Top 3 Responsibilities of an Amazon Seller Account Handling Manager

January 21, 2022
Written by Jayce Broda
amazon seller account handling

Opening an Amazon seller account is similar to accepting hundreds of new responsibilities because your success and of your customers and the companies that make the products you sell directly depend on what you do. So, what made you decide to start selling things online? Have you thought about how you’ll handle the responsibilities that come with selling things online?

It’s okay to think and reflect now if you haven’t yet answered all of the above questions. Then you can start learning and immersing yourself in the answers we’ll give you while reading what we have prepared for you. Then, as the Amazon seller account handling manager, you can continue to work on your brand.

Create strategic plans to avoid commiting mistakes  

Nobody is perfect, we all know that, but this should not be used as an excuse to repeat the same mistakes, especially in business. That is why a manager needs to develop a strategic plan because it is their responsibility to avoid making mistakes that make you appear less credible to your brand content.

You can take note of this list to avoid if you want to avoid making common mistakes in Amazon seller account management. We will guide you in becoming aware of the following list so that you can track it all down when it occurs in your business.

1. Mismanagement of multiple Amazon accounts

Having many accounts does not guarantee that your sales will increase. Amazon only allows each merchant to have one account. It all comes down to how well your amazon seller account management creates and optimizes the pages for your listings. 

2. Redirecting your customers to your website in your product description

Amazon offers plenty of advantages to vendors. It is, however, a unique system with limited retargeting and branding options. As a seller, you have access to a wide customer base. However, you are not permitted to send them to your website. Instead, make sure that you give a clearer product description every time you add a product to your account. This would entice customers to visit your website on their own. 

Determine whether you can get away with including the URL of your website in the product or seller’s details. Because this violates Amazon’s rules, you risk being detected, putting your account in danger.

3. Not knowing Amazon’s Policies: Amazon is a unique marketplace online!

Amazon operates differently from other online markets. It was built from the ground up to be different from other platforms in terms of structure. As a result, before enrolling for an account, make sure you’re completely educated yourself with the system and practice to bear the duties of selling on Amazon stores.

You may be assured in generating the best methods while adhering to the company’s policies with this information. Overall, proper planning and understanding of the system’s operation will aid in obtaining positive conversion rates.

Timely monitoring of feedback and reviews

amazon feedback and reviews

A business will not stay long on track if they don’t have a loyal customer and work independently. So it would be best if you opened your eyes to feedback and reviews to get the customers’ sympathy in hearing their expectations. It will surely build your reputation more. 

There is a way for Amazon merchants to see how well their products are selling. These surveys are divided into two categories: Seller Feedback and Product Reviews. Both reviews are crucial in assisting you in better managing your firm and adding positive evaluations to your amazon account management services.  One of the most important roles of an Amazon Manager is to keep track of feedback to improve event management gradually. In this competitive field, it is how reputations are built or destroyed.

Build networks within the Amazon Service

amazon helping manager

On the Amazon Marketplace in India, an Amazon account manager service aids and delivers crucial guidance to help sellers grow their businesses to the next level. These services are provided by category-experienced Account Managers who provide data-driven insights on important inputs to assist you in growing your business.

Account Management Services Come in a Variety of Forms

  Currently, Amazon provides the following Account Management Services:

  • Strategic Account Management (SAM)- delivers data-driven insights on how to develop your business on the Amazon India Marketplace, introduces you to new business prospects, and offers advice on category-specific selection expansion suggestions.
  • (TTime-Bound Account Management (BAM) – provides sellers with 3 to 6 months of account management, focusing on insights into best practices for growth, increasing key indicators for growth, and investigating self-help solutions for company growth, such as SP Ads Deals.
  • Amazon Business Advisory (ABA) – By generating crucial inputs, BA is a paid account management service that gives business intelligence-driven key insights to sellers to help them grow their revenues and succeed on the Amazon India Marketplace. 


As you read this article, it will be beneficial to put together a lot of effort to maintain your Amazon store and not miss out on opportunities that will help it grow marvelously. One of the most important responsibilities of an Amazon handling Manager is to research future challenges that may arise in the business and disrupt the operations flow to prevent a larger problem from occurring.

At Seller Interactive, we offer Amazon seller full account management services, so you may keep running your business without fear. We have specialists who are well-versed in dealing with this type of question. Send us an email at [email protected] if you want to expand your business and excel in your role.

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