Gator Cable

Case Study.
How Gator Cable boosted their Amazon sales via Seller Interactive's strategic product management.
When Mohamed Aden, account manager at Seller Interactive, met with Cesar Wong, Director at Gator Cable, they discussed the best ways to boost sales on the most prominent online marketplace, Amazon. SI officially handled the product management of Gator Cable, starting in October 2019. The services covered are:
Fixing duplicate listings on the account
Deleting any listings with potential trademark issues
Branding all featured products as Gator Cable
Linking the brand store to the brand name
This was the first time that Gator Cable has ever collaborated with an
independent marketing firm. Although the company has been selling on eBay for quite some time now, it has only recently entered Amazon.

The listings of Gator Cable on Amazon were scattered and disorganized. This issue resulted in minimal traffic, accounting for less than 10% of their revenue on eBay. Since Amazon is a much bigger marketplace with more opportunities for expansion, SI had to take over the rebuilding and management of the entire account.
Overcoming Challenges
The SI team worked, along with the in-house team of Gator Cable, to obtain accurate product information, i.e., photos, UPCs, and newer models of the products. This way, the information on Amazon and the actual product would not conflict. SI worked closely with Cesar and his in-house team.
After SI had finalized the entire product list and built a new inventory sheet, Cesar confirmed it, so that SI could delete the duplicates and unnecessary products. Overall, the SI team has removed 30-35 listings, which were duplicates, older versions, and unoptimized.
During this time, Cesar and his team were preoccupied with other matters. This situation made it hard for SI to get his feedback in the soonest possible time. To overcome this roadblock, the SI team decided to prioritize other issues, such as fixing the brand name of the products by deleting and relisting each product.
They had to try different approaches to fix the brand name issue.

Among these methods are:
Using bulk upload sheet
Performing a full update and partial update and
Deleting and relisting the product
Executing best practices to hit the goal
To ensure that all the products were properly and visibly rebranded, SI had to carry out a strategic process. It involved detailing all product
information, deleting the product, and then relisting it after the mandatory 24-hour wait period. Then, they went ahead with manual delete operation since bulk upload did not work for a few listings.

For some listings, SI had to perform multiple delete operations. They had to list the product at least five times to get the brand name to reflect accurately.
Hitting the Goal
The SI team and Gator Cable‘s collaborative efforts were fruitful. Optimization was done and completed towards the end of February 2020. As proven by the certified data illustrated below, Gator Cable sales have increased significantly by March 2020.

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