Creating an Amazon Product Insert: Delight Customers the Right Way

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Last updated on August 21st, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

As an Amazon seller, you know the power of customer satisfaction and value-driven communication. Imagine if your products not only fulfill needs but delight and engage customers on a whole new level. That’s precisely one of the things an Amazon product insert can do. 

With carefully crafted product inserts, a single product purchase has the potential to transform customers into your store’s loyal advocates. In this blog post, let’s discuss how Amazon packaging inserts benefit sellers and how to create effective ones that drive results. 

What Is an Amazon Product Insert?

Amazon product inserts are small printed marketing materials included within the product packaging. These are usually formed as cards with a thank you message to customers. Amazon sellers also include other information, such as their store’s social media pages, feedback requests, warranty information, or product usage tips.

a graphic showing the benefits of product inserts, from top left to lower right: repeat purchases, enhanced boxing experience, feedback requests, promotion of other products.

Benefits of Product Inserts

Are product inserts worth a shot? We answer that through the following four benefits: 

Promotes Repeat Purchases

Product inserts can effectively encourage repeat purchases on your Amazon store. Bring value to your customers by providing important information, such as product warranty, benefits, usage tips, or even exclusive deals. Doing so provides a positive post-purchase experience among your customers.

Note that a positive buying experience encourages another and ultimately fosters brand loyalty. Customers who feel valued will remember your store and return for future transactions.

Provides Enhanced Unboxing Experience

A well-crafted and visually appealing Amazon insert card enhances the overall unboxing experience for your customers. As an Amazon seller, it shows that you took the time to create a memorable unwrapping experience and care about the product's quality. This also demonstrates your commitment to providing the best customer service.

Improve your customer’s unboxing experience by creating visually striking Amazon package inserts highlighting your store name, website, and social media pages. Use high-quality images only, and avoid filling your product insert with too much information and colors if necessary.

Encourage Feedback and Review Requests

One of the best benefits you can reap from package inserts is that they create an organic and creative avenue for soliciting feedback. Asking for product reviews need not be pushy; you can do it in a direct yet engaging way instead.

Package inserts skillfully allow feedback requests in a neutral manner, avoiding explicit appeals for positive reviews. For example, adding QR codes or a simple link (directing your Amazon customers to the review page) on your inserts make the process more accessible and convenient.

Facilitates Promotion of Other Products

Utilizing product insert cards to promote your other Amazon products helps your brand gain exposure within your target audience. You can introduce customers to your products they may not have been initially aware of or interested in.

Add product images, links, or QR codes of those products to your Amazon package insert to guide your customers and make the buying experience seamless for them.

a graphic showing the things to include and avoid in amazon product insert. Things to include: thank you message, usage instructions/tips, review request, warranty information. Things you must avoid: manipulative language, request for positive reviews, incentives, request for contact information.

4 Things to Include on Product Inserts

Now that you know how product insert cards can benefit Amazon sellers like yourself, let’s review the things you must include on your packaging inserts:

1. Thank You Message

A personalized thank you message to your customers for purchasing is always bound to be well-received. It's a simple gesture to establish customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Keep your thank you message brief, direct, and professional. One to two sentences expressing your gratitude to customers is enough. 

2. Usage Instructions and Tips

Including clear and concise usage instructions and tips within your product packaging is essential for your customers. Ensure these directions are easy to follow and understand, so your customers can get the best experience with your product. Highlight any unique features or add benefits that may set your product apart from your competitors in the Amazon marketplace.

3. Warranty Information

Providing your customers with warranty information helps build trust and improve your brand image. It helps customers clarify their rights in case of product defects or issues. In turn, it enhances their confidence and satisfaction with their purchase.

Clearly outline the terms and conditions of your warranty on your product insert, including how long it lasts, what it covers, and how to file a claim. Linking to a more comprehensive explanation or frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your website can also be helpful in case customers have additional inquiries.

4. Review Request

Many sellers know fully well how product reviews are crucial for growing their business on Amazon. Product inserts are a great way to collect buyer feedback without sounding pushy.

Politely request a review within your product packaging inserts but ensure you abide by Amazon’s guidelines. Don’t offer an incentive in exchange for the review. Instead, encourage them to share their honest review, whether positive or negative.

