Your Updated Amazon Posts Strategy for Improved Sales in 2023

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

As technology evolves, social media adapts, and unique advertising strategies pop up in response to consumer behavior changes. Ecommerce platforms launch new features, like Amazon with Amazon Posts, to keep up with these developments. With an exceptional Amazon Posts strategy, sellers can increase brand awareness and achieve success. 

How can an Amazon seller like yourself use Amazon Posts to your advantage, and what factors should you consider to create a winning strategy for your Posts campaign? 

Let’s delve into the creative world of Amazon Posts and discover how to harness its potential efficiently. 

Amazon Posts 101: What is The Purpose of Amazon Posts? 

Amazon Posts is Amazon’s advertising innovation to help its sellers market their products and entice customers more creatively and engagingly. Launched in 2019, it is still in its beta testing phase, but it has shown much potential as the future of Amazon advertising. 

sample annotated screenshot of Amazon Posts on desktop

Who Can Use It? 

As of writing, Posts is an advertising feature exclusive to Amazon sellers and vendors who are officially enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Registered sellers from the US can access and participate in Posts if they have an active Brand Profile. 

A Brand Profile is a space where sellers can showcase their products and entire brand to their target audience. Sellers can display their Amazon business’s brand logo, brand colors, product line, company story, and other engaging content to attract customers. 

Currently, enrolled sellers outside the US can’t use Posts. However, since it’s still in its beta phase, there is a high possibility that Posts will expand its reach and be open to Amazon sellers worldwide soon. 

How Does It Work? 

Posts features a personalized and shoppable feed, similar to other social media platforms, where customers can easily view and discover brands and where sellers can promote their products and share their brand story to audiences. 

Customers can simply engage with and click on a brand’s feed to browse an Amazon store’s offerings and make subsequent purchases. 

The Scroll Feature

Like today’s most popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram), Amazon Posts have a specific UI/UX design contributing to their success: the scroll design

In fact, two university associate professors in marketing attempted to explain why this scroll design works exceptionally well for social media platforms. 

According to their study, the scroll design makes bite-sized content (another equally addicting and effective marketing tactic) more accessible, allowing users to browse their feeds and engage for hours endlessly.

Amazon saw the potential behind this marketing tactic and incorporated these design principles to create a visually engaging and user-friendly experience for customers while they shop with Amazon Posts. 

How Can You Create Amazon Posts? 

Eligible sellers can follow these steps to create Amazon Posts:

You may also follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the advertising console with your Amazon Ads details. 
  2. Make a Brand Profile. 
  3. Select the Brand Home button and head to Go to Posts. 
  4. Make your first post by selecting the Create Post button. 
  5. Provide the post's essential details (e.g., captions, creative assets, ASINs, duration period, etc.). 
  6. Submit the post for review and approval. Amazon typically finishes reviewing posts within 24 hours. 

Once approved, a brand’s Amazon Posts will be automatically displayed in various areas on the Amazon shopping mobile and web app and Desktop interface, including the following:

  • Detail Pages
  • Search feeds
  • Follow timelines
  • Various store feeds (brand feed, style feed, related post feeds, and category feeds)

Why Should You Use It? 

Amazon boasts the transformative abilities of its new advertising feature. Posts can significantly improve your business in various areas, from customer engagement and sales to even customer retention and sustained patronage.

Brand DiscoverabilityThe interface and structure of Posts allow customers to easily engage with brands and their products, helping Amazon sellers and businesses improve their brand visibility. 
Increased Store TrafficWith an eye-catching and engaging Amazon post, more customers will be encouraged to click, effectively bringing them to your Amazon storefront. Posts can boost brand awareness and store traffic when used correctly. 
Improved Conversions and SalesEnhanced exposure can give way to a significant return on investment. If done right, Amazon Posts may skyrocket your conversion rate and boost your sales.
Brand TrustAmazon Posts is a great opportunity to build brand loyalty. Consistently uploading valuable content allows them to instill confidence in your products and brand, fostering long-term customer relationships and encouraging repeat purchases.
Cost-EffectiveMost importantly, Amazon Posts is free to use for eligible sellers. Unlike pay-per-click Amazon advertising, you won’t have to drop a single penny with Posts to advertise your brand.

The Ultimate 2023 Amazon Posts Strategy: 7 Techniques

After discussing the basics of Amazon Posts and knowing how they can transform your business, it’s time to learn how to harness the power of this advertising feature. How can one create a fool-proof and impactful campaign strategy for Amazon Posts? 

Here are some factors, tips, and best practices to help you navigate the world of Amazon Posts. 

short infographic showing the steps to creating an effective Amazon Posts strategy

Use Suitable and High-Quality Images. 

Since images typically catch the customer’s eye first, you must ensure your images are high-resolution and appropriately showcase your products. Photos can effectively perform their job if customers can see and distinguish the elements in them. It’s essential to review Amazon's guidelines for accurate product imagery. 

Write Compelling Captions. 

Besides images, another crucial factor for an effective Amazon Post is its caption. After getting the audience’s attention with your image, your post caption should keep the momentum and encourage your audience to click. 

Captions must be short but pack a punch. Make them compelling by highlighting your product and brand’s unique selling points while keeping your tone light and conversational. 

Embrace Variety. 

Publishing your first Amazon Post is just the beginning of your journey. To maintain audience engagement, avoid posting several similar or related product posts. Instead, infuse variety into your content to keep people interested.

Display a variety of products and offers within your catalog. Experiment and add interactive elements instead of simple image and caption posts. Besides keeping things interesting, product variety will allow you to expand your reach and appeal to a wider customer base. 

Variety isn’t limited to showcasing what you can offer. You can also incorporate variety when interacting with your audience and customers. 

Optimize Your Product Detail Page. 

After clicking, your audience will be brought to the designated product detail pages where they can continue their shopping journey. By then, you’ve already captured your audience’s attention, and they may be interested in buying your product. 

For this reason, keeping your product detail page optimized is key to hitting a home run. The product detail pages linked to your posts must have clear product titles and descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing. 

Keep Things Consistent. 

Publishing several posts may not be enough to keep your audience and customers engaged. Implementing a consistent publishing schedule is essential instead of posting them all in one go, leaving your brand profile to waste away. 

With an established and consistent schedule, you can keep your audience informed about your products while maintaining your brand’s visibility. Consider posting once or twice a week to keep the momentum going. 

Check the Key Metrics. 

Reviewing and analyzing certain performance indicators is the only way to know if your posts are performing optimally. By checking essential metrics, you can identify where your strategy is succeeding and lacking. 

Some key metrics to focus on include: 

  • click-through rates (CTR), 
  • impression numbers, 
  • conversion rates, 
  • engagement metrics (followers, etc.), and 
  • audience demographics. 

Monitor Constant Updates and Changes. 

Amazon Posts is in beta, and Amazon will only continue to refine and develop the system. The ecommerce giant is expected to consistently update, change policies, and add new features to this advertising tool.

Remember to watch out for these constant changes and updates so you can adjust your advertising strategies accordingly. 

shot of a lady smiling at her tablet while in an office

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Let Seller Interactive Aid You in Your Amazon Post Journey 

Despite being in its infancy, the potential of Amazon Posts already exhibits a game-changing and limitless potential. With its effective and seamless incorporation of social media principles into the ecommerce field, it’s safe to say that Amazon Posts will be here to stay for a long time. 

Let the Amazon experts help you as you embark on your Amazon Posts journey. Consider working with Seller Interactive! 

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