The Benefits of Amazon PPC Outsourcing You Need To Know About

amazon ppc outsourcing

Last updated on April 27th, 2022

Written by Nicasio Co III

There are several tasks you need to do to begin your Amazon business, maintain it, and reap success with it—this includes account creation, account protection, store optimization, management of stocks and sales, shipping, and advertising. Some of these efforts are best done with the help of professionals. Advertising, for one, is a crucial step you must delegate to the right Amazon PPC outsourcing company. With years of experience, these professionals are backed with the knowledge to bring you the best Amazon PPC strategy. 

Here are strategies that you can apply with the help of an Amazon advertising agency.

Amazon Product Display Ads: Increase Brand and Product Awareness, Increase Sales

When is the right time to use Amazon Sponsored Products or Amazon Sponsored Display? 

One best Amazon PPC strategy is to use the Amazon Sponsored Products if you want to increase awareness about a specific product in your store. This product can be your bestseller. Advertising it more will ensure the stability of sales and brand visibility.

Another best Amazon PPC strategy suggests using Amazon Sponsored Display for campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness. This ad will appear not only on Amazon but also on off-Amazon pages. Because your brand is exposed to a larger audience, you can rake in more potential buyers. What if you run out of stock? That won’t be a problem—this ad will appear only when you have stocks, so be sure to keep your listing updated.

In eCommerce, visibility is king. Your partner Amazon advertising agency will help you reach a wider audience through this strategy.

Amazon Sponsored Brands: Seamless execution of Amazon brand guidelines 

Amazon is a marketplace ruled by guidelines to ensure that all sellers are at a fair selling field. These rules also ensure that all content is legitimate and not overselling. 

Some of Amazon’s brand guidelines include call to action (CTA) dos and don’ts, proper use of images and logos, color regulations, citing details about your products, and co-branding. Not abiding by these guidelines can mean non-launching or even termination of your campaign. When you have invested so much in the research but failed to get the guidelines right, your efforts may not see fruition. 

Relying on an Amazon PPC outsourcing will clear the worry of non-compliance to Amazon brand guidelines. An Amazon advertising agency will not only abide by the rules, but they will also ensure that the end product is appealing to get the clicks and sales from customers. 

Amazon Stores Creation and Management 

We all become buyers of someone else’s products at some point. In these moments, try to be more aware of your behavior as a buyer, so you could understand more how your customers behave. Did you research the products or read some reviews before buying? Guess what—you’re part of the 81% of buyers, both offline and online, who do. 

If you want to attract that 81%, establish your Amazon Store or an off-Amazon website. Putting up an Amazon Store may be the best Amazon PPC strategy for you, but looking into building your own off-Amazon website can be a supplemental tool to really get your brand’s message across. 

  • Amazon Store - An Amazon Store would be a great extension for your product listing. Through this, you can present your whole product portfolio to your viewers. You will also have more multimedia space to introduce your brand. Character counts are expanded, so you can talk more about the pros of purchasing your goods. Most importantly, your Amazon store will serve as a push for buyers who are still thinking twice about purchasing your products.
  • Off-Amazon - If you wish to create a presence outside of Amazon to attract a larger audience, whether it’s for added brand awareness or credibility, partnering with an Amazon advertising agency is the way to go. Off-Amazon websites do not put sales as a primary goal, but they can be a bridge for internet-users looking for products similar to yours. 

An Amazon advertising agency would know which strategy works best for you. A team of experts will take different factors into account, like the profile of your potential customers, the budget, and the timeline you have allotted for your campaign. You can have both pages as well, depending on the budget and goals you set. 

Keyword Strategy Brainstorming and Execution by Amazon PPC Outsourcing

Keyword research and strategy is more than just incorporating certain words into your listing up to a set frequency; it needs strategies. Here is a glossary of strategies and other Amazon PPC terms for a better understanding of the process:

  • Automatic Campaign - For automatically generated keywords, Amazon will decide which keywords to bid for based on your products’ relevance to the words. 
  • Manual Campaign - For manual choosing of keywords, you will be the one to choose the keywords and bid for them. 
  • Automatic + Manual Campaign - Your Amazon PPC outsourcing partner company would know that the combination of the two is ideal. Automatic is essential at the beginning of your campaigns because they will give you data on which keywords are effective and not. Hence, you can target more specific keywords in your manually chosen keywords.

The visibility of your campaign all boils down to whether or not you’re using the right keywords and campaign strategies.

What are the right Amazon keywords to use? To get a good grasp on this process, here are the different types of keyword match types you will encounter a lot on Amazon. 

  • Broad Match - This type of keyword applies to manual ad campaigns when you or your partner Amazon advertising agency will pick broad keywords, as the name suggests. This campaign shows your ads to wider search terms, reaching more potential customers. You’re just going to have tougher competition because of the volume of search results. 
  • Phrase Match - This type of manual ad campaign is a bit more refined. It targets a specific phrase keyword compared with the broad match. As a result, you’ll appear to buyers who search for products with more specifications. Individuals using more specific keywords know exactly what they are looking for, which means that there’s a higher chance for visitors to purchase.
  • Exact Match - When you use this type of keyword, you already foresaw the audience who will be seeing your listing, clicking through them, and buying them. You will only appear in the specific keywords you set to bid for. 
  • Close match - As the name itself suggests, this automatic ad campaign uses keywords that are a close match to your products. 
  • Loose Match - This is an option you can choose when using Amazon’s automatic ad campaign. A counterpart of phrase and broad match, this campaign is used for wider coverage.
  • Substitutes - Amazon will make your ad appear on products that are related to yours as a possible substitute. 
  • Complements - Are you affiliated with other products? Amazon will make your ad appear to products that complement what your ad is offering. 

The great thing about working with an Amazon advertising agency is that you have a foundation to build upon; no starting from scratch. These are experts with years of experience and observations on consumer behavior. While there’s no single formula to guarantee a business’ success, rest assured that only the best Amazon PPC strategy that’s unique to your brand will be applied. 

Professional Graphic Designers: Be unique. Stand out. Get the sale. 

Think of an ad you can still remember from years ago; what was it about that ad that left a lasting impact on you? You want to have this kind of recall from your campaign. Pay your visuals mind, target what’s in and trendy, create images that sell

Amazon knows that not all sellers on their platform can create advertisements from scratch. Hence, many of the different types of ads they offer can be launched in just a few clicks through templates. This gives sellers convenience, but it should also be noted that since these ads are done using templates, the results may not be as original as you would like them to be.

Give your brand the visuals it deserves by hiring an Amazon advertising agency. Ensure high-quality graphics and content done by an in-house creative team. They will polish your campaign from the color palette, tagline up to its signature layout. They will also be monitored throughout the campaign to measure its effectiveness. 


In a nutshell, going for Amazon PPC outsourcing is a wise move if you need professional help in handling your campaigns. Your partner Amazon advertising agency will take care of the keywords, strategies, and layout to ensure that your ads catch attention, create an impression, and drive sales out of potential buyers. 

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