Amazon Product Packaging Design Tips to Boost Your Sales

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Last updated on July 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Imagine browsing Amazon products and coming across a cookie product housed in clever packaging resembling a stove. Curiosity compels you to look closer, even if you are unfamiliar with the brand. This is a common reaction for many, and such an experience may inspire you to create exceptional Amazon product packaging design for your own offerings. 

With the massive competition in and out of the eCommerce marketplace, you may find it challenging to stand out, especially as a newbie Amazon seller. But don’t worry about it. In this article, we’ll share tips on creating brilliant product packaging to drive more sales to your store.

Why Amazon Packaging Matters in Amazon Product Launching

A brand always sells two things: the packaging and the product. Customers see the package first, so Amazon sellers need to make sure that it makes the best impression. The product packaging should persuade a customer to take action, preferably a purchase. 

But aside from the first impression, there are more benefits to creating smart Amazon product packaging.

An infographic explaining the three benefits of a smart Amazon product packaging design, from left to right: product safety, brand recall, and increased sales

A Quick Look at Amazon’s Product Packaging Design Requirements

We look forward to your brilliant product packaging ideas. But don’t be in a hurry! You must first understand Amazon product packaging requirements so your efforts won’t go to waste. 

Product packaging options vary depending on the means of order fulfillment. If you’re using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), you must follow general shipping requirements to various fulfillment centers. Failure to comply may result in refusal, return, repackage, and noncompliance fees.

Generally, your product packages should have the following:

  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) - FNSKU is a barcode Amazon uses to manage inventory in fulfillment centers. Each FNSKU corresponds to one product and has unique variations (size, color, and shape). 
  • Tracking Code - Your package must contain a printed and scannable label or barcode that you use to track the item. It should be clear and readable enough to access. 

Your product packaging should also include your company contact information. Other requirements may differ depending on the item you’re selling and its category. These include boxed units, expiration dates, and additional legal requirements.

Ensure you go through this process carefully and meet Amazon’s requirements before officially launching your product. You can research online and go to Amazon Seller Central’s Help page or through Amazon Seller University to learn more about specific packaging requirements.

5 Amazon Packaging Tips to Launch With Wit and Purpose

When preparing for a product launch, think of giving an awesome customer experience from beginning to end. Start from when they would stumble upon your brand logo and product packaging. How can you pique their interest with just the cover itself? What can you do to influence their buying decision and convince them to take action? 

Are you ready to drive more sales on Amazon through creative and purposeful product packaging? Now that you understand the importance of Amazon product packaging, it’s time to learn the unique ways through it.

A graphic showing Amazon product packaging design tips, from left to right: know whom you’re selling to, keep it simple & convenient, draft as many ideas as you can, send customized product inserts, and go green

1. Draft As Many Ideas As You Can

Some cool ideas may randomly appear in your head while dining out or passing by a TV ad from an electronics store. Don’t ignore them! Who knows? One of these could become the key to your success. 

You only need one packaging concept for your product, but coming up with a final decision takes a cluster of many ideas. So don’t restrict yourself to just one vision— take as many ideas as possible. You can also consider brainstorming with an Amazon expert. 

2. Keep It Simple and Convenient

Avoid stuffing your package with irrelevant information. Make the design minimal where key information is readable and accessible. Use colors that sit comfortably in the eyes, avoid fonts that are difficult to read, and use high-quality images or graphics. 

While it’s good to try out-of-the-box ideas, always consider consumer convenience. It is best if the customer doesn’t have to unpack too many unnecessary layers when opening the package. Instead, give them a simple and enjoyable unboxing experience. 

3. Know Whom You’re Selling To

Amazon sellers like you should note that the target audience is an important part of every marketing phase. Understanding your target customers’ preferences can help you appeal to them better. 

People have different tastes, so having an ideal customer in mind gives your Amazon brand a place in the market. It is important to consider your buyer’s preferences when creating your packaging design concept (e.g., brighter colors for kids). 

4. Send Customized Product Inserts 

Get closer to your customers with customized product inserts. These cards or pamphlets in the package send important messages to the customer. It’s a great way to send your gratitude for the purchase or request feedback. 

Highlighting the product’s best features is also a benefit. There are many ways to use a product insert, but don’t use manipulative language or offer incentives in exchange for a positive review. Amazon has a rule discouraging sellers from asking customers for a positive product review.

5. Go Green

A report from Trivium Packaging states that sustainability remains at the forefront of consumers’ minds. This means people find environmentally conscious package design more attractive than those that are not. Additionally, this type of packaging can help you save on shipping costs.

Learn how to use recyclable and reusable packaging like cardboard boxes, shipping containers, glass bottles, organic fabrics, and more. Showcasing sustainable package design during your product launch is sure to turn heads. The best part is that you might get the attention of buyers out of your target market, too!

Seeking Smart Packaging Ideas For Amazon Sellers? Work With Seller Interactive

Smart packaging is one of the best product launch strategies in business. An eye-catching and purposeful Amazon packaging design can help you enter the Amazon marketplace with a bang!

If you find proper product packaging difficult to grasp, consider the help of Amazon web services for a product launch. Seller Interactive will assist you in making the best out of product launching with strategic planning and effective Amazon marketing techniques. If you want to elevate your Amazon product packaging design, book a call today.

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