How to Design Your Customized Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2020

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

There are so many details required to create an effective Amazon marketing strategy according to SEO for amazon sellers. That is why feeling overwhelmed at first is expected. Nonetheless, no matter how challenging the task is, if you have a team of professionals working for you, expect to get all tasks done right and on schedule.

Quick Guide:

Before that, however, it pays to know the different aspects of creating a customized strategy. Keep scrolling down to learn what they are.

Amazon Digital Marketing Strategy: Focus on SEO

Rankings on Amazon will not be possible without optimization. At the heart of optimization is SEO. It plays an integral role in making product listings accessible and visible to browsers.

An excellent optimizing strategy can land any listing at the top results, provided the relevant keywords browsers use during the search match those found in the content. Find out how SEO impacts rankings on Amazon by going over the salient pointers below.

  • A10 is not a strategy of Amazon. It is its algorithm that ranks product listings by tabulating SEO according to keywords, relevance, and optimized content.
  • A product listing’s conversion rate is commensurate with its ranking. Higher page rankings mean higher conversion rates, which translates to more sales.
  • If you want to outrank other sellers on Amazon, you better employ a highly competent SEO strategy.
  • When it comes to ranking, no seller would want to settle for any rank lower than 2. A page 1 ranking is always ideal. Getting a page 3 ranking (or lower), however, means that the product hardly sells at all.
  • When more people are viewing your pages, it means that they appear in search results often. A strong online presence is indicated by having pages that are more visible to potential customers.

You will not be able to create an effective Amazon marketing strategy in 2020 without primary keywords. To help you figure out the best keywords to use, put yourself in your intended buyers’ shoes. Research their online shopping behaviors, precisely the words they type during their searches.

A keyword with a high search volume shows that many browsers use it during their searches. Its competitiveness, on the other hand, is comparatively low. This level is favorable for your product because you will not have to deal with many competitors. Both qualifications define the right primary keyword that you can use for optimizing your pages.

Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy: Advertise via PPC

With Amazon PPC, you can advertise your products directly on the platform. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It works in the same fashion as Google. The income you get from the advertisement depends on the number of clicks your ad gets.

PPC plays a critical role in marketing strategies. Therefore, regardless of whether you are creating an Amazon business strategy 2019 or 2020, you need to include PPC to maximize your campaign’s advantages.

When you buy an ad spot on Amazon PPC, you get to display your ad as you see fit. You can take your pick from three options: Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads.

  • Sponsored Product ads show up in search results and product listing pages. You can choose between Amazon-targeting ads, which use relevant keywords determined by the platform’s A10 algorithm, and Manual-targeting ads that are based on either specified keywords or your selected similar products.
  • Sponsored Brand ads are also known as Headline Search ads. Browsers see them on top of the Amazon searches. Depending on your preference, you may feature a logo, headline, and several products (minimum of three). Unlike other ads, this type can only be used by sellers who own at least three brand-registered products.
  • Sponsored Display ads, on the other hand, focus on customers on your pages’ affiliate sites—Google, Netflix, Facebook, and mobile apps. Amazon makes this type of ad visible to browsers who have already visited your page. Like the Sponsored brand, Sponsored Display is only accessible to sellers with registered brands.

Extend Your Campaign to Include Email Marketing and Social Media

Your Amazon Marketing Strategy 2020 will not be utterly coordinated if you fail to include Email and Social Media. Marketing with these strategies in place allows you to connect with your potential buyers quickly. Instead of waiting for them to find your pages, you reach out to them directly by sending targeted messages to their inbox and posting on their feed.

  • Email Marketing involves sending emails to potential buyers. When done right, it is an effective strategy for developing a good business relationship with your target market. It can convince prospects, turning them into customers. Also, it can earn the patronage and trust of one-time buyers, transforming them into loyal customers who make repeat purchases.
  • Social Media Marketing requires you to set up your brand page on popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter. Please take note that each platform has its target audience. This fact explains why you should set up a page for each. Doing so expands your market reach further, allowing you to get your products in front of potential buyers. It likewise gives you the privilege to tailor your audience in multiple demographics to drive more traffic to your Amazon listings.

The Significance of Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings on Amazon is quite a challenge, given its dense competition. But by practicing proper methods focused on your buyers’ needs, you can sell more while building a solid customer base.

Here are the elements of the page that you should optimize to capture your intended audience.

  • The Product Title introduces your product to Amazon browsers. For titles, keeping it short works best. So, in creating the title, see to it that you limit it to no more than 200 characters (including spaces). Include the product name, brand name, distinctive features (size, color, the material used, etc.), and one or two benefits relevant to your customers’ needs and experience.

With regards to placing the brand name, you put your brand at an advantage if you put it at the end of the title instead of the beginning. Let Jayce tell you why in this eye-opening video.

  • Your Product Shots are high-quality images that showcase your product’s quality and exceptional features. Captivating hero shots will help your product stand out, distinguishing your brand from your competitors.
  • Amazon does not allow any design enhancements and background color aside from white. You can make your images pop through these creative tactics:
  1. Take photos from all angles.
  2.  Demonstrate the benefits of your product by taking lifestyle shots of real models using it.
  3. If you have content from real users or satisfied customers, feel free to include it. To further emphasize it, make sure to provide an appropriate note or caption.
  4. Highlight your product’s edge over competitors by featuring organized and understandable charts, lists, or comparison diagrams.

  • The Bulleted Product Key Features provide potential customers with a more detailed explanation of your product’s stellar qualities and their advantages. Three to four sentences comprise each bullet description with the main points written at the beginning in all caps.
  • The style of writing the copy is similar to that of advertisements. Each bullet copy needs to be concise and punchy. Use the space advantageously by writing clear yet creative descriptions. Avoid stating information that is obvious in your images and reiterating the information used in the title.
  • Customers who take the time to read your Product Description are on the verge of purchasing your product. They want more information and clarification. Hence, the description should provide an elaboration of the information shared in the bulleted features.
  • You can discuss secondary benefits or features, not stated in the bulleted copy. You can also add more images and enumerate qualities that distinguish your product from the competition.
  • An Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content allows you to further elaborate on your product description while providing more space for images and a creative layout. You can choose from pre-built templates designed to strategically house additional features such as tables, banners, interactive copy or pictures, and more.

All in the Name of Improving the Customers’ Buying Experience

Given all the details and processes involved, optimizing content for your product listing is anything but easy. Although challenging, taking the tips shared herein to heart will keep you on the right track.

Marketing your products requires designing and employing a strategy that is not only creative but also well-synchronized. With all the aspects you need to take note of, some factors may not be readily apparent. Hence, you cannot expect to have absolute control over everything.

The aspects covered in creating your strategy are similar to those that answer the question of "how does amazon market itself?" But the difference lies in the products you market.

Overall, diligent monitoring and staying on the pulse of your target market keeps you proactive. Therefore, you can tweak your strategy as needed, and keep your listing adequately optimized.

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