How to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon in 3 steps

October 1, 2020
Written by Jayce Broda
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Signing up to sell on Amazon, with more than a million sellers joining yearly, can be daunting. So far in 2020, there have been over six hundred thousand new sellers. Of the 2.2 million active sellers on the platform, only 10% have been able to attain annual sales of $100,000, and 1% reached $1 million in sales.

Compared to established brands, small and medium business entrepreneurs can’t help but scratch their heads and ask themselves, “How do I improve my product ranking on Amazon?

Amazon-specific SEO services offer a plethora of solutions in assisting business people to succeed in Amazon. Every business establishment needs to understand the basics and importance of getting Amazon products on the first page. 

Keyword Optimization

It is important to note that customers type in words for product/s they plan to purchase, and so learning where and how to add keywords to the Amazon listing plays a crucial role in a better ranking of the product. There are targeted portions of the product listing where keywords can be strategically placed.

Product Title

When possible, it is best to use a high-yielding volume 2 to 3 keywords in the title of the product. Make use of the allotted character capacity to incorporate as many keywords as possible. However, do not forcibly cram it. Ensure that the title is sensible yet optimized.

Product Description

Let’s be real, not everyone has the patience to scroll down to check out the description, but those who do are serious about knowing all the ins and outs of the product. Take advantage of the character capacity in this section to naturally integrate keywords. 

Replies to Reviews and Q&A

What customers choose to write in the reviews or questions they ask is beyond the seller’s control; however, it is a good avenue to type in keywords that are neither included in the title nor the description portion. 

Other customers who see that sellers take the time to respond to queries and feedback will solidify the seller’s credibility by exuding they are open to customer opinions.

Backend Keywords

Are words not seen in any part of the product listing -- neither on the product title nor the description section. Although not seen, appropriately using backend keywords also boost how to improve product ranking on amazon.

When using backend keywords…

  1. Use synonymous terms of the keywords.
  2. Think like the customer, choose related words, e.g., body lotion, moisturizing cream
  3. Do list down popular alternative names (for brands), e.g., Nike Air Max 1 or NAM1.
  4. Include commonly misspelled words of the relevant keywords.
  5. Do not repeat words already used in the product listing.
  6. Avoid using articles such as “a,” “an,” “the,” and the like.
  7. Separate keywords with spaces.
  8. Stick to the limited capacity set by Amazon, as it cannot be edited once saved.

A more in-depth article detailing the backend keywords can be read here.

Learning how to choose Amazon keywords takes practice. As buying patterns and trends change, expect Amazon’s algorithms to change as well, and every seller needs to be prepared for it. Product texts will need to be updated as well for listings to be optimized.

Quality Images

Another major factor that helps how to get your Amazon product on the first page is the quality of product photos uploaded to the listing.

With the boom of eCommerce bringing out innovation crafted from the traditional marketing of the pre-online marketplace era, one consistent thing is the use of visual aids.

In conventional marketing, companies and businesses allot thousands of dollars to put up a billboard, magazine, or newspaper ad that stimulates targeted consumers. The same principle still applies to the online marketing platform. If anything, it is as equally essential as the placement of keywords. 

Pointers When Uploading Images:

  • Ensure it is in high resolution, preferably 1000x pixels. Amazon allows the customer to zoom in, and posting a high-quality image enables the would-be buyer to look into the details of the product.
  • Show different angles of the product. When doable, putting up various positions of the product affords the consumer to scrutinize the product.
  • Have a white background. The clear background catches the attention of the customer and draws their eyes directly to the product.
  • Use keywords in the caption. Remember the indispensable role of keywords? Selecting profitable words to caption the product image can help boost one’s ranking.

Keep Stocks Sufficient

The last thing a customer does not need is when the product/s they are looking to purchase is/are unavailable.

Every seller should be diligent in monitoring their inventory levels as stocks running out can lower their ranking. Secondly, this results in a negative experience of the users. The worst thing of stock unavailability is when hijackers swoop in the Buy Box and will have lost your customer base and income.


Running a business takes up a lot of time, and as much as every business owner wants to run everything themselves, it is impossible. With Amazon’s customer-centric principle, coupled with the constant changes in consumer trends and patterns, seeking out the assistance from service providers, who will keep a close eye on the brand just like it’s theirs, is a huge help. 

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