services guide will help you understand that AMS stands out as one of the most guaranteed investments available due to its high-visibility ad placements and unique targeting options.

Learn more about the different Amazon web services marketing strategy below.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored product ads are designed to drive sales for your eCommerce store. You pick a product you want to advertise, set a daily budget, and decide which keywords will best reach your target market. 

You do not have to worry If you choose not to hire an Amazon SEO consultant because Amazon will provide you a list of popular and relevant keywords that shoppers often use. This is an excellent help for new Amazon sellers who are still getting familiar with how keywords work. 

The Sponsored Ads will be displayed within Amazon's search results, on the page's right or bottom part. You can also see the Sponsored Ads on the product detail pages. 

It only requires a minimum daily budget of 1USD - perfect for store owners operating on minimal budgets. 

Headline Search Ads

Just like Sponsored Product Ads, these adverts are also keyword-driven. However, Headline Search Ads require a higher minimum budget of $100, higher than the ad type mentioned earlier. 

This advert type will let you choose the landing page you want to promote, set a budget, choose keywords, select images, make your bids, and craft a good ad headline. 

Keep in mind that Headline Search Ads were recently added to the list of third-party merchants using Seller Central, making the keyword competition a lot tougher compared with the other advert options.

Product Display Ads

In this advert type, you can target potential buyers based on the products they usually buy or their interests. It will allow you to pick a product to promote, set a budget, and make bids. This advert type will also let you add an image and create an ad headline. 

These product ads will appear on related pages to the option you selected and under the "Add to Cart" button on product pages. This advert type aims to persuade consumers to buy your product instead of the one they view.

The ad placement will cost you a minimum daily budget of $100.

The Best Practices for Amazon Marketing

The first part of this Amazon marketing services guide should already inform much of your advertising decisions. From here, it is smart to know about the AMS best business practices.

Do Your Research

Prior to launching your campaign, the first thing you need to do as a seller is to conduct in-depth research on keywords, phrases, and consumer interests. However, if you don't want to do the hard work, you can always hire an Amazon SEO consultant to guide you with how to find keywords for Amazon.

While Amazon will provide you a list of keywords, an SEO consultant will help you reveal significant shopper association and preeminent terms overlooked by Amazon.

Know How to Prioritize Your Product

You have to strategically choose the products you wish to advertise.  Know which products are most important to your brand and your buyers. The best marketing strategy every seller should employ is to focus on products that are in season, are popular, or otherwise in demand. This will help you drive the most traffic and sales.

Learn to Properly Allocate Budget

After deciding your budget according to the Amazon marketing services cost, you should split it up among the AMS ad types, which will help your brand attain the most coverage.

A good starting strategy is to divide your budget as so:

  • Sponsored Products: 60 %
  • Headline Search: 30 %
  • Product Display: 10 %

If you strategically allocate your budget, this will give you a fair number of clicks so you could see which ads are working for your brand.


AMS can provide you with ad data and statistics to analyze performance. To correctly optimize your campaigns, it is vital to determine: 

Knowing this, you can start optimizing your campaigns by removing underperforming assets and pouring more of your budget into the right elements that work for you.

Final Word

When it comes to selling on Amazon, AMS is an excellent tool for driving increased traffic and sales volume. With the different ad options, reliable Amazon email marketing service, and analytics at their disposal, you should achieve a healthy Return on Investment (ROI).

However, new tools and strategies might be hard to master even with a detailed Amazon marketing services guide. If you think you will need help getting started with AMS, you might consider hiring a professional Amazon consulting service provider - Seller Interactive has got you covered!

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