7 Signs You Need to Perform an Amazon Listing Optimization Immediately

April 19, 2022
Written by Nicasio Co III
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Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, with over two billion monthly site visitors. While this huge number of potential customers may encourage more third-party sellers to start their businesses on Amazon, this can also result in tough competition within the marketplace.

Therefore, as a business owner, you must always be on top of your game, or else potential customers will not even notice your product listings. An effective way to achieve this is through product listing optimization. It is the process of adjusting and customizing your product listing to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you are not sure whether you need Amazon listing optimization or not, below are seven warning signs that can help you decide:

1. Your products are not ranking as high as you’d like

Over the years, Amazon developed various strategies to make its customers’ shopping experience convenient and productive. These strategies include developing a search engine and formulating specific guidelines and algorithms. Currently, Amazon uses the A10 algorithm for its search engine, which helps shoppers find the right products for their needs.

Amazon ranks the relevant product listings for a certain keyword using the A10 algorithm and its criteria. The algorithm looks into the customer reviews and ratings, photos used, and keywords incorporated in the product title and description to generate the ranking. Essentially, the higher the ranking is, the higher the chances the customer will purchase from you. 

So, if your product listing is not found on the first page of the SERPs, you must optimize your listings as soon as possible. Also, consider availing yourself of an Amazon listing optimization service from a credible agency if you need an overall revamp on your product listings.

2. You’re not getting enough sales or traffic

Even though there are multiple reasons for not getting high sales on the Amazon platform, you must consider that a poorly optimized listing might be the root. In the Amazon platform, the higher the ranking of your product listing is, the more visible it is to the shoppers. 

Because your listing is one of the first things they see on the SERP, you are most likely to drive traffic which results in increased sales. So if you are not getting enough sales or traffic despite being an Amazon seller for quite some time, it can reflect your inaction toward product listing optimization.

To gain more sales in the future, you must consult an Amazon expert to help you determine whether your problem can be solved through product listing optimization or other available strategies.

3. Your competitors are outselling your products

Amazon now has almost 2 million active sellers on its marketplace, which makes the competition within the platform even tougher. So, if your competitors’ product listings rank high on the SERPs, they are more likely to have customers that could have been yours. 

And besides your actual competitors, you might also have to deal with hijackers and counterfeiters who instantly take away the Buy Box from you. So, it would be best to optimize your product listings to rank higher than your competitors and be the customers’ first choice every time they shop. Furthermore, consider running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads if you are a new Amazon seller.

4. Your product descriptions and photos don’t look professional or appealing

Ranking high on the SERPs is the first way to get your product listing noticed. However, it does not necessarily equate to conversion. Especially nowadays, Amazon shoppers are more meticulous while shopping for their needs.

Because they cannot see the products in person, they only rely on product descriptions and photos included in your listings. If they don’t find your product images appealing or professional, they will purchase from another seller instead. Moreover, not putting complete product descriptions, especially sizing guides and measurements, would result in low sales or high returns.

So if these scenarios often happen to you, think about getting yourself an Amazon product listing optimization service. They can help improve your product descriptions, edit your photos or remove background to look more professional and eye-catching.

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5. Your product listing has been disapproved by Amazon

Because Amazon wants customers to have a pleasing shopping experience, all listings must go through rigorous checking. This process ensures that the submitted product listings adhere to Amazon’s guidelines. But if it does not meet their expectations, they ought to reject the output for you to improve.

If they disapproved of your product listing proposal, you could resubmit it. But when you do, make sure that it already complies with all Amazon guidelines to avoid the constant rejection that could contribute to your loss. You could already be selling the product, but you waste time and money because of Amazon’s disapproval.

6. You’re not using all the features Amazon has to offer

Do you know that Amazon can provide different kinds of seller reports through Seller Central? For example, you can get data like total sales, Buy Box percentage, inventory reports, etc. In addition, however, generating metrics on search terms, search frequency rank, page views, and conversion rate can help you understand how customers behave on Amazon or engage with your product listings.

If you are not yet familiar with them, it would be best to start studying all features provided for you on Seller Central. But if some information you need is not available on Amazon Seller Central, consider partnering with other agencies offering more specific services.

7. You’re not tracking your results and adjusting your strategy accordingly

As a business owner, you must understand that numbers are crucial to your success. But by paying attention to relevant and latest data, you cannot create a suitable plan to help your Amazon business grow and thrive. Moreover, you will not be able to adjust your current strategies to suit your present needs.

Therefore, it would help if you use valuable tools available on Amazon Seller Central and Brand Registry or offered by other companies. These tools can generate data and results to guide you in creating and adjusting your search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, or product development strategies. 

Take the Next Step

Which among the seven signs applies to you? If you got at least two out of seven, you need to perform a product listing optimization as soon as possible. In this way, you will not lose possible customers and sales.

There are some issues that you can address on your own. But if you think that professionals can handle your problems better, you must avail yourself of the best Amazon listing optimization service from a reputable agency, like Seller Interactive. They have groups of experienced Amazon sellers and experts who can help you scale your business by optimizing your product listings.

If you are interested in working with them, email [email protected] or call 1-800-820-3746.

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