Buyer-Seller Link Issue: How to Get Amazon Buyer Account Reinstated

how to get amazon buyer account reinstated

Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

The Earth's most customer-centric company suspends buyer accounts? What an irony! However, customer account suspension isn't a rare occurrence on Amazon. Business Insider reported in 2018 that the company locked out hundreds of Amazon customers with no explanation. It caused a social media uproar. It is also a popular topic on Amazon Services Seller Forums, where complaints about a buyer-seller link account issue are the problem. Sometimes, it isn't the seller account that causes it, but the buyer account and its transactions. We don't wish for it to happen to anyone, but this article will discuss how to get Amazon buyer account reinstated and its link with your seller account. Read on to learn more.

What is an Amazon account suspension?

You can create a buyer and seller account on Amazon at the same time. Either you open a buyer account and, later on, decide to open a seller account to start your Amazon business by clicking "Sell Yours Here." Alternatively, you can apply directly at the Amazon Seller Central website, then you don't have to register for a buyer account. Once you hit that button, Amazon will ask you to enter the following information:

  • Credit card number
  • Bank account number
  • Government-issued ID
  • Tax information
  • Phone number 

However, there are disadvantages to linking a buyer account with a seller account, one of which is being the object of suspension. Amazon account suspension happens when someone requests it, or due to a policy violation. 

But I have been a good seller?! 

Maybe your reputation as a buyer was the root cause of the problem? Fortunately, there’s a method on how to get an Amazon buyer account reinstated. The critical question is: how and why did Amazon suspend your account?

How does Amazon suspend an account?

Amazon maintains and monitors millions of accounts every day, regardless of the type. Hence, the online e-commerce titan utilized the power of A.I. or Artificial Intelligence to handle some of its operations -- particularly, the account checking and suspension.

The abovementioned news report uncovered this when a mass suspension happened in 2018. It said that Amazon used an algorithm to detect fraud on its platform.

It seems like it’s a sophisticated system that can screen those who have multiple buyer accounts under a single name. Thanks to the user data that Amazon collects, this complicated job is made easier. In case you didn't know, here is the information Amazon gets from you aside from those stated above:

  • Basic account information like name, age, address, phone number(s)
  • Payment information
  • Your I.P. address
  • Your friends and other people's email addresses 
  • Content of reviews
  • Content of the emails you sent to your customers.
  • Your documents regarding identity, like Social Security and driver's license
  • Your credit history
  • Your device's location
  • Your phonebook or email address contents

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Although the previous list is quite intrusive, it is one of Amazon's ways to weed out offenders. How would you know if you violated Amazon's terms and conditions? Here are some of the violations:

  1. You're using unverified gift cards.
  2. Your gift card has a high denomination or volume balance.
  3. Your location is in Amazon's blacklist of countries identified as being fraudulent.
  4. Your account information is incomplete.
  5. Mismatched information.
  6. You randomly modify your billing and shipping address.
  7. You're using different locations and I.P. addresses to log in.
  8. You're using a stolen or hacked credit card on your Amazon account.
  9. You're using a borrowed credit card linked to a suspended Amazon account or bad credit history.
  10. You're leaving obscene, threatening, defamatory, or fake reviews.
  11. You're making too many returns without a justifiable reason.
  12. If your buyer and seller accounts are linked, Amazon will suspend you once you attempt to create two or multiple seller accounts. But take note that you can have several buyer accounts.
  13. You've shared account and payment information with your friends and family, which they also used to open another Amazon account.
  14. You're not using your device to log in to your account.
  15. You're allowing a friend or family member with a suspended account to use your device. 
  16. You're using someone else's device, which belonged to a suspended buyer or seller.

Now, do you realize how complicated the Amazon suspension account is? One wrong move and you're out. 

What are the consequences of a suspended Amazon buyer account? Besides the fact that you won't be able to access it by any means, you will also lose your balance. Amazon prohibits you from using its services and accessing its affiliate sites. Moreover, your refunds and returns won't be processed.

Sadly, when you receive the dreaded suspension email from Amazon, its content will not specify what offense you made in detail and how you can solve it. On the other hand, how will you know if Amazon suspends your account?

Signs of a suspended Amazon account

Before you get cranky, determine first if it's a legit email from Amazon. It might be a phishing attack that aims to steal your personal and credit card details. Amazon may contact you via email, phone, and SMS. Here are things you should remember:

  • The email address format is ""
  • Amazon will never:
    • Ask for your personal and/or payment information.
    • Request you to update payment information not linked to your Amazon order.
    • Offer you a refund without a valid reason.
    • Ask for payment outside Amazon's website.
    • Ask for remote access to your device.
    • Ask for any sensitive information like passwords.

