How Account Management Services Can Help You Sell the Best Office Accessories on Amazon

February 21, 2022
Written by Nicasio Co III
best office accessories on amazon

Ever since Amazon opened its doors to third-party sellers, it has witnessed immense growth in sales and the number of customers worldwide. Because of this, Amazon continues to develop new programs and implement changes in the marketplace to make the e-commerce experience more convenient and orderly. Even though sellers will benefit from these, some find it challenging to keep up with the changes Amazon implements on top of managing their stores.

If you run your office supplies business alone, you might feel overwhelmed shifting your gears and adjusting to the changes. Even if you have a business partner, you might still encounter difficulties without an expert’s guidance. Fortunately, you can free yourself from these worries by hiring an account manager. In this article, you will learn some information about account management services and how they can help you sell your office supply needs more efficiently on Amazon.

What are Account Management Services?

Account management services are provided by either an individual account manager or an agency with a team of professionals. Whoever you choose to work with, they can help you scale your Amazon business by setting up your account and providing various marketing strategies. Besides that, they can also optimize your product listings and other content to drive more traffic, increasing your sales.

Most importantly, they can give you constant updates regarding Amazon’s new policies, programs, and changes. Because of the expertise and experiences of the people who provide these services, they can share excellent insights and techniques you can implement in your business. With their help, you can become one of the successful entrepreneurs of best-selling office supplies on Amazon.

Benefits of hiring an account manager for selling the best office accessories on Amazon

Below are a few benefits you can enjoy once you avail yourself of an account management service for your Amazon business. 

1. Optimizes your product listings for more visibility

Whether you are a new Amazon seller or not, one of the challenges you will face in the marketplace is to get your products out there and be seen by many potential customers. However, achieving this is not easy without knowing how to rank your product listings into the search engine results page (SERP).

One effective way to rank higher and be more visible in the Amazon SERP is through search engine optimization (SEO). Agencies offering account management are experts in this field, enabling them to use the right keywords to incorporate in your product listing. Moreover, they can write your bullet points and product descriptions. Lastly, they can craft unique but engaging Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to attract more customers.

2. Protects your seller account’s health

Your Account Health Rating (AHR) is important to your Amazon business. It reflects your adherence to Amazon’s rules and compliance with your duties to your customer. But from time to time, you might not have read the new policies Amazon implements. Or, you might not have the time to work on your account’s issues right away, leading to possible account suspension. This situation is exactly what account management services are trying to avoid. So instead, your account manager will oversee these issues and work with you to resolve them. In this way, you can continue your business and not lose sales due to account suspension. 

3. Assists in applying for various Amazon services or programs

Amazon has several services and seller programs that you can enjoy. These include Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Sponsored Brands, and Brand Registry and Protection. However, applying for them can be tedious because they require several documents and undergo extensive processes.

If you do not have time to process your application for Amazon programs, you can leave it to your account manager. They are experienced and professional in handling documents and dealing with these tasks. Furthermore, their familiarity with the rules allows them to speed up the process. So, you can trust them with confidential information as you focus on other responsibilities.

4. Gives expert advice on selling best office items on Amazon

Sometimes, you will encounter hurdles in your office product business where you need to ask for someone else’s insights before deciding. Fortunately, account managers are experts in the business and Amazon selling. So, they can provide you with helpful advice and recommendations that will suit your business needs and goals. Last but not least, they can help you avoid making horrible mistakes that can greatly affect your company. 

best office accessories on amazon

Tips in finding a reliable account management service

Now that you know the benefits of an account management service, you might consider looking for an agency right away. To help you find the right person for the job, you can read the tips discussed below. 

1. Read reviews and testimonials

The best way to know whether an individual or company is trustworthy or not is through their clients’ reviews and testimonials. They share their experiences working with account managers by leaving feedback on company websites or profiles. However, you can also find reviews on forums, institutional accounts, and other websites. Their feedback can help you discern which companies to approach and avoid.

Make sure to read them before hiring someone to assess whether they fit your criteria or not. By doing these beforehand, you can make an informed decision and not waste time and resources.

2. Ask for recommendations from other Amazon sellers

Another tip in looking for an account management service is to ask other Amazon sellers. Approach some sellers you know and ask if they can recommend a reliable person or agency to you. They might even suggest the company working with them. But before taking their recommendations, check their reviews first. Verify if they can work on the products you sell and have experience with handling a business similar to yours.

3. Check the coverage of their services

As much as possible, you want to maximize the services you availed, right? To make this happen, you should also look at all the services an account manager or agency can provide. In this way, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

They must have basic and advanced services, such as product listing management, SEO, Brand Registry assistance, and Enhanced Brand Content creation. Check if they can work on the tasks you cannot work on your own. Lastly, it would be best if they are well-rounded and experienced in the best office supplies on Amazon so that they can tailor-fit their services.

Final Thoughts

Whether provided by an individual or agency, account management services will benefit your Amazon business. They can help improve your sales and run your business more efficiently by optimizing your product listings and protecting your seller account health. Additionally, they can assist you in applying for Amazon seller programs and services and give expert advice you need for your brand.

Before availing yourself of an account management service, you must first read their clients’ reviews and comments and check all available services. You can also ask other Amazon sellers’ recommendations.

If you are already interested in working with an account manager, you can partner with us. At Seller Interactive, we provide full account management services so that you can be worry-free while managing your office supply business.

Send us an email today at [email protected] or call 1-800-820-3746 to get started.

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