Copywriting for Amazon Listings: Two Qualities of Amazon Listing Copy That Drives Sales

qualities Amazon listing drives sales

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Words go a long way in maximizing the advantages of your brand's success online. These words, mainly the strategic way of using them, make up engaging and informative copy—your means for communicating with your customers.

Without good copy, letting your customers know how good your Amazon listing is and why they should buy your product becomes tough (to the point of being improbable, actually). 

So, how exactly can good copywriting for Amazon listings significantly impact your business, and how can aspiring marketers and Amazon entrepreneurs like you create high-converting and compelling product listing copy? 

Why Your Amazon Product Listing Copy Matters

While a listing copy’s primary purpose is to communicate the product’s features and benefits to prospective buyers, writing descriptive and thoughtful copy can do more for your Amazon business. Good Amazon listings can increase your reach, boost your sales, and improve your credibility.

Increases Product Visibility

The most apparent effect of good Amazon copywriting is better rankings in the platform’s search results. Your place in Amazon search rankings may skyrocket with easily searchable and optimized product listing copies. Consequently, your product can receive the attention and visibility it deserves from its intended market.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Improving your Best Sellers rank and gaining traction from your target audience is only the beginning. Once your product has generated enough buzz, expect to experience a boost in customer engagement and interaction. Of course, with more people interested in what you offer, you can also anticipate a better conversion rate for your product.

Establishes Platform Credibility

Exceptional listing copy can also benefit your Amazon reputation in the long run. Besides placing your product on the map and boosting sales, honest and well-written copy can establish trust in your customers, further enhancing your credibility as a brand and seller.

Two Features Every Amazon Copy Must Have

Copy is indispensable in Amazon product listings. Although all copy abides by the standard rules of competent copywriting, essential qualities differentiate Amazon product listing copy from written content used on other websites, search engines, or anywhere else online. 

After all, this is Amazon. Its unique system and algorithm, which have played a critical role in catapulting it to becoming the most successful ecommerce platform worldwide, have specific requirements.

And this applies to every element sellers use in building their product pages, including copy. Without further ado, here are the two necessary qualities that define “good Amazon-worthy copy that drives sales.” 

1. Write the Copy To Fit Both Human Readers and Amazon’s A10 Algorithm

It’s crucial to understand that while your Amazon listing’s primary audience is your customer base, your copy is still on the ecommerce giant’s platform, and its algorithm technically counts as a search engine. For this reason, writing clear and searchable copy that accommodates both human readers and the algorithm is necessary.

Here are some guidelines to remember when writing product listing copy: 

  • Customers appreciate simple and easy-to-understand product descriptions that succinctly enumerate the product’s benefits. 
  • While keeping that in mind, know that Amazon’s A10 algorithm favors copy that mentions relevant keywords and phrases.

The key is balancing customer-centric writing that resonates well with your audience while optimizing search visibility.

The five bullet points of the copy are intended for the product's key features. Each bullet point must begin with a concise description written in ALL CAPS to attract customers' attention. Each elaboration, intended for Amazon's search engine algorithm, is then penned in sentence format.

Remember that the first three bullets should include the primary features of your product. Use all five bullet points. The more information you convey, the better your readers will understand the qualities that make your product worth purchasing. The entire bullet point description list has a limit of 1000 characters

Use all of them as much as possible. It will be to your product's advantage. Providing more detailed explanations further clarifies your product's distinctive features. Keep your copy direct and highly descriptive.

Use sensory details to describe the item's key features. To further strengthen your connection with your readers, associate your product's benefits with their specific situations. Address pain points by explaining briefly yet adequately how your product solves their particular issues and how it can help improve their lives.

2. Incorporate Relevant Keywords in Your Amazon Listing

Before you begin writing the draft of your sales copy, it pays to do SEO (search engine optimization) keyword research with the right tools. To give context to first-time marketers, the Search Engine Journal describes SEO as “modifying the website content to enhance searchability.” 

One of these practices is to conduct regular keyword research regarding your content of interest—in this case, your product. You can determine which search terms are important and valuable to your customers through keyword research.

After you have compiled a considerable keyword list of high-ranking phrases, feel free to start penning your draft.

The highest-ranking keywords in your list should be used in the title for product listings. You may also use these in the bulleted features.

The rule of thumb is to incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible without sacrificing flow and readability. Make it a point to use at least one keyword or key phrase in each bullet point. If and whenever possible, try to use more.

Determining how many important keyword phrases you can squeeze into your copy is at your discretion. Just be careful to not overdo it, or else you would be guilty of keyword stuffing, which is a substantial copywriting no-no that no decent copywriter (or seller) can afford to make.

Top-Notch Copywriting for Amazon Listings With the Experts

While they may be mere words, your Amazon listing copy is part of the backbone that holds up your entire brand and seller reputation on the platform. With these two essential qualities in mind, you can write listing copy that is customer-centric and optimized for Amazon’s algorithm. 

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