How Do I Delete My Amazon Account: 8 Things You Must Know Before Deleting Your Seller Account

May 6, 2022
Written by Nicasio Co III
how do I delete my amazon account

At some point in your business journey on Amazon, you would ask yourself, “How do I delete my Amazon account?” Perhaps your account was suspended, or you cannot handle the costs of maintaining your account anymore due to various circumstances, including the additional 5% fuel and inflation surcharge Amazon implemented recently.

Whichever prompted you to think of deleting your account, you must understand that this issue should not be taken lightly. And because this is a big decision for your brand, there are a few things you should know to solidify your decision.

Here are eight things you need to know to make an informed decision before pulling the plug on your Amazon seller account.

1. Deleting your Amazon seller account is a permanent decision

Sometimes, people, even business owners, act impulsively because of what they feel at present. As a result, they cannot make rational decisions that later on affect their businesses and the people around them.

But you should remember a popular quote: “Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Don’t make promises when you’re happy.” So before clicking that send button for your account deletion request, you must think about your decision several times. Because once Amazon approves your request, you will no longer have access to your seller account that holds all your data on Amazon, and you cannot undo it anymore.

2. Amazon needs to approve your account deletion request first

Whether you have completely decided on your account closure or not, you must know that Amazon needs to approve your request first. This way, Amazon can check if you have settled all your pending orders and resolved all transactions before closing your Amazon account permanently.

So if you want to delete your account without a hitch, you take note of the following instructions given by Amazon:

  • Ensure that you have fulfilled all your pending orders.
  • Wait 90 days after your last transaction so that your customers’ orders are still eligible for the A-to-z Guarantee claims period.
  • Wait until your account has zero balance.
  • Finish all ongoing transactions with buyers, like issuing refunds.
  • Verify your valid bank account information on file for your final payment.
  • Go to Performance Notifications to ensure that the reasons for your account suspension were already resolved.

3. You will lose all sales history, product data, and reviews

One of the biggest impacts of having a closed account is losing all sales history, product data, and reviews accumulated over time. This information is valuable for increasing sales and traffic, especially if you create a new account on a different platform or marketplace.

So once they are gone, you have to collect reviews and gain sales again. But you can download all this data before your account closure. This way, you will still have a copy of this vital information and re-upload them if you decide to sell again.

4. You will not be able to communicate with your previous buyers

As mentioned previously, Amazon wants you to finish all your pending transactions with your customers before closing your account. It’s because you cannot communicate with them anymore afterward, especially on settling their return and refund issues. Moreover, you cannot access their personal information, purchase history, and other data stored in your account or on Amazon’s messaging system.

Most importantly, you can no longer ask for their feedback about your products, packaging, pricing, and services, which can be valuable for improving your business if you plan to continue selling elsewhere.

However, you can still keep in touch with them using other channels, such as email or social media. First, you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter or follow your social media accounts. This way, they will remain updated about your business and new products. Also, you can give your contact information for them to know how to reach you in case they want to purchase your products or do business with you..

how do I delete my amazon business account

5. If you decide to sell on Amazon again, you will start from scratch

If you are still searching for “how do I cancel my Amazon Prime business account” on search engines, try to pause for a while and think about this: if you decide to sell on Amazon after your account deletion, you will start from scratch.

You may already have the knowledge and experience on Amazon selling, but you will be back to zero on everything else, from gathering reviews to winning the Buy Box. So if you do not want all your hard work and achievements to disappear, it would be best to rethink your decision to avoid having regrets.

6. If you have any pending orders, they will be canceled, and you will not receive a refund

You must be responsible for your pending orders if you want to delete your Amazon seller account. Because once your seller account is gone, all your customers’ orders will be canceled. Moreover, you will no longer get a refund or reimbursement for these orders.

Therefore, you must ensure that your decisions will not inconvenience your customers. This way, you will not leave a negative impression on your customers if you decide to sell on a different platform later.

7. You must inform Amazon about what will happen to your remaining inventory

If you are an Amazon FBA seller, Amazon advises sellers who want to close their accounts to submit a request first. This is to notify Amazon whether you want them to return or dispose of all your inventory in their fulfillment centers.

If you prefer to retrieve the items, you must submit a removal order to manage your remaining inventory, including slow-moving items, unsellable inventory, and products subject to long-term storage fees. Additionally, you must use and submit spreadsheets following Amazon’s format and requirements for bulk removal orders. Amazon also charges a per-item fee for FBA removal orders, so you must be prepared to pay for it.

8. Whatever reason you have for closing your account, you can explore other available solutions first

Contemplating the question, “How do I cancel my Amazon business account?” can make you anxious and confused. After all, you are about to make a crucial decision in your business journey. However, it would be best for you to explore other available solutions first before permanently closing your Amazon account.

One option you can consider is changing your seller plan from professional to individual. It would be helpful to decrease your workload and responsibilities in your business. Or, you can deactivate your Amazon account for a while until you decide to return to selling full time. Lastly, hiring Amazon experts would be best if you struggle to retrieve your account after being suspended or revive your business from low sales.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it is understandable that some Amazon sellers search for “how do I delete my Amazon business account” and eventually push through with it. However, you must prepare everything beforehand, including finishing all pending orders and submitting requests for deletion and inventory removal.

Moreover, you must understand the consequences of your decision, such as losing access to valuable information related to your business, communication with your customers, and previous product reviews.

But whatever prompted you to delete your Amazon account permanently, it would still be best for you to explore available solutions to scale your business on Amazon. These solutions include changing your seller plan, deactivating your account, or hiring Amazon account managers from reputable agencies like Seller Interactive.

If you are interested in resolving your problems through the help of experienced and competitive people, email [email protected] or call 1-800-820-3746.

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