3 Questions to Ask About an Amazon Seller Account Suspended Appeal

January 24, 2022
Written by Kevin Wong
amazon seller account suspended appeal

Suspension of an Amazon seller’s account is the last thing an Amazon seller wants to happen to their account. So aside from delaying their business success, they will need to write an Amazon Seller Account Suspended Appeal to send a request to continue selling. However, this dilemma of Account Suspension is inevitable for every e-commerce seller since they are following the policies of the marketplaces yet they tend to overlook and unintentionally violate them. 

With all of the complaints, we devised a few strategies to assist you in determining essential variables in your suspended Account. Seller Interactive will provide information regarding the reasons for suspension and how to appeal amazon suspended account. Let’s have a look at the following to get a better idea of what to expect in your Amazon seller account suspension and how to deal with it: 

1. Why Is My Amazon Seller Account Getting Suspended?

Tap yourself in the back and get your senses back to fix the problem immediately because it’s normal to encounter this obstacle. But, we can’t deny how frustrating it is because it will affect your whole business: the sales of your products, the revenue that you will receive from it, and you will not be able to gather your loyal customers. Everything will be out of your control! 

But panicking isn’t the right solution for this problem to be solved. Instead, it’s about knowing the root of the problem. For example, how is an amazon seller account suspended if it continues producing lots of products and has followed its rules in selling?

On the other hand, you might have already asked yourself where it went wrong.? To tell you honestly, it’s not always your fault. So please don’t hold yourself responsible for something you’re not aware of. It could be a breach of Amazon’s Business Agreement’s Section 3, concerns about product authenticity, hijackers/counterfeiters, or a bad customer experience.

With all the possible reasons mentioned, do you observe at least one that you think could be the cause of your Account being suspended? Not yet? Let’s delve a little deeper to it! 

Section 3 of Amazon’s Business Agreement

If Amazon believes that your Account should be suspended or terminated, they will do so promptly, especially if they think that you:

a. Have breached the agreement and failed to correct it within seven days of receiving a cure notification, unless your violation exposes us to respond to a third party, in which case we may, in our sole discretion, decrease or waive the fixing mentioned above time.

b. Account has been hacked, or the systems have discovered that it is being used in a misleading, fraudulent, or illegal manner;

c. Other sellers, customers, or Amazon’s legitimate interests have been injured, or our controls indicate that they may be harmed due to your use of the Services. 

Product Authenticity 

“We take product authenticity very seriously. It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sells only authentic products. If you sell counterfeit goods, we may immediately suspend or terminate your selling privileges and destroy inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement.” -Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy

You may be required to furnish documents to prove the authenticity of your products, such as a Trademark Certificate of Registration if you’re the brand owner, an Authorization letter from the brand owner allowing you to sell the said products, and other documents that show a valid supply chain.

Amazon takes care of the authenticity and credibility of its products to develop a reputation as a store of reliability and standard. Therefore, they will not accept anyone who undermines the impression they are constructing.

Amazon hijackers and counterfeiters


Do you ever come across a thief in the real world? Unfortunately, many individuals feel that you should be afraid of someone you encounter on the street because they might hurt you. But what if these people are lurking behind the displays of your gadgets, planning to steal something from you without your knowledge? 

Many Amazon Seller account suspensions are the consequence of an Amazon Seller account being hacked. Amazon Marketplace has an Anti-Counterfeiting Policy that states that no third-party merchant may sell anything that is not legally allowed to be sold, such as unlawfully duplicated, replicated, or manufactured items. Amazon may seek documentation proving the legitimacy of your products and your authority to sell.

Customers Had a Bad Experience

“The customer is always right,” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. As a result, when it comes to keeping the business running efficiently, they take precedence and it will affect your amazon seller performance. They will complain if they are dissatisfied with the things they have received from your business. They will blame you if they believe you are not responding to their inquiries quickly enough. In other words, you must consider your consumers’ comfort.

Both are to blame for such behavior, but you must always be humble in front of them because you provide them with your services. Furthermore, it would be best if you did not create a rivalry among your consumers but rather demonstrate that your shop/business is trustworthy to all so that you do not have to worry or feel pressured about doing something wrong to them.

Be nice to your customers, but don’t sacrifice your seller’s integrity to build your company’s reputation.

How to avoid Amazon seller account suspension

2. How to Avoid Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

If this is becoming more common in your instance, you should be concerned because you must understand how to avoid a similar problem. So, before moving on to number 2 and getting ready to act, read the first item on this list.

There are techniques to avoid an amazon seller account suspension that the seller should be aware of. First, it is finding the root cause. Being conscious of this crucial step will help you survive and ensure that you will not return to the same position.

Amazon seller suspended appeal letter

3. What Will You Do if Your Amazon Seller Account Gets Suspended? 

Have you reassured yourself that everything will be fine after reading the past two questions? Then, hold on to your seat because we left one question to answer: How to appeal a suspended Amazon account? 

After locating the main problem of the suspension of your Account, you need to have an Amazon Seller Account Suspension Plan. It helps you to do steps in creating your amazon seller account suspended appeal: a service that aims to reactivate accounts that have been suspended. It also tries to explain what you can do to get the restrictions lifted and resume selling. 

Final Thoughts

Problems like amazon account suspension should not deter you from setting up an Amazon seller account because it is common. However, you must be prepared to act whenever you are required to do so. Avoiding it isn’t the answer; instead, confronting it with knowledge and confidence is. There are three simple steps to filing an Amazon appeal that can help you adjust to this situation.

Seller Interactive is a trusted team of specialists that have vast skills and experience dealing with accounts that have been suspended. They will help you in legal action and will ensure the security of your Amazon seller account. Do you need a helping hand with your accounts right now? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll talk about how to make it happen! 

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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