Wholesale For Amazon Sellers: How to Find The Right Supplier

wholesale for amazon sellers

Have you always wondered how wholesale for Amazon sellers works? Well, the answer lies in who your suppliers are for your products. If you're an Amazon FBA seller, you'd know how important having a good and reliable supplier dictates the course of your business. 

What to Look for in an Wholesale for Amazon Sellers Supplier

So since the suppliers, you're going to choose are vital to how your Amazon business will run, here's how you can choose the best supplier for you. Read on to know more about what you should look out for when choosing a supplier and the benefits of working with a good one. 

1. Look for a reliable supplier that has a good reputation

If you’re looking for wholesale items to sell on Amazon, it would be best to work with a supplier who has a proven track record. Usually, a wholesale supplier that works with other sellers and those who work for manufacturers or brands is usually more reliable. Why? 

Aside from having better communication and diligence, working with such manufacturers allows them to be more aware of the common problems and mistakes made by those in their industry. This allows them to avoid those errors themselves, giving you a higher chance of success.

For example, suppose you're selling insulated tumblers and already have your design. Your manufacturer might suggest changing some components or packaging that would make your products more cost-effective or high-quality. They can also recommend some upgrades or what they'd think will make your products stand out from those sold in the current market - all of these thanks to their experience in handling the same products!

2. You should consider how the supplier measures up against your requirements

Before choosing a supplier, list out what qualities you're looking for - do they have compatible specifications? Which color options do they offer? What about the shipping time frame? What are their payment terms? These kinds of things would help narrow down your options, so choose wisely.

You shouldn't alter the standards you have for your products to what your supplier can only give you. If you've come across this situation, it'd be better to consider a different supplier than to settle for the next best one available. 

3. You should always ask questions to your prospective supplier before making a deal

Remember, you're not just buying goods from your manufacturer but you are also entering into a long-term working relationship, so it's important to ask about the things that will affect your Amazon business, like their storage capabilities and where the supplies will come from.

Also, make sure you understand what they can offer and note any hidden fees or charges. In line with this, large wholesale suppliers for Amazon sellers' suppliers should have an agreement or contract in place. This sets down clear terms and makes everything easier, especially when problems arise - everyone knows where they stand from the start!

4. Compare prices between different suppliers to find the best deal for you

Since most wholesale Amazon sellers suppliers will offer you the same products, it's important to find out about their pricing or offer any discounts. This is so you know who has the best deal. It's also vital that you pay your supplier promptly if business is good. Finally, remember that a working relationship between both parties is always beneficial in the long run, no matter what. 

Moreover, it would be better to foster a good working relationship with your supplier so you can haggle down the prices or negotiate with them to lower the minimum orders, if possible. This trick would definitely be helpful, especially if you're working on a tight budget! So aside from good communication, you should never underestimate how a good working relationship can affect your relationship with your suppliers!

wholesale items to sell on amazon

5. Ask for references from other businesses who have worked with the supplier before

This is one of the best ways to find out if they are reliable or not since you can inquire about their services and customer support, so you'll know how long it takes for them to reply, after-sales care, and other important things that affect your Amazon business. You can also ask to get in touch with their previous clients to know what you're getting yourself into.

Reading reviews about a manufacturer's quality of work, along with how they communicate with their clients, is very helpful, especially if it's your first time to source supplies from them. However, don't risk going in blind without checking their reviews. A huge chunk of your business lies on how well your supplier performs and delivers their work so make sure you screen them thoroughly before signing a deal with them!

6. Check if the manufacturer or supplier is certified and licensed

Before doing any deal, always check that your supplier is registered and has all the licenses required by law to operate because this shows that they are legit. Sometimes looking into their history and background would help, but it's best to be safe than sorry. 

Aside from checking the licenses, you should also ensure that your supplier is insured. This will protect both you and the supplier from liability should something happen while handling goods or exchanging information/financial transactions between the two parties.

7. Get a sample of the product before placing an order with them

You can never be too careful so, for wholesale Amazon FBA sellers suppliers, you must get a product sample first before placing an order. This makes sure that both parties are on the same page since they won't have to dispatch any goods until you're fully satisfied with what you've seen.

Failure to obtain a product sample before mass-production can surely cause you some complications. You're not only dealing with substandard inventory when these are produced incorrectly; you're also left with lost time and money.

8. They communicate well with you

A supplier that communicates well usually means they are more organized. This results in a better supply chain flow which means faster deliveries and higher productivity for your business. Good communication also reduces the chances of errors happening in your orders. Your supplier should be up to date with changes in trends, styles, and colors - this ensures maximum profitable product appearance appeal when it finally reaches your Amazon customers.

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Sell Wholesale on Amazon: The Benefits of Working With a Reliable Supplier

So now that you've gone through some of the things to look out for when choosing a supplier, how does working with a good supplier benefit you? Well, let us share with you some of these benefits.

1. Opportunity to negotiate prices

Since suppliers offer products in bulk, they are more likely to discount the items you purchase from them. Therefore, once you’ve found a trustworthy supplier, it would be best if you maintain a good relationship with them. Since you’ve already formed a relationship with your suppliers, it’s a way for you to score better deals and negotiate your prices. 

Although you can also try negotiating with other suppliers, they might not entertain your request. So it’s a lot better to negotiate prices with a supplier you have a prior relationship with. 

2. Access to high-quality products

Not all suppliers offer top-quality products, and this is why it's important to do your research well before making a decision. So when you find a supplier who offers excellent-quality items, it would be wise to stick with them because they can give you an edge over the competition.

3. They can help increase your product range

When you work with a supplier, they can offer you access to new products that you may not have been able to find elsewhere. This is because they have connections with other suppliers and manufacturers who can help them get their hands on the latest items. This can be extremely beneficial for your business as it gives you a wider range of products to offer your customers.

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4. They can help improve your brand image

If you work with a supplier who offers high-quality products and has a good reputation, it can help improve your established brand image. This is because customers will associate your company with being reliable and professional - something that all businesses strive for.

5. Less hassle of dealing with a new supplier every time you need to restock

Suppliers, albeit they are third-party sellers, are still a part of your team. You can rely on them to help you get your products when you need them. This eliminates the hassle of searching for a new supplier every time you need to restock, and it also builds trust between the two parties.

Even though working with more than one supplier is also a good strategy, it might be helpful to only stick with two to three. This is already a good number for your suppliers. More than one would be okay since if there's a problem with your supplier, may it be shipping or a production issue, your stocks are not affected since you have a secondary supplier. 

On the other hand, it's not advisable to work with multiple suppliers or outsource different parts of your products separately. Working with two to three is already a good number for your suppliers. At least with this number of suppliers, you don't have to find a backup supplier if anything goes wrong at the last minute. 

6. Can help increase your sales

Working with a good supplier can help increase your sales by offering you access to new markets and customers. They can also help improve your branding and image, resulting in more people becoming interested in what you have to offer.

7. Familiarity with the production of the product

A supplier who is familiar with the production of your product can be extremely helpful as they can give you advice on how to improve the quality and efficiency of your production process. This can save you time and money in the long run, and it can also help you produce a higher-quality product that meets your customers' expectations.

Aside from these, you don't have to go through numerous samples and back-and-forth when you're working with a supplier who's already very much familiar with your products.

Looking Forward to Learning How to Sell Wholesale Items on Amazon? Work With a Good Supplier

Choosing the right supplier is essential to the success of your business. By keeping the above points in mind, you will make an informed decision and find a supplier who can help take your business to the next level. 

In addition, suppliers can offer a wide range of benefits such as saving you time and money, increasing your product range, and improving your brand image. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for the perfect supplier today!

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