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Last updated on June 20th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

With more than a million sellers joining yearly, signing up to sell on Amazon can be daunting. In 2023, there have been over 600,000 new sellers, and of the 2.5 million active sellers on the platform, only 10% have attained annual sales of $100,000, and 1% reached $1 million in sales.

Compared to established brands, small and medium business entrepreneurs can't help but scratch their heads and ask themselves, "How can I rank higher in the Amazon marketplace?"

Amazon-specific SEO services offer a plethora of solutions to assist business people to succeed in Amazon. Every business establishment needs to understand the basics and importance of Amazon products ranking on the first page. 

Conducting Keyword Research

Keyword research is just as necessary as product research. There are targeted portions of the product listing where keywords can be strategically placed. A buyer searches in words or phrases for product details they plan to purchase. Learning where and how to add keywords to the Amazon listing plays a crucial role in achieving high-ranking positions.

Identifying Relevant Keywords

Identifying a particular keyword is essential for a higher Amazon sales rank. Sellers need to understand that potential customers will most likely use search terms of relevant products to find theirs. One practical approach is to make use of Amazon's search results.

The relevant results of customer searches can provide you valuable insights into specific keywords you can use to improve your product's ranking on the search results pages.

Maximize The Use Of Keyword Research Tools

Another way of identifying the proper keywords is to use keyword research tools. These tools can help you identify which keywords have high and low competition. With your list of keywords, you can now strategically place them into product titles, descriptions, and backend keywords.

Keyword research can improve your product's visibility and organic product rank leading to more traffic and increased sales. Furthermore, keyword research tools can give you the current trends to constantly adjust your SEO strategy to achieve a high Amazon ranking.

Optimizing Product Title

One way how Amazon ranks their product is through product titles. Using target keywords that customers use with their search will help your product appear in organic search results and improve your seller ranking. Here are important tips when optimizing your product title.

Using High-Ranking Keywords

Incorporating high-ranking keywords in product titles is an effective strategy to attract customers. By researching relevant and most popular keywords in the same category where you sell products, you have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the search result.

Amazon's ranking algorithm can recognize the relevance between the search terms you use and the products. When used correctly, it can significantly improve your ranking. Remember to create titles that appear natural and appealing to the readers. It is also helpful to change them from time to time to ensure your product listings stay competitive.

Maintain Clarity and Relevance

Clear and concise product titles give potential customers a quick and accurate overview of your products. When writing product titles, remember that it is essential to avoid using misleading language that could confuse your shoppers. 

A thorough keyword research will help you analyze your customer's search behavior and allow you to incorporate the right keywords and relevant titles to attract the right customers, likely increasing your conversion rate and organic ranking.

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Crafting Compelling Product Descriptions

Let's be real; not everyone has the patience to scroll down to check out the description, but those who do are serious about knowing all the ins and outs of the product. Take advantage of the character capacity in this section to naturally integrate keywords.

Here are tips to help you craft descriptions for your product listings to improve your Amazon organic rank.

Highlight Key Features In The Product Detail Page

Product descriptions are how you persuade your customers when selling products on Amazon. You are only allowed a limited amount of characters for descriptions, so make sure to use the most out of it. 

Focus on your product's key features. Whether it's the design, functionality, or competitive prices, emphasizing your product's unique features will help customers understand the value of your products. Use bullet points and subheadings to enhance your description's readability so your customers can scan the description.

Keep It Unique and Engaging

Product descriptions may be short, but keeping them engaging is still helpful. Using persuasive language, adding storytelling elements, and highlighting good reviews from previous customers can significantly increase product sales.

Optimizing Product Images

Another major factor that helps get your Amazon product on the first page is the quality of product photos uploaded to the listing. With the boom of eCommerce bringing out innovation crafted from the traditional marketing of the pre-online marketplace era, one consistent thing is visual aids.

In conventional marketing, companies and businesses allot thousands of dollars to put up a billboard, magazine, or newspaper ad that stimulates targeted consumers. The same principle still applies to the online marketing platform. If anything, it is as equally essential as the placement of keywords

Use High-Quality Images

The quality of your product photos can affect your ecommerce sales. Since customers can only physically touch your products once they are delivered, they will depend on product photos to determine if they are worth buying. High-quality images are important to your seller rank and improve customer satisfaction.

Pointers When Uploading Images:

  • Ensure it is in high resolution, preferably 1000x pixels. Amazon allows the customer to zoom in. Posting a high-quality image enables the buyer to look into the details of the product.
  • Show different angles of the product. When doable, putting up various positions of the product affords the consumer to scrutinize the product.
  • Have a white background. The clear background catches the customer's attention and draws their eyes directly to the product.
  • Use keywords in the caption. Remember the indispensable role of keywords? Selecting profitable words to caption the product image can help boost one's Amazon rankings.
  • Image file format should be in JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) format. PNG format is also accepted for non-apparel products.
  • Ensure that the images comply with copyright and trademark laws. Do not use logos, watermarks, or other text or graphics violating intellectual property rights.
  • Images should accurately represent the product being sold. Avoid misleading or deceptive visual representations that may misinform customers about the product's appearance or features.

Take A Peek At Your Competitors

Do you ever wonder how best sellers rank? One of the best ways to improve Amazon's product ranking is to study and analyze what your top competitors do. 

Look for the sellers ranking and see who's on top. What are their strategies? Look at their historical sales data, pricing, and customer engagement practices to gain insights to help increase your sales rank.

It also helps to look through their customer reviews to see key pain points your shop can improve. Studying your top competitors does not ultimately mean you need to copy their strategy down to the last bit. Look for areas you can improve upon so you can rank differently and better than them.

Take Advantage Of Amazon Advertising

If you aim to be the best seller on the online platform, maximize Amazon’s advertising options to enhance your product listings. There are several advertisements sellers can use—from sponsored product ads and headline search ads to product display ads; use them to appear on the first page of Amazon.

Here are some reasons sellers should use Amazon advertising for product ranking.

  • Using Amazon advertisements gives you a competitive advantage. Not all sellers use advertisements, and once you use sponsored ads on Amazon, you can guarantee a higher ranking.
  • Amazon advertisements provide sellers insights into customer behavior, search trends, and campaign performance. These data points will help you continuously optimize your strategies for better rankings.
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Use External Marketing Strategies

External marketing efforts such as social media advertising, influencer collaborations, content marketing, Google ads, email marketing, or campaigns on external websites can drive traffic and sales to Amazon product listings. 

Higher sales velocity with increased traffic tells Amazon's algorithm that the product is popular and in demand, potentially leading to improved rankings. But while external marketing can influence product rankings, it is crucial to comply with Amazon's policies and guidelines regarding external traffic generation. 

Maintaining a holistic approach that combines external marketing efforts with effective Amazon-specific optimization is key to achieving and improving product rankings on Amazon.

Keep Stocks Sufficient

The last thing a customer wants is when the products are unavailable. Every seller should be diligent in monitoring their inventory levels as stocks running out can lower sales rank.

Secondly, this results in a negative experience for the users. So invest in tools that can help with sales estimates. It's always helpful to look at your sales history to anticipate how many sales you can project and always have stocks in your inventory.

Bottom Line

Running a business takes up a lot of time. As much as every business owner wants to run everything themselves, it is impossible. With Amazon's customer-centric principle, along with the constant changes in consumer trends and patterns, seeking assistance from service providers, who will keep a close eye on the brand just like theirs, is a huge help. 
Seller Interactive can help you grow your business and keep you on top of your game. If you need help, contact [email protected] and talk to one of our Account Managers for a free consultation.

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