Why Is Everyone Talking About Amazon Digital Marketing Services? Check Out These 10 Reasons

July 29, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon digital marketing services

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workings of the world. In more than a year, it has altered many processes to adjust to social distancing, travel bans, and even mask-wearing requirements. 

While COVID-19 has brought detrimental effects, there have also been opportunities. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, e-commerce’s share in global retail trade rose to 17% in 2020 from just 14% in 2019. Physical stores and shopping centers saw the hope of continuing their businesses online, which is why Amazon marketing services are now the talk of the town. 

For you to adjust as fast as your competitors in the transition from physical stores to the World Wide Web, you need professional assistance, and that is what you’ll get from an Amazon online marketing agency. If you need more push to sign up for one, let us enumerate the ten benefits you will reap in partnering with Amazon marketing experts.

A team to brainstorm with about your goals

In all ventures, goal setting should always be a priority, and it is always better to do it with a team than alone. For your Amazon business marketing strategy, what are your goals?

  • Reach your target audience by knowing their demographics and purchasing behaviors. 
  • Know your competitors to be at par or better than them. 
  • Optimize your store for the algorithm. 
  • Continue the best practices for best-selling products and work on the goods that don’t sell.
  • Achieve profitability.
  • Grow and expand your business.
  • Audit your marketing goals, strategies, and results regularly.

With all these tasks and many other mini goals under them, you’ll need help. With an Amazon marketing company, you can break down your vision into SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) goals. By the end of every quarter or year, you can look into your marketing’s key performance indicators to assess your campaigns and plan according to data. 

Amazon digital marketing services by a team of experts

During these uncertain times, there is no room for guessing and experimenting when there is an opportunity to take every step with guidance from professionals. If you want your business to thrive and grow despite the pandemic, let these digital marketing experts help you. 

  • Account managers: They will be your point of contact in the Amazon digital marketing agency, and they will ensure the team accomplishes all tasks needed to hit your marketing goals. 
  • Marketing and advertising team: You need these specialists to formulate your marketing strategies.
  • SEO experts: Store and ad optimization for the A10 algorithm ensures your store appears on customer search results, and these SEO experts will get the job done. 
  • Content and graphics design team: The texts and images in your ads should be well-thought and well-executed, and this will be possible with a team of writers and designers. 
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) specialists: Amazon PPC management is a crucial factor in Amazon’s marketing and advertising. Plan, execute, and monitor data with trained PPC specialists. 

Keyword research and strategy

Using the right keywords will get your target audience’s eyes on your stunning ads and persuasive copies. An Amazon agency help you with that by 

  • using their own or a trusted keyword research tool to look for relevant keywords;
  • studying your competitors’ keywords through reverse ASIN and see how you can utilize the data to your Amazon ad and store optimization;
  • strategizing whether you’ll target broad, phrase, or exact match for your campaigns;
  • creating auto campaigns and monitoring keyword performance for manual campaign bidding;
  • picking which keywords you will bid for a manual campaign;
  • monitoring keyword performance to halt non-performing ones and invest more in keywords that convert to Amazon sales;
  • carefully picking your negative keywords to ensure you don’t appear on irrelevant searches;
  • seamlessly incorporating keywords to the front end of your store and ads; and
  • optimizing back-end keywords.

Keywords are the lifeblood of Amazon businesses, and it would be helpful to have a team keeping an eye on them. 

Unforgettable Sponsored Brands campaigns

The most captivating ads evoke curiosity, move the viewers’ emotions, or trigger a need upon seeing the products or messages. Your design, content, and marketing partners from the agency will all work together to create a compelling brand logo, tagline, and layout, which, when seen by your customers, will urge them to click to know more about your business. 

Amazon has different options for sponsored ads, yet one of the prime campaigns you need to launch is Sponsored Brands campaigns. How does this work?

A sponsored brand will appear as a logo on top of Amazon pages when customers conduct a search, and even if they do not buy from you after they click, you still achieve your aim of brand awareness. They may not buy now, but with your solid content, they may return another time to finally make that purchase. 

Sponsored Products that bring in sales

Product display ad is an Amazon advertising option you can use best in boosting the sales of an already performing product or increasing the visibility of products that have the potential for higher sales. 

If you have a partner agency, account managers and Amazon PPC experts can enact product attributes marketing or category-specific marketing for your sponsored product ads. 

