Optimize Amazon Listing: Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

October 9, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
optimize amazon listing

Whether you’re a new seller or not, learning how “Amazon listing optimization” is always one of the first approaches to improve product searchability. Knowing how the algorithm works and what it looks for in terms of product data is critical to optimizing your listing on Amazon. Although optimizing your product listings is not an Amazon requirement, it’s how your target audience will be able to find your products throughout the marketplace. 

This article addresses brand visibility, its importance, and how to optimize Amazon listing to increase exposure. Regardless of your selling experience, you will find these tips helpful, especially if you struggle to generate traffic to your listings. Read further to learn more. 

What is Brand Visibility?

Brand visibility is an overarching concept for all types of businesses. So whether you’re in the digital space or not, having an effective brand visibility strategy is essential to gaining exposure and growing your business. 

In the e-commerce industry, brand visibility is defined as the amount of exposure your brand or products obtained through the search results. Therefore, a heavy emphasis on your brand’s success on amazon relies on an effective visibility strategy and how well you can target your audience.

The Importance of Becoming More Visible

If you’ve just recently begun selling on Amazon, one of your main priorities should be to increase your brand visibility. Of course, the best place to start is to optimize your Amazon product listing. But before delving into how you can make this happen, it’s essential to know why it is necessary to become more visible.

In a cut-throat and fast-paced environment like Amazon, you have to invest in tactics that will give you some leverage. Although it may require a lot of time and money to create a converting brand visibility strategy, it will be well worth your efforts. Consider the amount of work needed to optimize your listing is an investment – some do it themselves while other opt-in for optimized Amazon listing service through agencies.

When you optimize an Amazon listing, you are essentially catering it to Amazon’s A10 algorithm standards. This algorithm determines the products prioritized in search results. Therefore, the more searchable or visible your products, the more likely Amazon will recommend your products to your target audience. You’ll want to bank on this familiarity because it can effectively convert into sales. 

Customers typically buy brands they are familiar with, so it would be best for you to take advantage of these strategies, especially if you are selling in a saturated market. 

how to optimize amazon listing

How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing to Increase Brand Visibility

Likely, this isn’t the first article you’ve come across in attempts to learn “how to optimize my Amazon listing.” While there are no doubt excellent pieces of advice out there, here are some more ways to maximize your optimized listings:

1. Use the most up-to-date pictures, descriptions, and keywords.

Many articles recommend using high-ranking keywords and shooting the best quality images to improve your Amazon product listing. While these are critical, what’s equally important is that this information is accurate and up-to-date. In addition to image quality, they also need to reflect what the buyer will receive. 

For example, even if you only change the packaging, you should shoot a new product image and update the description to show the most recent versions. Adhering to these practices will increase your SEO score and brand visibility and attest to how you value your customers by giving them the most accurate information.

2. Create A+ content to explain your products further.

Aside from focusing on your product listing, you can further extend your searchability by using A+ content. Think of this as an extended version of your listings. It’s an additional section where you can elaborate on your products with more creative freedom. In addition, this is an opportunity for you to convince your audience on why they should buy your product while incorporating more search terms and keywords. 

The A+ content feature is not accessible to all sellers as it only allows brand-registered businesses to have this. So if you have already enrolled your products through Amazon’s Brand Registry program, you should take advantage of this feature and if not, consider getting brand-registered!

Aside from the additional keyword space, A+ content registers beautifully on mobile too! In 2019, there was a staggering 150.6 million users who used their mobile for shopping on Amazon. From this, it has been estimated that 50% of sales come from mobile users. 

3. Gather compelling product reviews from customers.

Sellers know how customer reviews can directly affect your sales, but you may not be aware of how reviews can affect your ranking. There is no exact basis for how Amazon selects the well-rated listings for search results, but Amazon would recommend highly-liked products to their customers first.

Consider trying to getting feedback from your customers as part of your visibility strategy. Most customers don’t leave feedback on Amazon, so it’s essential to request them where you can. Message your customers directly once the item has been delivered. After getting the products, most of them forget to leave a review. Just because they fail to leave a review does not mean they do not like the product. Sometimes, they need a little nudge! 

Conclusion: It’s Worth Optimizing Your Amazon Listings

Product listing optimization is a sure-fire way to boost your sales on Amazon. It might take some time and determination before you get results, but once you get the hang of it, you should see a significant increase in sales simply because you have invested in optimizing your product listing.

Are you still unsure whether you have perfectly optimized listings? Let our SEO experts help you with that! Gain organic searches and boost your brand’s visibility with an effective SEO strategy. Want to learn more about this process? Send us a message today at [email protected]! We’ll be more than happy to help you grow your business!

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