Select the Best Amazon Vendor Consultants With These Pointers

August 10, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
amazon vendor consultants

Amazon has expanded from a struggling online store for books in 1994 to the current largest eCommerce retailer in the world today. From its humble beginnings, Amazon is now a tech giant with an overwhelming global revenue of $386.06 billion. If you have a business, you don’t want to pass up the chance to sell on the lucrative platform and be a part of its success.

But before diving into this venture, you must know that there are strategies you need to apply when you get into Amazon’s marketplace. Plus, you have to update, monitor, and replenish your product listing constantly. It sounds a bit too much, but you have nothing to worry about—you can always consult Amazon seller experts who can help you with Amazon seller management, advertising, and so much more. They are familiar with all the ins and out of the Amazon platform. In addition, they can help you achieve the results and increase Amazon sales that you are craving.

Amazon Vendor Consultants: Who They Are and What They Do

To analyze is the primary goal of Amazon vendor consultants. They are the right professionals to call when it comes to managing your Amazon business cycle—a team of Amazon account experts behind thousands of successful merchants, providing a complete Amazon store setup. Consultants can be entrepreneurs or experienced account managers capable of having fun while working in an ever-evolving startup environment.

An Amazon vendor consultant typically works with 15 to 20 Amazon sellers across many categories. Therefore, a good consultant-client relationship has to be established. In addition, an Amazon vendor and a consultant need to set goals together and discuss other business-related matters to make the business work.

A consultant needs to understand the current situations and the needs of selling partners. Understanding the Amazon sellers’ profile is the best way to identify where they want to go and develop different strategies to achieve their goals. Constant face-to-face and virtual meetings are important to guide and update clients about their specific goals, accomplishments, and areas they need to improve. 

One of the most challenging roles of consultants is analyzing the number of their clients on a regular basis. They have to constantly monitor the selections that have been listed, their availability, and if they have the right price. These numbers are indicators of what marketing strategies consultants need to apply. Consultants usually work with a team of experts to whom they discuss the ever-changing customer behavior. Through this process, fresh ideas and effective strategies can come out.

Amazon marketing consultants have to build up a network with Amazon. They need to acquire the latest information about trendy programs for optimization and client satisfaction.

What You Need to Expect from the Best Amazon Vendor Consultants

Opting for an Amazon vendor consultant is a significant move for a business owner. Hiring consultants means you have to allot a budget for them, and it means you will be using a portion of your resources for professional help. Some agencies offer $150 per hour of consultation fees with a total of $1,200 on average monthly pay. Return of investment is desirable—here is the checklist you need to expect when choosing the best Amazon vendor consultants.

  • Years of experience in eCommerce: You have to know how long your consultant is in the eCommerce industry. Years of experience say a lot about the expert. You can ask for strategies for a larger return. Seller Interactive is an evolving and fast-growing Amazon consulting agency that offers quality services.
  • Services offered: Consultants typically cover Amazon seller management and store setup services, customer/seller support services, SEO and digital marketing campaigns, content and catalog supervision, and review management. Also, they must have the latest tools and applications utilized in their services.
  • Knowledge about Amazon Buy Box: It is a basic thing for consultants to work around the Buy Box that contains the “Add to List” and “Add to Cart” buttons. They must have the expertise to win this portion of Amazon through product optimization and affordable pricing.
  • Availability of positive testimonials and portfolio of case studies: Most Amazon consultants have websites where you can see the positive reviews from their clients and the portfolio of case studies. You should have the initiative to learn about the products and services they successfully optimized. Also, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a factor.
  • Best practices for Amazon optimization: There are Amazon consultants practicing black-hat strategies that include staged product or brand reviews and violation of search engines’ guidelines to increase your product rank. Remember that its results are temporary, and your account has the chance to be banned on Amazon marketplace. You must steer clear of such agencies.
  • Eagerness to learn about your business and accurate response to your queries: With the way consultants ask you questions and respond to your questions, you will observe how eager they are to help you with your needs to guarantee your business growth.

If you want to learn more about Amazon vendor consultants, you can consult Kevin Wong’s “Things to Consider When Choosing an Amazon Consultant.”

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