Scaling On Amazon: Images

January 15, 2020
Written by Jayce Broda
Scaling On Amazon

Scaling Images On Amazon:

Here are our top four tips to optimize your images on amazon 

Your product images may have been shot by a professional photographer and yet those same highly-priced images may fail to help sell more products. Scaling images is a must for your online business and you can always ask for assistance from known Amazon marketing consultants


The secret to this, my friends, is discipline. I learned years ago from a mentor of mine that any element you put into these images must have a specific purpose that contributes to your goal. In this case, that goal is to sell more products. 

If any element that image is not directly contributing sale to better sales conversion, it is, at best, taking up valuable real estate and at worst, hurting your conversion rate.

For example: Below, you can see that our goal for Gator Cable was to be able to clearly communicate within the hero shot the primary features of the product. Now, within seconds, the buyer understands that this cable is HDMI on both ends, it is compatible with the Xbox, UHD TV, etc. The bright red coloring also helps distinguish itself from other cable products. It also stands out amongst its competitors and it just launched this past summer 2019.

Here are 4 actionable tips that you can use today, to make your product listings on Amazon stand out. The hero shot has one purpose: To persuade the prospective customer to click your product. How do we do this? By making the product look HEROIC.

2. Use PACKAGING to Stand-Out in Search

You can add product packaging and other graphics if, your image adds to the aesthetics of Amazon search results.  The purpose of their rules is to minimize cluttered and spammy looking search results. If you keep that in mind, you can greatly add to the effectiveness of your all-important hero shot! Pick a color that stands out from the major competition. For example, if they are all doing white or black, consider including a box with color in the hero image.

3. Show Benefits Using 2nd, 3rd and 4th Images

What most sellers do is simply put as many images of their products from various angles. This will not lead to maximum conversion.

Your goal here is to clearly demonstrate through the images HOW your product will benefit the buyer’s life. WHY should it matter to them? At the same time, show the product being used in different settings/backgrounds/angles.

See examples of how we did this with our own products:

These images sell the double-walled glasses that not only keep your drink warmer, longer, but they are shatter and scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe! We don’t just tell you, we show you!

We don’t simply show the New Born Baby Pillow from 5 different angles with a white background. Instead, we clearly show off what the pillow can do for YOUR baby. This New Born Baby Pillow helps to prevent “Flat-Head Syndrome” (a real syndrome). It also helps support proper spine alignment, fostering healthy spinal growth for your child. We not only say it, but we also show it in a manner that is easy to understand in an instant. Your product image MUST connect with the prospect emotionally. You can do this by demonstrating how it will benefit their lives.

4. Sell the Lifestyle Using the 6th and 7th Images

There are two goals for the last images. The first is to convey what the product would look like in your customer’s life. They are often called lifestyle images. You want to show how your iPhone case is going to look not just on their phone, but also how it would look on their car mount, and on their office desk. Show how the phone would look in their everyday life.

The second goal is to use elements in your image to associate your product with a lifestyle that is consistent with your brand.  So for example, we want to convey that these cappuccino cups were of such premium quality, that they would fit right in with a professional-grade Cappucino machine. Hence the images above. Captivate Your Customer’s Emotions People are very emotional creatures. We are more emotional and less logical than we think. Think about the reasons why we do things, or buy things, or hang out with people. 

It’s all about how we feel. Your Amazon practices product listing must CLEARLY and SIMPLY make me feel something compelling enough that will result in a buy.  And they totally do, here are some results.

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