4 Tips on How to Find Suppliers for Your Amazon Wholesale Business

October 22, 2021
Written by Kevin Wong
Amazon wholesale

Starting an Amazon wholesale business is no easy task. It takes a lot of work to find the right suppliers, vet them, and ensure they produce quality products at an affordable price. 

Once you’ve found the ideal supplier for your business, it can be incredibly rewarding to know that you’re helping other people start their businesses as much as they’re helping you! This blog post will teach you to find suppliers for your Amazon wholesale business in five steps.

1. Decide which niche you want to sell in

Before you get started, it’s essential to know which wholesale products to sell on Amazon. So gauge the products you’re interested in and develop an initial plan. You’d be surprised to learn that a ton of sellers don’t put effort into their selling strategies and product knowledge and still expect them to fly off the shelves.

As an e-commerce seller, you should know your products down to the core. This information is beneficial when building out your listing and handling customer communications. Now, you can confidently answer all the questions they might ask you before buying.

2. Find suppliers

When you’re planning on selling on Amazon wholesale, one of the challenging parts is finding trustworthy suppliers. For one, you must consider if they are Amazon-approved wholesalers. In some cases, suppliers don’t want their products to be on Amazon. 

In addition, you also have to find the best supplier for the product you want to put out on the market. Naturally, you’d like the best suppliers or manufacturers to be making your products, so do some research on what’s available to you within your budget. 

There are numerous suppliers out there, and you have the option to source materials locally or internationally. You can also visit the supplier personally to see the products for yourself or have them ship the samples to you. 

Don’t feel pressured into choosing a supplier right away, and feel confident about this partnership. When your product is in the development process, you can request manufacturers or suppliers for samples for comparison. 

amazon wholesale supplier

3. Evaluate the supplier’s credentials

After finding Amazon wholesale suppliers, it’s advisable to shortlist them and check their credentials. Once you’ve reached this point, you are diving deeper into how they work. This includes learning more about their reliability and stability. 

It’s also essential that your views and visions align with the Amazon wholesale supplier you hire.  For example, if your company aims to be cruelty-free, find a manufacturer who does not test on animals, whether for your company or others. 

4. Check customer reviews about your suppliers

In addition to researching your suppliers’ backgrounds, be sure to go through the customer reviews to get a better idea of who you’re working with. You can join Facebook groups or Reddit forums to get this information, but if you’re pressed for time, you can always search for Amazon business wholesale suppliers on Alibaba.

Alibaba is a popular e-commerce company from China. They cater to both retail and wholesale clients. Since they are a popular Amazon wholesale supplier, many of the products you see on the Amazon marketplace are from them. What’s great about working with Alibaba suppliers is that their reviews are readily available. In terms of convenience, it’s a lot easier for you to read what others have to say about an Amazon wholesale supplier’s services. 

If you’re still in the process of researching wholesale products to sell on Amazon, then don’t go all out with one supplier. Depending on the product, the minimum quantity is usually 500 units. You can always talk to your Amazon business wholesale supplier about lowering the initial amount for your purchase order. It’s all about communicating with them!

Summary: Consider These Things When Looking For a Reliable Amazon Wholesale Supplier

If you’re planning to start selling on Amazon wholesale, consider these things when looking for a supplier. It’s exciting to embark on this journey, but selecting a supplier is a commitment you should be sure of. Having a reliable supplier will be a significant factor to having a successful wholesale business on Amazon, 

If you want to start a wholesale business today, have a solid team with you. At Seller Interactive, we take pride in our team of Amazon experts who can help manage your business. With us handling your day-to-day operations, you now have more time to focus on your suppliers. So send us a message today at [email protected] and start your wholesale selling journey today!

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