The Top 8 Services an Amazon Full Account Management Agency Can Provide

amazon full account management

Did you know that there are 2.5 million sellers on Amazon in 2021, and it increases by more than a million each year? 

This number is fascinating, but at the same time, it also suggests how stiff the competition is. Hence, there is no moment and opportunity to miss. Each move and strategy to make your Amazon business succeed should be well-thought-of. Even better, you can delegate the tasks to experts by availing Amazon full account management. This service will point you towards clear goals, doable actions, and foreseeable success. This article will also answer your question, “Can anyone proficient in Amazon manage my account for me?”

We have compiled the top eight services you can get if you enroll for Amazon full account management. Some agencies focus on providing solutions for specific issues on Amazon, while others offer complete Amazon account services. Seeing the packages they offer will make you realize that this is a worthy investment. Here are the top eight services generally included in Amazon full account management.

Setting-Up Your Amazon Seller Account

The first thing your account manager will discuss with you is creating your Amazon account. Prepare your business model, fulfillment method, and the details of your products. Once you sit down and talk with your assigned account manager, you can communicate your goals. 

Business model

The account manager can either help you with your business model if you don’t have a solid one yet or offer suggestions to further improve it. They need to know your goals, preferences, and more specific information, such as whether you have a private label, wholesale or retail arbitrage, dropshipping, or a handmade business type. This knowledge can help the manager strategize on the content and advertising actions moving forward in developing your account. 

Fulfillment method

The fulfillment method is another vital question the account manager needs to know. Your choice can significantly affect your product listing ranking. Many studies show that sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) rank higher. Nonetheless, suppose it is your choice to use Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)—your partner agency should provide you the best means to market this kind of fulfillment service. This should lead to increased sales as buyers would find your brand both appealing and trustworthy.


To get to know your business on a deeper level, you should also provide all relevant information about your products to your account manager. Amazon listings should have SEO-friendly product descriptions that include specifications, selling points, and unique benefits to the user. You may delegate this task to the experts to ensure high-performing product listings.

Creating an Amazon Seller Account

After determining the details above, prepare yourself for a milestone when you finally venture into eCommerce and open your Amazon Seller Account

Opening an account on Amazon is very similar to any registration process; requirements include details about yourself and your business. You’ll need to prepare identification cards and important business documents for verification and background checks. 

Choose whether to get a professional or an individual account: If you want to go big and see yourself selling more than 40 units of your products per day, go for a professional account. On the other hand, if you cannot commit to this volume just yet, you can simply sign up for an individual account. 

Amazon Listing Optimization 

Codes and algorithms govern Amazon. The eCommerce behemoth has an engine called A10 that determines whether a product is relevant to customers' searches. A10 is responsible for the products appearing on your screen after searching for some products or typing some keywords on the search bar. 

Your primary goal as an Amazon seller is to understand A10 and how it ranks product listings. This knowledge will be your basis for the strategies you will implement into your account. However, A10 is not as easy as learning ABCs. You will need help, which is where Amazon Listing Optimization comes in. 

Here are the different tasks you can expect from this premium service:

  1. Incorporating keywords in your product title, description, backend, and even on your product images
  2. Double-checking product images as visuals are usually the first elements checked by visitors
  3. Ensuring that the fulfillment method of your choice is helping you with your ranking by getting excellent reviews on delivery time
  4. Ensuring that reviews and feedback are managed and responded to well to increase your brand's reliability through social proofs
  5. Being on top of your supplies and stocks, ensuring that all clients will get the product they ordered and will not have to wait for stocks to replenish
  6. Checking what competitors are doing, so you can either be at par or ahead of the game 

Search Engine Optimization   

You may get two services from search engine optimization: (1) ranking on Google Search and (2) ranking on Amazon. If you think you’re ready for more competition and an increased audience, go for Google. Put up your own website, optimize it, and make it rank on the internet’s biggest and most used search engine. Find your business among top brands vying for a first-page ranking, reaching a much larger audience. 

