The Best Amazon Marketing Strategy to Get Ahead in Your Ecommerce Business

Amazon marketing strategy

Last updated on January 11th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

Amazon was just another eCommerce channel for small online sellers not too long ago. Now, it ranks 4th in Forbes’ most valuable brands in the world. The platform has been expanding its reach in various sectors way beyond e-commerce since then. 

Amazon's enormous opportunity has attracted more competition over the years, which is why you must plan and execute the right Amazon marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience.

In this article, we compiled some of the most effective marketing strategies you can leverage to drive the performance of your product listings and ad campaigns.

The Amazon Marketing Strategy

While every brand has different marketing strategies to thrive on Amazon's platform, the ways for reaching those goals have multiplied over the years. When planning your Amazon business marketing strategy, you want to consider how far you can go in building your brand-- from paid ad campaigns to engaging content on your product and store pages.

Why brands fail on Amazon

With Amazon gaining a wider reach and popularity for both sellers and consumers, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you fail to execute your Amazon strategy properly. Below are the most common mistakes among Amazon sellers that you should be wary of. 

No Product Diversification

One of the common mistakes when selling on Amazon is not diversifying your products. While it's good to know your market, a crowded niche can limit you to a narrow audience.

Instead, you can explore a wider variety of popular products that you can offer. Look into your products and identify what's currently on demand, and then figure out what other products interest your customers the most. 

Getting Undercut by Competitors

No seller wants to get undercut by their competitors. If it seems like prices are constantly being undercut, consider your buying strategy.  Purchasing in large batches from suppliers can lead to better deals on products, which allows you to price them competitively.

Competing in a Crowded Market

If the market you are competing in is too crowded, it would be challenging to establish your own customer base. In this case, you need to find ways to stand out. You can offer superior or unique products to rise above your competition.

Failing to Optimize 

Even if you have the best product in the market,  it won’t matter if people can't find it Not optimizing your listings using Amazon SEO means your products will dramatically fail on both Google and Amazon searches. 

Getting Started with Amazon Marketing

Like any other digital marketing activity type, you always need to start with a plan when advertising on Amazon.  Identify your goal, whether it's for brand awareness or to grow your sales. If you want to focus on your brand, your marketing strategy will use impression as your metric for success.

Start with the Right Product

At the beginning of your Amazon journey, it is crucial to use your most popular products to grow your presence. Make sure these products are in stock at competitive prices. Choosing the right products will increase the chances of getting sales. 

Optimize Your Product Pages Right

You must optimize your pages before you start selling. Take note that while Amazon ads can help drive traffic to your product, it is the product detail page that will convert them into sales. 

Here are the best ways to optimize each element of your product page.


You are allowed up to 200 characters for your product titles. However, you should avoid stuffing your product titles with a bunch of keywords. The product title should be clear to the point and without any fluff.

Your product title should include the following:

  • The brand’s name. 
  • The product’s name
  • Detailed description including color, size, weight, etc. If you think some features are not relevant to the product, feel free to take them out.
  • Do not forget to include your product’s benefits.

      Pro Tips: 

1. Avoid using subjective terms such as “greatest,” “best,” or “finest” in your title.

2. Use proper title capitalization.

3. Be strategic with your keywords.

Product Images

Most shoppers decide whether to click on your page based on the quality of your product's image. And once they make it to your page, your photos will play a significant role in whether they buy the product. 

Thus, it is of utmost importance to only use high-definition images of your product and be at least 1000px X 1000px. This is important because Amazon lets people zoom into each product to have a closer look at its details. 

Tips in Uploading Your Images:

  • Avoid misleading your buyers with deceptive angles of your product. Always upload images from different angles.
  • Upload images taken by actual customers. This will provide a more authentic viewing of the image. 
  • Use an image that shows its comparison towards its competition using tables or charts. 
  • Always make sure that your products are photographed against a plain white background. 

Product Features

Product features provide sellers with another opportunity to convince shoppers to make the purchase, which is why you should take some time to write the copy for this section.

There is a guideline that all successful Amazon sellers follow when writing this section:

  • Use bullet points when organizing your content.
  • Address features and benefits of your product.
  • Look at your competitor’s copy to get even more information on what’s important to your audience.

Product Descriptions

Don’t commit the same mistakes most sellers do by taking this section for granted. Even though you can find this section on the bottom part of the page, it is still vital. When your buyer reaches this section, they have already passed a lot of featured content:

  • Frequently bought together
  • Sponsored products
  • Recent shopping trends
  • Special offers and product promotions

With that said, people who end up in this section are the ones with a higher chance of actually buying the product. Use this part to discuss little-known features that might be of interest to your potential customers or include additional images of the product.

Amazon Advertising

Once your page is correctly set up and optimized, it’s time to attract new customers to your product. Amazon has a wide selection of advertising tools at your disposal that can help your products increase their visibility to your chosen marketplace. 

Below are the different types of Amazon Advertising tools to help you promote your products:

  • Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands: These advert types place products in front of the right audience. You can see these ads just above the product description. This will significantly improve the discoverability of products.
  • Display Ads: Using this tool, you can target shoppers who have previously viewed your product or similar products. The ad will appear under the right sidebar’s purchasing options.
  • Video Ads: This is an effective way for you to engage your customers about your brand story. The ads are auto-playing, keyword targeted, cost-per-click, and also take the shopper to the product detail page. They are displayed in a below-the-fold Amazon SERP.

Amazon SEO

Aside from being the best online retailer in the world, Amazon is also a search engine. Thus, you can optimize your listings for Amazon’s SERPS strategically just like how it is done on Google. Amazon has its own algorithm called A9, and it outperforms Google when it comes to product searches.

Below are the 3 main things worth considering when it comes to optimizing your listings.


There are multiple ways of helping shoppers discover you on Amazon. You just need to pay attention to the most important things. 

  • Your titles should be straight to the point and contain a few related keywords.
  • Use a keyword research tool to find the most relevant keyword and use it first. 
  • Look at the competitors that are ranking high and compare their titles with yours.


Optimize the relevance of your page using the following:

  • Use high-resolution images that represent your product in the best possible way. 
  • Include relevant keywords in your bullet points. This will tell shoppers that they are on the right page.


Good marketing and superb quality of your product should go hand in hand. Without the other, the business cannot succeed. 

That is why it is crucial that what you’re selling is what was advertised. Customer reviews can make or break your sales since most shoppers won’t buy a product with fewer than 3 stars. So, include as many good reviews as possible on your page. 

Marketing Strategies Outside of Amazon

Since some of the Amazon marketing strategies can cost you, there are several ways to reach out to your customers using pretty well-known digital marketing strategies regardless of whether you have a budget or not.


One of the oldest yet still effective marketing strategies is to set up email campaigns to promote your brand. Also, you can use it to thank customers every after purchase to encourage them to continue their engagement with your brand.

Social Media

Build attractive social media accounts and make sure to add them to your product pages. You can then use social media to announce promotions, discounts, and new arrivals. 


If you are committed to expanding your business, you should start thinking about investing in a digital presence outside Amazon. 

You can use your own websites to sell your products. A website is an excellent alternative to acquire new costumes. It also gives you an identity and a personal platform to reach potential customers.


Now you know what it takes to start selling on Amazon. The most important thing is to optimize your product listings –  otherwise, your Amazon marketing strategy can’t take off.

Only after should you use other marketing strategies to drive traffic and increase sales.

When it comes to a reliable Amazon web services marketing strategy you can count on, Seller Interactive is the one you need.  We have a team of amazon experts that can take your business to the next level!

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