Google SEO for Amazon Products: Rank in Both Search Engines and Earn More

May 27, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
Google SEO for Amazon products

The world wide web is governed by algorithms that rank the content of your product listing and your websites according to different categories.

When selling on Amazon, it is important to keep your eye on how your Amazon product listing is ranking but, at the same time, look into Google SEO for Amazon products to widen the viewers of your page and eventually increase your sales.

Amazon search engine optimization makes you visible to searchers who have the intent to buy. On the other hand, Google SEO for Amazon products serves as your springboard to lead searchers with low buying intent to be aware of your products and eventually decide to buy.

The Difference Between Amazon SEO and Google SEO

Have you heard of the catchphrase “work is life” or “food is life”? In the SEO world, understanding the SEO algorithm is life! Hence, let’s understand how they work.

Google Algorithm

Google algorithm considers the following for a certain content to rank:

  1. Keywords – The same as Amazon, the primary ranking factor on Google is keywords.
  2. Backlinks – Google also checks how many backlinks you have in your content.
  3. Clicks – Your backlinks and internal links will increase the number of clicks a visitor will do while on your page, so strategically placing links in your content can increase your clicks.
  4. Duration a visitor stays on site – In relation to clicks, the time spent of a visitor on your site also increases. The loading time of your page, reader-friendliness of your content, and responsiveness of your website can affect the time spent of a visitor.

Amazon Algorithm – A9

Now, let’s answer the question “How to do SEO for Amazon products?” First of all, you must know how the Amazon algorithm—A9—works. Here are what A9 considers:

  1. Keywords – A9 is also governed by keywords, so include in your Amazon SEO strategy the incorporation ranking keywords in the product title, product description, seller name, and backend keywords.
  2. Performance or Conversion – Unlike Google, sales are important for Amazon since it is the main function of the platform.
  3. Customer Reviews Amazon customer feedback and reviews also affect ranking on Amazon, and this is another element that is included in creating an Amazon SEO strategy
  4. Delivery options – Convenient shipping increases sales; hence, Amazon ranks product listing according to how they deliver goods. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is more likely to positively affect your ranking than self-fulfillment.

Amazon SEO or Google SEO?

Your Amazon SEO strategy will define whether you’ll focus on Amazon search engine optimization or Google SEO for Amazon products.

Amazon search engine optimization

Focus on Amazon search engine optimization if you are a beginner in the e-commerce business world because there are many areas to focus on to achieve a successful Amazon business.

Begin with a solid Amazon SEO strategy, which you can plan on your own or delegate to professional Amazon SEO specialists.

Begin with knowing the ranking keywords related to your product, then optimize all your content. Next, make sure to have a solid delivery and customer service plan because these will determine whether you’ll get good reviews, which in turn will boost your ranking.

Amazon search engine optimization has a simple cycle of appearing on the search result through effective use of ranking keywords, getting a sale, having good reviews, and ranking higher on the listing. The cycle goes on and on.

Google SEO for Amazon Products with Amazon SEO

Google SEO for Amazon products may happen due to effective Amazon search engine optimization or if you intentionally created content based on Google’s algorithm.

Google SEO for Amazon products may rank high on Google SERPs when your product has a reliable number of sales and reviews. Google will crawl into this authority and include you in the results when people search for products related to what you are selling.

For the second case, it may be another answer to the question, “How to do SEO for Amazon products?”

If you have been selling in Amazon for quite a time, and you want to continue expanding your business, increasing your sales, and being more visible to potential customers, Google SEO for Amazon products is a wise choice.

This step entails creating a website to increase your Amazon revenue, and this website should, of course, be built and run according to the Google algorithm. 

Your main intent in this move is not having a sale but increasing the credibility of your brand and creating a springboard from traditional Google searchers to find your Amazon page. Having a separate website also means an added platform for  Amazon marketing strategies and ad campaigns.

Key Takeaway

Google SEO for Amazon products and Amazon search engine optimization can work separately or together depending on your Amazon SEO strategy.

Focusing on Amazon search engine optimization is advisable for a beginner in e-commerce, so you can understand first the workings of Amazon SEO and increase your sales before moving to Google.

Google SEO for Amazon products may happen naturally when your product ranks high in the product listing because of customer reviews. You may also choose to use Google SEO for Amazon products to increase your visibility to non-Amazon users for brand awareness and marketing.

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