What Can an Amazon Seller Central Account Manager Do for You?

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

So, you’ve decided to join the great Amazon marketplace and have been dedicated to growing your business since day one. Despite your best efforts, you still find yourself struggling with the competition. You try figuring out what you might’ve missed or lacked, but everything seems all over the place.

You might feel like it’s all over for you, but don’t fret so early! There is a dedicated person who can help when you feel like you can’t manage your seller account independently. Struggling might be a sign that you need help from an Amazon Seller Central account manager

Given the unique nature of each brand’s business strategy, it is vital to know the following: what exactly does an Amazon account manager do? Do they have the abilities you need to step up in the marketplace? Finally, how will you know if they can handle Amazon account management for you? 

This article will answer all of these critical questions and more.

What Is an Amazon Seller Central Account Manager?

Seller Central account managers are professionals who support and guide Amazon sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Their account management services include new seller account registration, search engine optimization (SEO), product listing management, and Brand Registry and Protection application.

These services aim to help sellers scale their businesses and maximize their resources to boost their sales. With their expertise and experience, they can save time and avoid costly mistakes, leading to greater success on the ecommerce platform.

There are a few options for getting a dedicated account manager.

  • Independent Managers: These independent managers can be found on freelancing websites.
  • Amazon Agencies: Agencies offering Amazon seller account management services have teams of professionals with the necessary skills and experience for their designated tasks.
  • Strategic Account Services (SAS) Core Program: This Amazon program assigns SAS core account managers to Amazon vendors to thrive in their business. All you need is an active professional selling account to be eligible for the program.

9 Benefits of Having an Amazon Seller Account Manager

Besides the account management duties mentioned above, they can also assist in other areas of your business. Below is a detailed breakdown of what makes up the role of an Amazon Seller Central account manager. 

1) Helps You Skip the Learning Curve

Let’s start with the obvious. Hiring Amazon full account management allows you to skip the learning curve and avoid making rookie mistakes. Because of account managers’ expertise in the field, they know basic and advanced policies and can deal with any mistakes promptly. 

They can also advise you on some challenges you might encounter as a new Amazon seller. Without them, you might find it hard to run your store, leading to revenue loss and destructive situations.

2) Launches Your Amazon Store

You might still need to become familiar with the Amazon marketplace, so having your own account manager when you start is wise. In this case, you and the manager will first discuss creating an Amazon account. Then, they will ask you about specific business information such as your type, goals, preferences, and more.

To them, getting your business up and running means focusing on these aspects:

  • Amazon Listing Setup and Management: This process can successfully boost your brand’s identity by understanding the platform's algorithm, identifying relevant search keywords, and optimizing product content.
  • Google SEO: Premium account management services in Amazon also include optimizing for both Amazon and Google search engines. This way, you can rank for both prominent platforms.
  • Product Preparation: An Amazon Seller Central account manager sets up campaigns to increase product visibility before your long-awaited product launch. They also take charge of inventory management to ensure you have enough stock for your buyers.

3) Plans Comprehensive Strategies

Amazon account managers create a comprehensive ecommerce strategy based on your discussion. This strategy aims to identify the gaps and opportunities for growth in the ecommerce business.

If you already have a business plan, you can share it with the manager and look at where to improve. From now on, they will manage your account and help you get closer to your goals, reducing the burden of navigating the platform yourself.

4) Gives You Account Updates and Recommendations

Regular monitoring and updates for your ecommerce business can be challenging if done independently. An experienced account manager inside Amazon sees to it that you’re aligned with your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. 

The manager also provides expert advice on vital parts of the Amazon business plan. These are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Fulfillment 
  • Account Health
  • Third-Party Sellers
  • Inventory and Logistics Management
  • Selection
  • Conversion Growth 
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Shipping Management
  • Global Expansion

With important business information, the manager can determine what actions you’ll need to take next. 

5) Crafts Innovative but Suitable Marketing Strategies

Several companies use already proven and effective marketing strategies in the business world. But to be different and unique, some of them look for advertising agencies to bring their ecommerce brand to the front of their target market.

The best Amazon seller account managers are experts in developing innovative marketing tactics. From product listings to running targeted PPC campaigns, they can help you differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace and reach a wider audience.

6) Guides You in Mastering Amazon Selling Partners

Amazon selling is a lucrative opportunity that requires learning about Selling Partners. It’s a program designed to help businesses manage their operations in the marketplace. While it can be difficult to get started, Amazon provides a wealth of resources and tools for ecommerce stores to quickly set up their selling account. 

Everybody significantly impacts a business, but seller account managers are the driving force behind Amazon's Selling Partners. They are in charge of driving business growth and providing a positive experience through their program.

7) Finds Custom-Tailored Solutions for Your Business Problems

Just like education, businesses don’t work with the one-size-fits-all ideology. Businesses don’t have the same models, products, and circumstances. Therefore, each company will need varied strategies and solutions to problems.

If you are not knowledgeable about the proper techniques, you might make the wrong choice, wasting your time and resources. But you can prevent this from happening with the help of Amazon seller account managers. They have worked in various industries, allowing them to find out which strategies work best, all while tailor-fitting them to your business.

8) Provides Tips to Increase Your Income

Generating immediate profits on Amazon is not always easy. But this should be fine, as it is a common challenge among sellers on the platform. One way to overcome this hurdle is to work with a Seller Central account manager. They can offer valuable insights and expert advice on maximizing your revenue potential through on-Amazon and off-Amazon marketing.

