4 Strategies You’ll Learn from an Amazon Marketing Company

April 2, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
amazon marketing company

Every business, whether online or offline, needs different strategies for their goals to flourish. Owners invest their energy and their resources to start their business empire. These owners conduct research on different techniques to optimize and improve their sales. Follow these tips from an Amazon Marketing Company that will help  make your business grow.

What is an Amazon Marketing Company?

Before diving into the strategies, let's define and discuss how Amazon consulting services can help you strengthen your business. An Amazon marketing company helps sellers find their niche, target audience, and the story that shares the brand's primary purpose. They're a team with a piece of vast knowledge about Amazon, SEO, ads management, and product listing optimization. Moreover, they also help you protect your brand and your shop from getting suspended.

An Amazon marketing agency also helps owners resolve account suspension, reimbursements, refunds, and FBA wholesale partnership.

The 4Ps of Amazon Marketing Mix

A great e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, allows almost anyone to put up their own business. Amazon lets sellers find a place online for their products and services. It also connects them to a distribution channel that will fulfill the orders by shipping it out. This year gave sellers a lot of challenges.

Different sellers define different goals and aspirations for their business. This article discusses the 4Ps that every seller needs to know to amplify their sales and create a robust pipeline for their business.


The great platform that we know began as a space for book lovers and bookworms. Amazon started as an online bookstore that grew into a worldwide online mall that offers various products. From selling books, it expanded to selling cosmetics, health products, medical needs, gadgets, game consoles, and even e-book readers such as Kindle and Fire tablets. In addition to that, Amazon dove into the digital economy by providing services such as on-demand video, music, and even a place where you can covet the most exciting and captivating e-books.

Amazon customers look through the different product categories they see on the e-commerce platform and check the things they need. They browse from gadgets to medical needs to even cleaning materials. One thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is that it taught a great deal about taking care of oneself and always maintaining good and proper hygiene.

From tangible to intangible products, Amazon continues to create more to provide their customers. The e-commerce giant now also provides web hosting services such as cloud storage and database services that small businesses and solopreneurs can use. Other than that, Amazon also sells fresh produce and other grocery items through the Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Pantry.


Is the price correct? Was it right to increase a bit due to the pandemic? Should we adjust the prices since there has been a global economic problem?

Questions like the ones above do make you think about pricing. How do various sellers check if the price is reasonable to their target market? One thing about Amazon, its technology aids in gauging the correct cost for the products. This prevents overpricing as some may have malicious intentions of earning profit.

Through its technology, Amazon gives the most affordable prices as long as it matches the extent of logistics and operations involved in the product. The prices adjust depending on the product category, period of delivery (e.g. express or standard), and the season when it's being sold.

Prices on Amazon change if customers add services such as Amazon Prime wherein it's a video-on-demand subscription much similar to Netflix. Aside from that, the e-commerce giant follows differential pricing, which means the website's prices depend on the location and how the country operates.

Place and Distribution

Another part of the 4Ps include Place and Distribution. We all know that Amazon, the e-commerce giant, operates globally through its website and its app. When a customer places an order through any of their portals, Amazon does its best to fulfill those orders by coordinating with the respective team.

Amazon put up storage facilities in strategic areas that will aid them in delivering the orders more accurately and punctually. The products are classified into categories and sorted according to these categories in these warehouses. Small products are sorted separately from large items.

From these fulfillment centers, products are moved to distribution centers and then shipped off to the customers. Amazon works with different local and international courier companies to transport the packages. Some of those include USPS, and India Post for orders bound for India.


Another thing to note about is Promotions and Advertising. Without a doubt, sellers think of various ways on how to market their products. Of course, Amazon, together with its robust algorithm, provides a great platform for advertising, especially for sellers.

Marketing through traditional media will always be there. However, as the years go by, technology has evolved and people can't help themselves but be on social media almost 24/7. With the A9 algorithm of Amazon, sellers can initiate social media marketing. Through SEO, they reach and target customers through their search history.

Another thing about Amazon is their affiliate programs. Several websites and blogs enlist as affiliates with Amazon. They display ads of different sizes and shapes on their websites that show different kinds of products.

In the end, different businesses create marketing strategies that will help them achieve their goals. An Amazon marketing company will tell you that you need to look at the 4Ps to promulgate effective ways to accomplish their goals. If you wish to consult further about creating effective strategies for your business, schedule an appointment with us today!

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