If the email follows the guidelines above, then it's without a doubt that you have received a genuine suspension email from Amazon. How can you tell if it is the letter?

It will come from "[email protected]," and its signature is "Account Specialist." It may have a format like this:


We have closed your account and canceled all of your open orders.

We took these actions because [the gift card you tried to use is not valid/our records show that this account is related to another account that was closed by Amazon/you have submitted invalid credit cards as payment for orders/etc.].


Account Specialist

Oof. This disheartening email doesn't only prevent you from ordering but also affects your reputation and sales as a seller. Luckily, Amazon allows you to reinstate your account, but you have to do it the right way.

How to get Amazon buyer account reinstated

First, stay calm and level-headed. Don't lash out or rant on social media once you receive the nightmarish suspension notice. If you do this, you will have a slim chance of getting your buyer account back, and eventually, your linked seller account, too.

It's hard to keep your cool, especially if you're about to lose your source of living. Conversely, don't ignore the first email you've received from Amazon. The moment you receive that email, please take note of the following:

  • Take immediate action.
  • Gather authentic documents to support your case. Avoid altering or modifying the document.
  • Follow instructions word by word. Amazon has zero tolerance for disobedience.
  • Provide everything. Make sure you don't leave out any vital information.
  • However, if they stated what they want from you, only provide them with that information.
  • Take complete responsibility for the issue and acknowledge the errors (even if they are not your fault).
  • Avoid the blame game at all costs.
  • Be polite, professional, and cooperative. Don't be emotional.
  • Be transparent. Remember that Amazon stores ALL your key data.

Approach the problem not as a buyer, but as a seller, since it may cost your business. Answer the following questions to help you with your Amazon suspension:

  1. What is the root cause of the problem? Remember: Admit your mistakes and apologize for them.
  2. What steps shall you take to resolve the issue? Create a plan of action (POA). Suggest proactive steps.
  3. What actions will you take to prevent it from happening again?

You may use the examples above for the outline of your Amazon reinstatement letter. At the end of the email, write a polite call to action stating your request to reinstate your Amazon account. 

After you send your appeal letter, do the following:

  • Be patient and wait for a reply. 
  • Don't spam Amazon with status requests. 
  • If you've been successfully reinstated, send a thank you letter and repeat your promise that you will do better to avoid any issues.

Here's an example format of a successful Amazon reinstatement letter to lift your spirits:

Your account has been reinstated

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]


We have restored your access to this account. You can now sign in and place orders.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. If you still want the items, you will need to place a new order. If you want to continue using Prime benefits, please re-subscribe.


Account Specialist

Sweet, right? 

Tips to avoid Amazon buyer account suspension

Don't be a victim of "what if's." In case you haven't been a recipient yet of an Amazon account suspension email, follow the tips below to prevent suspension:

  1. You may use Amazon services from other countries except in the USA.
  2. Purchase costly electronic devices with your credit card, but not frequently.
  3. Use a gift card for cheap orders.
  4. Don't store or "bank" gift cards.
  5. Avoid using a gift card for phones, laptops, or other high-end devices.
  6. If you're planning to order very often, upgrade to an Amazon Business account.
  7. Don't use virtual credit cards and prepaid credit cards.
  8. Complete your registration details.
  9. Cancel your order right away if your payment using a gift card is still pending after five hours.
  10. Don't use multiple shipping addresses.
  11. Don't use your buyer account to purchase items in bulk. Amazon will suspect that you may resell them.
  12. Use only your credit card, whether it's for a buyer or seller account.
  13. Don't open multiple seller accounts.
  14. Open a separate seller account. Don't link it with your buyer account. Use different payment and shipping information if necessary.
  15. Read and review Amazon security and privacy policies.

In a nutshell, you can't measure a quality Amazon account by how many orders you have had, being a member of Amazon Prime, or the number of your buyer accounts. More importantly, you should abide by their house rules to avoid crying for help due to Amazon suspension. Start by developing and maintaining  consistent and trustworthy buyer and seller behavior so that you won't get an Amazon reinstatement letter.

Do you want to know how to get an Amazon buyer account reinstated? Don't delay it further! Reach out to Seller Interactive and let our expert Amazon account specialists help you with your Amazon suspension. For inquiries, email [email protected].  

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