Amazon Seller Account Suspension | What You Should Not Do!

Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

It’s a bright summer morning and you’ve got a smile on your face as you sip your coffee. Can anything be more perfect? Turning your computer on, you open your email and Amazon account. Suddenly, you see an email from Amazon about your suspended account. Your brain freezes. Wait a minute, an Amazon Seller Account Suspension?!

Shaking your head, you rub your eyes and read it again. It’s indeed an account suspension letter. All your dreams and goals for your business come crashing down in an instant. Your heart starts to beat erratically, and the only thing that comes to mind is "how?" How in the world did your account get suspended?

If this is you, then we want you to take a deep breath and relax. As much as you want to go all Farron Carrington on Jeff Bezos, you can't. We know that there are a million thoughts racing through your mind right now, but getting your account reinstated can’t be accomplished unless you relax. So, grab a seat and breathe while you read this list of things you must not do to get your Amazon account back.

First thing’s first, don’t panic!

I know we’ve mentioned this already, but it’s so important that we need to reiterate it just in case you try and call Jeff Bezos. Drop the phone right now! It may be the first thing that comes to mind, but you mustn't let your emotions rule over you.

You may be thinking that all is lost, but the good news is that there is a way to reinstate Amazon seller accounts. Carefully read through the suspension notice and write an Amazon reinstatement letter, and with enough forward planning--and with our sound advice below--you too can get your account back.

  1. Do not immediately send your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: don't immediately send an appeal letter. You may be thinking, "what are you talking about? I need to send this now!" we know, but without a well-thought-of appeal letter, you will just waste your chances trying to reinstate your account.

You need to create your Plan of Action. It's the same thing as planning a trip halfway across the world. You can't just book your ticket and land without an itinerary (well, maybe if you’re adventurous enough). But going in without a plan leaves you vulnerable to a host of other problems, and we’re talking about your Amazon seller account here.

Additionally, Seller Performance suspends thousands of sellers every day while it only takes investigators a few minutes to review an appeal. So take your time and plan an effective appeal, or risk getting denied and waste your time and effort.

  1. Do not send multiple appeals

It may be tempting to send numerous letters to Amazon, but stop yourself. By spamming Amazon with hundreds of letters, they will most probably not prioritize you and instead ignore your appeals and even block you. If you absolutely must, wait for a week before submitting additional letters. 

It's also common for Seller Performance not to send a confirmation email about their receipt of your appeal. They suspend thousands of accounts on a daily basis, like on one incident where they suspended over 4,000 accounts due to price gouging. They simply don’t have the time to send each seller a confirmation. The waiting game can be nerve-wracking, but as long as you follow the steps you have nothing to worry about. So, refrain from sending multiple appeals and let Amazon do their best. 

  1. Don't be rude to Seller Performance

Whining, screaming, or yelling profanities won't get your account reinstated. Just like in any situation, you must show respect and professionalism to the people around you. Throwing tantrums or sending angry emails won't solve your problem, but being pleasant and polite might.

We understand that getting a suspension letter is terribly frustrating and upsetting, but there’s no excuse for ranting at Seller Performance. This will only make the matter worse, and might eventually lead to delays or even account deletion.

If you do lose your cool, immediately apologize to Seller Performance. Be objective and not emotional, and focus on the actions you need to take to get your account reinstated. 

  1. Don't threaten Amazon with legal action

Seller Performance wants to see if a seller can be accountable for their actions. They communicate with you during the appeal process to see if you know what you’ve done wrong, and if you’re willing to change. However, there are sellers who contact an Amazon suspension lawyer to do the communicating on their behalf.

When an attorney gets involved, the process can be delayed. Sometimes, Amazon becomes unresponsive until the seller communicates with them personally. In case of an infringement suspension or any suspension regarding legal matters, feel free to talk to an attorney and reach a resolution. But once the complaint is withdrawn, the seller must talk to Seller Performance themselves.

  1. Don't blame buyers or Amazon for your account suspension

Playing the victim and pointing fingers is not a good look. Even if you are not directly responsible for the negative reviews, your account is your responsibility and so you have to own up to it. Many sellers single out their buyers, competitors, or Amazon’s processes for their suspended account. 

Doing so won't help your reinstatement process. You must know that Amazon is a very customer-centric company. Blaming Amazon and your customers won't make anything better, and it will only paint you in a bad light. 

  1. Don't contact Jeff Bezos

There are sellers who try to reach out to Jeff Bezos when they don’t hear from Seller Performance. Not to point out the obvious, but this really won’t work. Jeff Bezos doesn't read these emails, and they instead get transferred to an escalation department for review.

Unfortunately, this may also result in an even longer time to wait for your account to be reinstated. The best thing you can do is to be patient and trust Seller Performance. 

  1. Don't open another account

You may think that opening a new account will solve your problem. Perhaps you’ve even thought of using a different name and bank account, so that you can start selling on Amazon again. However, tricking Amazon isn’t easy. 

Amazon has many ways of linking seller accounts. Once they link your second account to your first, you will be banned with zero chance for any of your suspended accounts to be reinstated.

  1. Don't dismiss the suspension

Many people hide away and ignore the suspension letter. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right? But we’re here to tell you that it won't go away unless you appeal to Amazon. Once you receive the letter take some time to think, but make sure to plan your course of action and send that appeal!

  1. Don't write an appeal based on emotions

Make your appeal letter as objective as possible. Your account was suspended due to objective violations, so you must respond in the same manner. Again, it can be frustrating to get an account suspension notice, but don't let your emotions rule you and be professional. 

Avoid a Repeat: Amazon Account Suspension Basics

Once you understand the things you must not do, you also have to know what you shouldn't do in the future. Yes, sellers can get suspended multiple times. Follow these rules to avoid getting suspended on Amazon.

Do not use multiple accounts on Amazon

Sorry, it’s in the rules: you must only have one seller account on Amazon. You can open a second or third account, but that only applies if you have separate businesses and brands, or if you are a part of an Amazon program that requires a separate seller account. Both times require a green light from Amazon though, so if you’re unsure then send them a quick email asking if you’re eligible for multiple accounts.

Don't sell counterfeit items

Did you know that counterfeit products usually come from hijacked listings? A hijacked listing is when someone copies the product, name, and brand of a popular product, then sells it a much lower price. The materials used are often low-quality, which garners tons of negative reviews.

Amazon is extremely strict about counterfeit items. Don’t try to get your way around this one. Selling counterfeit items can not only get you suspended, but also permanently banned. 

Don't sell substandard items

In relation to Amazon's customer-centric values, they believe in taking care of their customers. What better way to do that than by giving the best products and services? As you know, you can't give the best when you are selling substandard products. Amazon makes it a point to take down listings that sell old, fake, defective, or prohibited items.

Avoid poor seller performance

All of this might sound complicated, but just remember that Amazon wants the best for their customers. Offering poor products and having lots of negative reviews can get your account suspended. Negative reviews often come from delayed shipment, late response times, poor customer service, substandard products, and order cancellations from the seller. 

Final Thoughts

Getting suspended on Amazon is frustrating and difficult. You might feel helpless and lost, especially if it takes Seller Performance a long time to respond to your appeal. Having someone to help you out with your Amazon seller account can lift a weight off your shoulders.

Luckily, we at Seller Interactive can offer you our services for getting your account back into your hands. Let our experts do the job and start selling again in no time! Contact us at [email protected] today, or visit our website to read more about our services.

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