9) Handles Your Reimbursement Process

Don't forget your reimbursements. Every penny matters, and prioritizing it can significantly impact your bottom line. 

Fortunately, an Amazon account manager will help you with your refunds. You’ll no longer have to wait for days for a customer service response. An expert can get your money back in no time.

8 Seller Tools for Better Amazon Account Management

With the continuous growth of your Amazon account, it's essential to use various seller tools to maintain your account's health and achieve long-term success. Some are already available on the Amazon Seller Central dashboard, but other tools can streamline and expedite the work.

Here are 8 seller tools Amazon managers use to optimize your selling experience.

1) Product Research Tools

Product research tools give access to data-backed customer insights, detailed product statistics, price history, and other comprehensive data that can help you make informed decisions. With this data at your disposal, you can confidently approach manufacturers or suppliers without hesitation.

Notable Tools: Helium 10, Zoof, Jungle Scout, Seller App, Unicorn Smasher

2) Keyword and Analysis Tools

These tools can help you specify new and high-ranking keywords, track changes in keyword popularity, and optimize your listings. They can also provide performance metrics on your and your competitor's keywords.

Notable Tools: SEMrush, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, Moz Keyword Explorer

3) Inventory Management Tools

Although the right tool for your business depends on multiple factors (e.g., inventory size, frequent changes, platforms), all inventory management software shares some basic features, such as tracking stock levels, setting reorder points, and generating reports. With these on hand, meeting your customer’s demands will be easy.

Notable Tools: Zoho Inventory Management, QuickBooks Commerce, InventoryLab, Ordoro, SkuVault

4) Competitor Analysis Tools

Use competitor analysis tools to stand out among 9.7 million Amazon sellers and gain a larger share of the market. They help track competitors' online activity, target keywords, and advertising budgets. The best part is they identify your weaknesses for necessary changes.

Notable Tools: ZonGuru, AMZ Tracker, Sellics, Owler, SE Ranking

5) Repricing Tools

Repricing tools automatically monitor your competitor's prices and adjust your prices accordingly. They offer features such as price history tracking and margin analysis. These can ensure that your prices are always competitive, guaranteeing more sales.

Notable Tools: BQool, Aura, RepricerExpress, Seller Snap, Teikametrics

6) PPC Management Tools

Even though Amazon's very own Campaign Manager is helpful, its features might be limited if you run several campaigns. Amazon PPC management is best for setting up, monitoring, managing, and optimizing your ads more conveniently.

Notable Tools: Helium 10, Sellics by Perpetua, BidX, Sellozo, PPC Entourage

7) Refund and Reimbursement Tools

Many sellers neglect refunds and reimbursements, leading to lengthy processing times. This is critical to Amazon’s business growth strategies, so finding the right tool to track your refunds and reimbursements is necessary. Doing so can help prevent financial losses.

Notable Tools: Refund Retriever, Rebaid, AMZReimburse, Helium 10’s Refund Genie, Refundly

8) Feedback and Review Management Tools

Resolve your lack of reviews with the help of feedback and review management tools. They will automatically send review requests to Amazon customers who recently purchased from your store. Also, some tools will notify you of negative reviews so that you can address them immediately.

Notable Tools: FeedbackExpress, AMZFinder, FeedbackFive, SageMailer, xSellco

Proven Tips From Account Managers To Drive Sales

Knowledgeable Amazon account managers know that success requires more than just listing products and waiting for customers to come. A well-planned approach is necessary to attract customers and boost sales.

Here are some valuable tips provided by account managers to grow your online presence in the Amazon marketplace:

  • Get the packaging right: Each country has its product packaging requirements. Non-compliance with these protocols will put your products at risk of confiscation by customs—putting your products, capital, time, and effort to waste.
  • Invest in branding strategies: An effective sales framework based on excellent branding and a loyal customer base will put an online business on the map and turn it into a household name.
  • Pricing matters: Do thorough price research within your niche. Don’t play with numbers, going too high or too low from the standard range. Pricing your items too high will quickly drive shoppers away, and pricing it too low will jeopardize your profits. 
  • Follow Amazon’s rules: Read all the guidelines to avoid penalizing yourself for violating Amazon's selling rules. If unauthorized sellers target you, you may consider enrolling under Amazon’s Brand Protection program.
  • Practice good customer service: Most shoppers value good customer service more than the product and price. So, make it a habit to respond to every customer inquiry and feedback as soon as possible.
  • Consider Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): FBA will take care of all the crucial daily operations, which include customer service, delivery, refunds, and returns. This will give you more time to focus on your business.
  • Win the Buy Box: The Buy Box is responsible for more than 80% of sales on the platform. It means most shoppers don’t bother looking at other sellers and make the purchase immediately. 
  • Produce Excellent Visuals: Product images must be at least 1000 pixels and taken with a plain white background. An original and high-quality image can build trust and help buyers easily zoom in on the details.

Final Word

Working with an Amazon account manager can benefit your business in many ways, from listing creation to inventory management. These people are guaranteed experts willing to tend to any of your ecommerce concerns, after all. 

But do remember that you also have your responsibilities as an Amazon seller. They’re not assigned to solve everything for you, so you must cooperate reasonably. Build a good relationship with your account manager, and look forward to a successful business together.

You can start this journey with Seller Interactive. We offer full account management services for Amazon at a reasonable price. 

Reach us at [email protected] and start your business’s growth today!

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