The Top 5 E-Commerce Marketing Books That Will Transform You Into a Marketing God

October 20, 2020
Written by Ken Zhou

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Knowing everything there is about e-commerce marketing is essential, and the best way to learn more is to read books that provide holistic, comprehensive, and in-depth information.

E-commerce marketing is the use of promotional strategies to increase traffic to an online store. The end goal is to transform this traffic into sales, as well as retain current customers so they will buy more in the future. The growth of e-commerce has been exponential, and though this is great for online businesses, this also means that sellers need to stay up-to-date and learn as much as they can about the trends, tools, and techniques that may be applied. Consumers are now clicking on ads, following influencers on social media, and buying from mobile devices. Online consumer behavior has undergone significant change in just less than a decade.

The only way for online sellers to stay on top of their game is to arm themselves with information regarding all aspects of e-commerce marketing. We have compiled the top five books on e-commerce marketing to transform anyone into an instant online marketing god. Read about why these books are essential!

#5. Get Rich Click: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet

by Marc Ostrofsky

This book serves as a comprehensive guide to making money on the internet. Written by Marc Ostrofsky, an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Get Rich Click is currently one of the bestselling books on e-commerce and digital marketing. By providing step-by-step instructions on setting up an online business and sharing tips and tricks to utilize social networking websites, Ostrofsky was able to condense all aspects of e-commerce marketing into 272 pages.

The book is comprehensive, but it is also in-depth, as there are various case studies that focus on the most successful online entrepreneurs. The best part is that it bridges the physical and the virtual world by providing QR codes within its pages. Readers who scan the codes will then be taken to video interviews about the people featured in the chapters.

Get Rich Click: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet has been recognized as a bestselling book by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USAToday.

#4. The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build & Maintain a Successful Web-based Business

by Janice Reynolds

The title says it all. Janice Reynolds talks about everything an e-commerce marketer needs to know in order to become successful in any online marketplace. The chapters contain advice on planning, implementing strategies, and operating a successful online business. All of the basics are covered, from selecting the right tools to spreading word about products and offers. Anyone who wants to gain knowledge regarding e-commerce marketing will greatly benefit from this book.

#3. Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday, an American marketer and media columnist, has written various books about the intersection of media and marketing. Published in 2014, Growth Hacker Marketing springboards from his previous book, Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. Holiday explores the rules of online marketing and how these rules may be broken in the name of growth.

Holiday writes about companies that were able to expand without spending millions on marketing and advertising. By adopting the “growth hacker mindset,” Holiday explains that enterprises like Google, AirBnB, Facebook, and Evernote were able to create their own rules and change the game to their advantage.

#2. Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams

by Jeff Walker

The author, Jeff Walker, is the creator of the Product Launch Formula, a system that enables e-commerce sellers to create realistic strategies to get to the widest audience possible. The book is an easy read but gives valuable insights on how to build an online business from virtually nothing. By providing both step-by-step instructions and inspiring stories, Walker was able to create a bible for e-commerce sellers.

In 1996, Walker started his business from his basement. From what he calls the “internet dark ages,” he was able to learn about the nitty-gritty of internet marketing and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs become successful on various e-commerce platforms. His wealth of experience and innovative solutions prove to be beneficial for anyone who wants to become big in e-commerce.

#1. One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of

by Richard Brandt

What better way to learn about e-commerce marketing than from Amazon, the king of e-commerce? Penned by Richard Brandt, this book delves into the decision-making process of Jeff Bezos as he led Amazon to become the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. For those who don’t know, Amazon was established in 1994 primarily to sell books. The online marketplace then expanded to sell electronics, software, apparel, furniture, and even food. Today, the company and its subsidiaries generate annual revenue of almost 300 billion USD.

Describing Bezos’ vision, the author writes that the goal “was not just to make browsing for books easy, but an enjoyable experience.” Any e-commerce marketer will greatly learn from the strategies that Amazon implemented on the road to its success.

A lot of marketing operations have begun to take advantage of online platforms, especially due to community lockdowns and work-from-home setups. Due to this, e-commerce marketing has started to expand and evolve. These books, which are all available on, provide holistic e-commerce marketing strategies to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and drive continuous sales. Not only that, but these five books were written by industry experts who have launched their own online businesses and continue to inspire budding online entrepreneurs.

Online marketplaces are always busy, and learning about e-commerce marketing ensures that you stay on top of your game. Marketers can take advantage not only of e-commerce platforms, but social media, search engines, email campaigns, and other digital content. Trends are always changing, and new tools are constantly being used. The best way to thrive in e-commerce is to constantly learn, re-learn, and learn again.

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