Listing Product on Amazon: Top Common Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

March 25, 2020
Written by Nicasio Co III
Listing Product on Amazon

It is common in doing Amazon product listing optimization that when it comes to listing products on Amazon, one of the most critical aspects that sellers should focus on is “optimization.” Amazon has definite guidelines when it comes to how product listings should be formatted. Failure to observe them, will not only result in low-quality pages but also less-than-optimal rankings—and at times, some sellers do not even realize that they are doing it wrong.

Are you guilty of the same mistakes? Scroll down to learn what they are.

On Creating a Well-Optimized and Well-Written Copy

  • You focus more on cramming as many keywords as you can to the point that your title no longer makes sense.         

Using as many top-ranking keywords as much as possible (5 at least), is widely considered as ideal. However, doing so does not imply sacrificing readability altogether. Based on the latest guidelines on Amazon’s algorithm, the number of keywords you use is no longer a priority. What matters most is to create a descriptive, coherent, and still-readable title.  

  • You fail to take advantage of backend keywords, or you are using too many that they exceed the 249-bytes limit.         

Backend keywords, also identified as generic search terms, help boost your listing’s ranking. But using too many of them will only waste your efforts. Why? Exceeding the 249-bytes limit keeps the A9 algorithm from indexing your copy.            

Its system is that specific. To check your bytes-usage, do some research on Amazon listing optimization software or tools. Also, feel free to check out any Amazon listing optimization service, if available. Evaluate their functions thoroughly. Then, decide on the best one that you can use for optimizing your listings.         

  • You focus more attention on off-page optimization.          

No matter how diligently you build links on Google, it will hardly do anything to increase your page ranking on Amazon. Keep in mind that the platform focuses solely on on-page optimization. For this purpose, you need to prioritize using the best keywords and optimizing your listing products on Amazon page.     

On Choosing the Best Images for Your Products

  • Your main image does not focus solely on the core product or is a bit too small for the frame.     

Your product shots are highly relevant. They are the first thing that customers notice when browsing through Amazon. Aside from photographing only your core product against a white background, see to it that it occupies 85% of the frame. These factors play an essential role in increasing your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Click Rate (CR).    

In addition, your image should be of high quality. By this, the picture has to be well-lit, eye-catching, and your product should be readily identified at a glance.        

  • You feature lifestyle shots of attractive models holding your products, not using them.          

Pretty faces never fail to catch people’s attention. But if they take the focus away from your product, then you should reconsider the entire concept of your lifestyle shots. Remember: Your offerings take center stage all the time. Models, regardless of who they may be, are added for a particular reason: to demonstrate your product’s use.    

After all, lifestyle shots are intended to show customers how your products figure in their life. It should focus on its practical use or display a particular part or function that is of value to your target buyers. If you use a celebrity or endorser, you can always position him or her in a way that he or she will remain easily recognizable without diverting focus from your product’s functionality.    

On Further Optimizing Your Benefits

Although reading up on informative write-ups that shed light on the question “how to optimize my Amazon” listing helps a lot, nothing beats working with a team of Amazon experts. You can try looking up the best Amazon listing optimization service online. But why wear yourself out needlessly?

To connect with an account manager or inquire about the advantages of working with a team of professionals focused on Amazon, contact Jayce. Email him at [email protected] today.

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