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Last updated on January 9th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

Some of the businesses we see and engage in have made a home for themselves online due to the unforeseen effects of the pandemic. With everyone migrating to an online space or platform, the digital market has been more competitive than ever. A great way to step your business up is by working with an Amazon PPC company that aims for growth, engagement, and increased sales. 

But, do you ever wonder how it works? Or are you doubtful of its benefits? Don’t want to shell out a few bucks? That’s fine; we hope that this article will help you decide.

Amazon, the largest eCommerce platform, has earned at least around $5 billion in ad sales, placing third behind internet behemoths, Facebook and Google. The primary benefit of working with an Amazon PPC agency is that you get to have a team of seasoned professionals eager to help you run and manage your advertising campaigns. Before anything else, let’s make sure you know the basic information about Amazon PPC. Shall we take a deep dive?

Defining Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon has its own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program that allows sellers to advertise their products within the platform’s product pages and search engine. Surely, you will wonder how you will gain a competitive advantage when almost all of the other sellers think of including PPC advertising in their strategies. 

How Do Sponsored Products Differ From Sponsored Brands?

Naturally, you’ll learn from an Amazon PPC company the main types of Amazon PPC ads. These are product display ads, sponsored products, and sponsored brands.

Sponsored products

Sponsored products refer to standard individual product listings that you create for specific products. On the other hand, sponsored brands pertain to boosting different product collections of the same brand to get your business noticed.

Sponsored products are the products you, sellers, choose to boost either with your own keywords or those auto-generated by Amazon. What’s great about this is that you get to decide how much you’ll spend, bid on keywords, and how you’ll check on the performance metrics of the campaigns you create.


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Sponsored brands

Some of you may remember this as headline search ads. Sponsored brands pertain to an ad that showcases a different number of products. It includes your logo and your tagline or a headline of your own writing. Its primary function is to bring your customers or whoever sees the ad to your business page or a page within Amazon.

These ads appear in prominent locations on Amazon or other web pages that most of your customers will see in an instant. It appears at the top of the pages like a header or banner. Targeted users will also find smaller versions of it at the bottom of the page, and lastly, on the sides of a browser.


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Product display ads

Product display ads harness a user’s behavior on the eCommerce platform by tagging along product listings that are similar or complementary to what you offer.

Only those who use Amazon vendors access this. It requires an image that will lead your customers to buy the product even while lurking on another product listing page. This type of ad is a win-win situation for both sellers and users—sellers get to promote their products even on a competitor’s listing, and users get to see what they’re searching for, plus different accessories or related products, in relatively fewer clicks.


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What Do You Need to Run Your Own Ad, According to an Amazon PPC Company?

Before you decide if you’ll avail of an Amazon PPC management service or watch an Amazon PPC tutorial on YouTube instead, make sure you know the essentials of running your own ad:

  • Seller account
  • Shipping
  • Buy Box
  • Amazon Brand Registry

As a seller, you need to find a way to be able to ship your products to any point in the US. If you’re also shipping internationally, you might want to add that to your list. Moreover, if you want to advertise by using Sponsored Products, ensure that you are eligible in accordance with the Buy Box eligibility criteria.

Take note: it will require you to create a professional seller account, metric systems that pertain to cancellation rates, returns, order defect rates, or even delays in shipment, and lastly, availability of your inventory.

Before starting your own ads, remember to join the Amazon Brand Registry to protect your account from blackhats, counterfeiters, and other cyber criminals on the platform.

What Factors Affect Your PPC Placements?

Aside from high-performing keywords, there are two factors that can affect your PPC placements, and these are:

Amazon CPC

This type of campaign operates on a bidding system, which means the best ad placement goes to the company with the highest bid. Whoever is willing to pay higher will get to have better-performing ads.

Quality Factor

An ad goes through a quality check before it gets published. Amazon measures the possibility of your own customers and other users clicking it. You’ll notice it when you browse through the click history on your account.

Keep in mind that the bigger the Amazon CPC bid, the more chance you’ll get your ad on better placements while competing with other sellers or advertisers of the same product. Moreover, the quality of your ad plays a big and vital role. The more you work on your ad, ensuring it’s well-polished and of the highest quality, the less you’ll need to bid for your ad to appear on the top spot.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Work With an Amazon PPC Company

After reading through this article, you’ll discover more about Amazon PPC and how it will benefit your business. Do you feel enticed to start your own ads? If so, read on and discover five reasons why you need to work with an Amazon PPC company.

Boost your rankings on search results

The primary benefit you get from using Amazon PPC is that you get to reach out to more people who may not even form part of your primary target market. When you run PPC ads, your products are placed in different parts of the page.

Not only does it widen your reach, but it also makes your brand accessible for new and old shoppers in just a few clicks.


Another major reason why you should utilize Amazon PPC is that you get charged with the number of clicks that your products get, not on the number of people who saw your boosted product or ad. This saves you from unnecessary expense, making sure you’re only paying for high-intent buyers. Amazon bills you depending on the credit limit you set.

Made for mobile gadgets

How many of your friends are always on their phones? Do you even get to talk to them personally without any mobile distractions?

Amazon PPC ads are optimized for mobile too. Even if it appears differently when you use your phone, tablet, or other devices, the right ad size never spoils the experience of your customer while checking out and buying your products.

These ads are responsive elements, which means they can show up on any device as long as the user or browser meets the target criteria. You don’t have to worry about certain markets not being targeted because, depending on the criteria you set or Amazon automates for you, ads are both universal and customizable.

Should You Work With an Amazon PPC Company or Do It Yourself?

Amazon may seem a bit overwhelming, especially for novice sellers. Mastering the art of creating the best PPC ad for your business may take time as you read and watch tutorials to widen your knowledge. The less time you spend understanding Amazon PPC, the more ineffective your campaign will be. So, to prevent any hiccups or hindrances, make sure that you work with a reputable Amazon PPC agency that aligns with your vision and communicates how you should execute your ads. Ask for their portfolio to ensure quality output.

What happens next?

One of the most established and influential eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon continues to soar and help sellers expand and grow their business. When you choose to incorporate Amazon PPC in your marketing strategy, you increase your sales, create more traffic, and raise brand awareness while putting more focus on your main tasks as a business owner.

If you want to expand your business and take advantage of Amazon’s unique platform, Seller Interactive is here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding Amazon PPC, ads management, and other relevant topics. We are here to help.

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