Bonus: Social Media Pages

Promote your social media accounts on your product inserts to encourage customers to engage with your brand further. You can share your handles for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

This can strengthen your relationship with your customers and keep them up-to-date with promotions, new products, and other important news about your brand.

4 Things to Avoid Putting on Product Inserts

Enhance the effectiveness of your product inserts further by avoiding including the following elements:

1. Manipulative Language

Avoid using manipulative or persuasive language. It might lead customers to take actions not allowed by Amazon. Keep your wording neutral and focused on providing essential information about your product, its uses, and any available customer support.

Also, avoid putting derogatory remarks about your competitors in your product inserts. This goes against Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct.

Here are a few examples of manipulative wording to avoid:

  • “We’re operating a small business.”
  • “We’re only a family-run business.”
  • “Support products made in the USA.”
  • “Do not buy from (name of competitor).”

2. Request for Positive Reviews

While it’s allowed to request reviews on Amazon, you must not explicitly do it. This is included in Amazon’s policies for customer product reviews. Amazon prohibits using product inserts that instruct users to leave only positive reviews. Noncompliance with Amazon's policies may result in severe penalties, such as account suspension.

Keep your language neutral and simply encourage customers to provide honest ratings about their product experience. Refrain from putting words such as “5-star,” “positive feedback,” or “happy.”

Here are some examples:

  • “If you’re happy with your purchase, kindly leave us a 5-star rating!”
  • “Enjoying our product? Leave a positive review on our store!”

Also, avoid sending a message telling customers to contact you directly instead of leaving negative reviews.

3. Incentives

Amazon's regulations strictly prohibit offering incentives for reviews, such as discounts, freebies, or gift cards. Refrain from mentioning any form of compensation for leaving a review, as doing so can result in suspension or loss of selling privileges on the platform.

4. Request for Contact Information

Do not ask customers to provide their personal contact information via product inserts, such as email addresses or phone numbers. While offering customer support is important, Amazon provides channels for communication between sellers and customers on its platform. Collecting personal data this way is considered a violation of Amazon’s rules.

Best Practices for Creating Product Inserts

Now that you know the must-haves and the things to avoid in product inserts, let’s explore the best practices when creating them: 

Observe Amazon’s Product Insert Policy

As an Amazon seller, you must follow Amazon’s Terms of Service to avoid suspending your selling privileges. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines on marketing materials, such as product inserts. 

Ensure that your inserts comply with Amazon’s policies and do not engage in prohibited activities like offering review incentives or explicitly requesting positive feedback. Your top goal should be to earn your clients' trust while following Amazon's guidelines.

Use Templates for Better Designs

Not a design expert? Consider using pre-designed templates online to create visually appealing and effective product inserts. Many online resources offer customizable professional templates to suit your branding, product, and messaging.

Well-designed inserts not only promote a positive impression of your business but also help convey essential information to your customers.

Use Instructions for Feedback Requests

When requesting feedback or product reviews from your customers, provide clear instructions. Focus on politely encouraging customers to share their honest experience using your product and explain the importance of their feedback in improving your business and helping other buyers make informed decisions.

An effective product insert can make customers share seller feedback, follow a store’s social media pages, and more. To make your request easy to follow, turn them into actionable steps. Take a look at this example:

General StatementInstructions
Leave us a product review!Go to our Amazon store. Click “Write a customer review.”Share with us your experience! 

Include Small Gifts

Including a small, inexpensive gift along with your product insert can help foster a solid relationship with your customers. However, be careful not to use this as an incentive for positive reviews or promotions, as it can violate Amazon’s guidelines. 

To avoid incentivizing your gift, hand out small items like a lanyard or a free small sample of your other products from your online store. Avoid giving coupon codes, cash, or free subsequent purchases.

Get Expert Help in Marketing Your Amazon Products

Never underestimate what printed marketing material can do for your business. A delightful unboxing experience leaves a lasting impression on your Amazon customers. Remember, the key to success in creating product inserts lies in the design, content, authenticity, and value that it contributes to the customer’s journey.

Navigating the intricacies of product inserts is no easy feat, especially because it involves awareness and compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.  It can be challenging if you're inexperienced in design and the platform. But you do not have to bear the weight of it all alone. 

Seller Interactive will help you at each step of the way. Our comprehensive account management services cover every facet of selling on Amazon, ensuring you satisfy your customers from the start to the end of the purchasing process.

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