  • Product attributes marketing: For this marketing technique, your ads will appear on Best Sellers or even alongside big brands, making buyers recognize your brand as one of the sellers of the same product. 
  • Category-specific targeting: Through this product ad targeting strategy, your ads will appear on product pages your product complements. For instance, if you sell energy drinks, your ads may appear on product pages of sports gear, health drinks, or sports attire. Buyers may not be looking for your product but may think of buying them too. 

Positive customer impression of Amazon store and product page 

Let’s say your ads are effective, and you have brought your customers to your product page or your Amazon store. Now, the real challenge begins—making the impression last and convert.

Your partner agency will surely recommend Amazon A+ Content, which you can enjoy if you sign up for Amazon Brand Registry (your agency can also help you with registration). 

You can unleash your creativity on A+ or Enhanced Brand Content. With it, you are not limited to using images only with white backgrounds and writing bullet-point product descriptions. When your customers visit your product page or your store, the content and product description will make them excited to shop because of high-quality and informative images and detailed and enticing texts.

To be sure, include calls to action (CTAs) in your content. While your overall page needs to be catchy, your CTAs need to be straightforward so that buyers will know there’s only one thing to do—Buy Now.

Helps you build an affiliate network 

A10, Amazon’s algorithm, now measures click-through rate from links outside Amazon, making affiliate marketing essential in your digital marketing strategy. This service is another thing you’ll surely get from partnering with agencies. They can help you by 

  • Building a website dedicated to posting round-up and single reviews with links leading to your product page or Amazon store,
  • Looking for websites related to your brand and product where you can pitch guest posts with links leading to your store and product page, and
  • Calling out to interested bloggers and website owners and sending requests for them to become your marketing affiliates. 

Amazon Associates is the service catering to affiliate marketing on the platform. The process is easy! You just need to have a significant number of followers or website traffic, sign up, complete all required details, and then use SiteStripe to get product links you can incorporate into your website or social media content. 

Engages customers through social media marketing

In social media marketing content creation, hard selling is a big no-no. What earns a resounding yes is creativity.

Get your creative juices flowing with the equally out-of-the-box thoughts of your agency’s marketing team. Their plans will ensure that your social media marketing achieves the following goals:

  • Create a venue for more interactions between you and your customers, between customers and their fellow customers, and between patrons 
  • Post daily content that has a human touch and seamlessly includes product endorsements
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn posts as venues for you to ask for customer reviews
  • Keep viewers updated on your latest products, offers, discounts, and sales
  • Create a community that shares views and opinions about your content and your products
  • Strategically post sponsored ads to reach new customers and grow followers
  • Partner with other influencers to endorse your products

Uses the power of videos

According to statistics, 72% of consumers prefer watching videos to obtain product information. With this much at stake, your videos are better done with professional videographers, scriptwriters, and marketing experts. But what to produce? You have plenty of video types to choose from:

  • Demo videos
  • Brand videos
  • Live videos
  • Casual and daily life videos by influencers
  • Interviews with experts
  • Amazon product review videos
  • Customer feedback videos
  • Live videos

Amazon Live is the platform’s way of adapting to the trend of live selling. Aside from streaming on your different social media accounts, you can also stream on Amazon. Live selling is a chance to get same-day sales, interact with your audience, and give limited offers to early buyers. 

For recorded videos, your marketing and production team will ensure that you state your CTAs clearly and at the right timing. 

Directs your next steps with the help of data

Despite all the creativity surrounding digital marketing, you will still judge the effectiveness of all your campaigns based on the numbers they make, which you can easily access through marketing services. 

Through regular reports from your account managers, you’ll know your ad spend, ad and keyword performance, search traffic, and PPC spending. Aside from that, they will provide you with action plans to sustain your success or turn failures into success stories. 

In closing

These are the reasons why Amazon’s digital marketing assistance is making noise these days. If your business is still adjusting to the new normal of selling online, you need expert help to begin your pivot with solid foundations. And even if you are already a seasoned Amazon seller, you still need these services. 

If you are looking for an Amazon marketing agency, we at Seller Interactive can be your partner. 

Let’s help you make success stories even in these trying times. Contact us at 1-800-820-3746 so that we can discuss with you the details of our service. 

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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