10 Signs You're Ready to Enroll Your Products Under Amazon Brand Protection

amazon brand protection

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

If you've been selling on Amazon or looking forward to selling on the platform, you might have come across Amazon Brand Protection. But when you're just starting, enrolling your brand in it is not exactly one of your immediate priorities. So the question is when exactly is the time to enroll your business for Amazon seller brand protection? 

Consider Getting Amazon Brand Protection When You Notice These

It’s understandable that once you've been around on the platform for a longer time, it might be a lot harder for you to gauge when you should take the next step forward. So with that, here are some telling signs that can help you think about it. 

1. Your business continues to grow

Looking into your business now, you see that you already have steady growth in revenue and profitability year-over-year. In that case, chances are high you are ready to grow your business further by enrolling your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry. This huge next step for your brand will allow you to take your business to the next level and offer more value for your products, making them more attractive for customers across the world. 

2. You are looking forward to expanding globally

Amazon seller protection acts as an insurance policy for your business, which means it doesn't only cover one country but also, it’s global. It's no surprise then that Amazon sellers look forward to enrolling their products under the Amazon Brand Protection report before selling outside their national boundaries. 

This is because Amazon will provide coverage across all its marketplaces, including the US, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, among the list of other countries. It also covers individual products sold by authorized sellers even when they use other sales channels to sell them.

3. You want to provide better customer service and reduce returns

You understand that your customers value their privacy and don't like it when you disclose their personal information like name, phone number, and home address. Some might even go as far as requesting a full refund if that means they can stay anonymous. So, enrolling your brand under Brand Protection will ensure that the buyer's identity is not disclosed, thus minimizing returns filed due to this reason alone.

4. You’re facing possible infringement issues

Amazon Brand Protection is pretty strict with the sellers registered under them. They don't allow any trademark infringements, which restricts sellers from listing counterfeit or infringing items. So if a third-party seller is accusing you of infringing any of their items, but you know for a fact that you have all the right to own these products because you developed them. In that case, it's best to register your products under Amazon Brand Protection. 

Aside from this, you'll also get access to all sorts of tools meant to handle such cases, which enables you to monitor any possible infringements against your brand to protect yourself legally at the earliest opportunity.

5. You want to protect your brand and intellectual property

No one likes it when their products are being counterfeited, especially when the imitations are of inferior quality. Not only can these products look bad to customers, but they could also be harmful. 

This is why you want to take proactive action against counterfeiters by having your products enrolled under Brand Protection right from the onset before the problem becomes unmanageable.

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6. You only sell high-value product

High-value products always require an extra layer of protection because not everyone would like it if their designs, images, or intellectual property became public knowledge. Plus, competitors might use this information to design similar products, thus affecting sales and profitability. Enrolling your brand under the Brand Protection Program will ensure that all your trade secrets remain confidential, thus safeguarding your interests in the process.

7. You are active on multiple marketplaces

The problem with selling across different marketplaces is that it's difficult to track the performance of one single product in terms of sales, inventory management, and other Amazon-related business operations. 

This is where Brand Protection can help because having your brand enrolled under this program will allow you to manage all your listings from a centralized dashboard, thus making it easier for you to oversee all these aspects efficiently.

8. You're looking for an easier way to manage your inventory and orders

Managing your inventory and orders from different marketplaces can be a real headache, especially if you have to deal with multiple listings as well. But managing them can become easier by enrolling your brand under Amazon Brand Protection, allowing you to manage all the aspects mentioned above from a central dashboard, thus saving you time and energy daily.

9. You’re thinking of new strategies to increase customer trust and loyalty

Enrolling your brand under Brand Protection will give it more visibility and make customers trust you more as they'll know that such brands are committed to protecting their intellectual property and other vital information. This is why having your brand enrolled under this program could help build loyalty, thus increasing sales and profitability in the long term.

10. You want an easier way of managing listings, inventory, and orders

Managing listings, inventory, and orders from multiple marketplaces can be a real hassle, especially if you have too many products to handle. But you can manage all such activities from different marketplaces by getting your brand enrolled under Brand Protection, which doesn't just offer you centralized management but has dedicated teams that take care of everything, including order processing and marketplace administration among other things. 

Get Ready to Have Your Business Under Amazon Seller Brand Protection

With all of these things in consideration, it's safe to assume that you're now ready to list your business under Amazon brand protection policy. Although it will take quite some time to have your listings in here, it's definitely worth an investment. Still not sure if this is the best step for your business? We're here to help you with that! You can book a call and talk to our expert account managers and see if it's worth investing in this. Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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