5 Ways to Innovate Your Amazon Marketing Strategy in 2023

amazon marketing strategy

Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

It's 2023, a new year for new trends in Amazon marketing. Many sellers and marketers are now scrambling to set their goals, optimize their listings, and brainstorm new strategies for their stores. The marketing strategy of Amazon is indeed dynamic and constantly geared towards customer satisfaction.

Amazon marketing strategy analysis gives you an idea of the current state of your ventures. However, you can further up your game by looking at these five ways we've listed below that can guarantee your growth in e-commerce. You may also incorporate these into your current strategies and expect a great increase in metrics you are interested in for your business.

Upgrade Your Graphics

People are now becoming more visually oriented.  The screens possess a huge power in holding consumers’ interests for they are attuned to their devices way longer than before. Therefore, as an online entrepreneur, you need to step up your game in this aspect of your marketing by transforming your graphics at par or better than your competitors.

In Amazon, you ought to have your live product listings, and having one,  you must have optimized product photos that will surely attract your shoppers. In addition, having professionally taken and edited photos and videos on your listings will benefit your click-through rate (CTR), which is one of the key metrics you need to see when you are also running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

It would be best to have several key graphics such as product images, product videos (optional), and landing pages. Product images have specific requirements depending on what you're selling. They should generally occupy at least 85% of the whole image, have a white background, not have texts, be realistic and professionally taken. 

Landing pages are a little trickier and may be more worth it if you already have a sizable amount of sales. Hero images show right at the top of the webpage when a shopper clicks on your Amazon store. They should embody the brand identity, along with the carousel of products set up horizontally, videos, and tabs of product specifications and group variations if there are any. Image galleries, text blocks, and colored spacers are also utilized to beautify your landing pages further.

If you have A+ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content), take this opportunity to highlight your brand by showcasing product photos and their benefits to your shoppers. Amazon shoppers need an urge, a final push for them to click on your buy box. So, this is the time for you to visually woo them with your products shown in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Several graphic design elements should be used on your graphics, such as color scheme, texture, shapes, lines, text and typography, and space - all these can create a huge difference when used harmoniously. With all that being said, hiring a professional photographer and graphic designer is worth it because of their expertise. 

Run Amazon SEO Checks Regularly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) transcends many facets in the online world. If you don't know yet, Amazon is still a search engine, albeit an online retail selling website as well. Put yourself into Amazon's position and think about what shoppers will look for when they visit Amazon.com and see which listings matter. In this case, Amazon looks for relevancy in terms of SEO.

As a seller, you want your products to be out there in the open, seen by the shoppers. However, this task does not come easy when there is nothing in your listings and landing pages. This is where your SEO keyword research matters - using excellent, SEO-optimized copies so that Amazon's search algorithm can rank you higher.

One vital thing that separates a successful Amazon seller from an unsuccessful one is SEO. It can make or break an Amazon store. No matter how nicely put together your business plan is, when you don't include and conduct your SEO well, you may as well be at the bottom of the competition.

Many sellers on Amazon get left behind because they don't do keyword research and SEO regularly or fail to do so effectively. That is quite understandable because SEO tasks are not easy in the first place. That is exactly why Amazon Account Management Services in the first place - is to get professional SEO help. 

amazon marketing strategy

Strengthen Your Advertising Strategy

Currently, two advertising types exist on Amazon: PPC and Demand-Side Platform (DSP). But, first, let us look at their major differences:

  • PPC - this advertising plan charges the advertiser the bid placed when a shopper clicks on an ad. For example, you, the shopper, clicked on a listing tagged as "Sponsored." The advertiser with the highest bid will then have to pay, say, for example, $1.50. 
  • DSP - contrary to PPC, the fees differ a lot. When the self-service type is chosen, you will work with a reputable Amazon Demand-Side Advertising Agency, which will handle all the customization, such as the parameters, monitoring, and optimization your ads will need. When managed service is chosen, Amazon will handle all the legwork for you, but here's the catch: you will need to have at least $35,000 minimum ad spend in the beginning.

These two also have a stark difference in how they target your potential customers: in PPC, you will choose keywords that your shoppers usually input on Amazon Search Engine. This is where your SEO research also comes really handy. On the other hand, DSP utilizes programmatic targeting based on your potential customer's behavior. This includes where they usually go on the internet, their interests, purchase history, shopping habits, etc.

Now, why should you go for a stronger advertising strategy? It's because Amazon is one of the biggest in terms of advertising revenue, bigger than Microsoft, Pinterest, and Snapchat, and the best advertising platforms of today based on the conversion rate at an average of 10%. Conversion rate refers to the ads that turn into sales. In addition, with Amazon being an online retail shopping website in itself, shoppers can access the Buy Box buttons immediately when they click on an ad.

Another reason to advertise, especially when you are just starting your brand or Amazon store, is Amazon's A10 algorithm puts heavy emphasis on CTR, sales velocity, conversion rates, traffic, and other factors. So when you start investing in Amazon ads, you can have a strong foothold on having a robust sales velocity, conversion rate, traffic, impressions, CTR - all the metrics you should be tracking consistently.

So, if you plan to go hard on advertising, choose Amazon. Then, explore the newest and trending strategies you can use on your store, whether you are using PPC or DSP, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display. 

Prioritize Reviews and Testimonials

Let's get back to why Amazon became the biggest online retailer of today: because customers trust it. Statista says only 6.2% of shoppers do not trust Amazon reviews. With its measures to have credible reviews on products being sold on its marketplace, it continues to have a solid customer base. This feat is done thanks to its A10 (formerly A9) algorithm, which focuses on reviews and testimonials by customers and users alike.

First, let's dissect what reviews mean to you, your customers, and potential customers. 

  • Reviews are a great way for you to have credibility as a seller of a product in the marketplace and a means for you to see the areas where you can improve. 
  • For your customers, they can provide feedback to you and the shoppers who may have clicked on your listing. 
  • And lastly, for your potential customers, reviews can give them assurance on what to expect when they hit your Buy Box. 

Now, the challenge is how to get valuable reviews and testimonials. Reviews can be done when your products are sold and customers have left a review. When not many reviews are coming in, remember to use the Request a review button on Amazon Seller Central. Having your products sold can be outrageously difficult if you're just starting out. However, this is where you can employ advertising, SEO, and other marketing strategies.

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Delve Into Social Media Marketing

Remember, you are not limited to using Amazon in all areas of your marketing. Although Amazon offers concrete advertising solutions to sellers, you may venture out to have your social media presence. Social media platforms have avid clusters of communities that you may tap on when promoting your product.

Take, for example, building a Facebook page and a group of enthusiasts related to what you're selling. When you have an engaged group of people sharing thoughts and ideas, you can see their trends and base these behaviors when planning for your product ideas. The same is true when you venture into building a Pinterest community wherein valuable content is constantly shared.

It doesn't stop there, of course. You may also tap influencers that have a huge following. When you have your products advertised by influencers, not only do you have your products seen by a huge number of people, but you also get to have valuable testimonials from what the #4 of this list says. So you'll end up hitting two birds in one stone when this strategy is pulled off successfully.


Amazon's marketing strategy for 2023 consists of being in the loop with what's up and coming. Although this statement may sound easy, there are many catches, such as being proficient in advertising tools and keeping up-to-date with the recent ways to reach and catch the attention of your potential customers.

These 5 ways are just a backbone of what your next game plan in Amazon advertising should be. When you want professional help in planning your next marketing strategies, never hesitate to email us at [email protected] today!

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