Amazon and Google have a lot in common. Hence, making your website rank on Google almost has the same formula as making your product listing rank on Amazon. You also need to consider solid keyword research and quality content for your website to appear on the search results page (SERP). 

The primary goal for ranking on Google is not to sell but to create credibility for your brand. On the other hand, Amazon’s primary intent is to increase sales. Your website can also be a complete one-stop-shop for possible customers who want to know more about you. Because of Amazon’s space and word count limitations, information can be compressed. A website of your own will be the perfect complement to your Amazon store, especially if you’re aiming to make a name for yourself, not just on the eCommerce platform.

Amazon search engine optimization can be assigned to an account manager. You’ll want to seek assistance from experienced professionals to make sure your money and time won’t go to waste. An account manager can offer the basics, such as using long-tail high-volume keywords derived from thorough research, as well as more complicated tasks, such as competitor analyses and developing strategies from current market trends. 

Using long-tail keywords, for one, is a simple yet critical strategy that can make your account succeed. Only an experienced Amazon account manager can get this right. Specialists know that buyers who go for long keywords have higher intent on buying. Using high-volume keywords on top of the keywords ranking may also do wonders for your business. Still, expect the competition to be stiff because many other businesses are aiming for the same keywords. It takes wisdom and experience to decide on a strategy that works. 

A+ Content

If you need to elaborate details about your product or make your product more compelling and catchy to customers, A+ Content is the key!  If you are a registered business on the Amazon Brand Registry, you can enjoy this function for free. Your partner agency will provide you with the layout, images, and SEO-friendly content you’ll need.

These are the instances when you’ll need A+ Content:

  1. Your product is new or complicated. With this, you need more than the allowed space or number of characters given in the product description. A+ Content will enable you to explain all the technical stuff about your goods further.
  2. If all your other competitors have A+ Content, there’s no point in staying in your outdated lane. Getting A+ Content will ensure that you also get buyers' attention in a sea of sellers after a search.
  3. You want to increase your conversion. A+ Content prime advantage is increasing a seller’s sales and lowering advertising costs. 

If you think A+ Content is a worthy investment, you may tick this service when you sign up for Amazon full account management.

Product Listing Management

Do you have several Amazon products and listings to monitor? Delegate the product listing management to experts and get the following services:

  • Adding your product listing to the right category
  • Assigning a stock-keeping unit (SKU) for every item in your inventory
  • Parent-child listing 
  • Listing content management 
  • Product listing optimization 

When should you avail of product listing management?

  1. If you can’t commit a huge chunk of your time to your Amazon business
  2. If you have several product listings on Amazon and you can’t monitor them all at once
  3. If you are not well-versed in Amazon selling and managing product listings
  4. If you don’t want to take the risk or waste your time and energy on experimenting

In a nutshell, it pays to secure high-quality content to improve business operations and garner more traction. If you want excellent-quality product listing management, hire an expert.

Brand Registry and Protection

Another service where it’s a good idea to seek help from experts is Amazon brand registry and protection. If we only live in a perfect world, you won’t need this service, but even the largest online selling platform is not spared from blackhats and other cybercriminals. Protect your brand before it’s too late by registering it under this Amazon feature.

Amazon hijacking commonly occurs when a product listing becomes inactive for quite some time. Hijackers would take the account and use it as their own. With the product listing existing for quite some time, reviews, feedback, and ratings are already present. Hence, the hijacker gets these details you’ve paid for or worked hard on for free. The scary part is that buyers can be deceived and end up paying for a low-quality product.

Amazon counterfeiters, on the other hand, are pirates and copycats of your products. They will sell the same product either at a lower or higher price. In both situations, they steal possible sales from you. More importantly, if the product they copied is of low quality, it can also affect your reputation and make way for negative feedback and reviews from clients. 

Protect your account from these two blackhats through Amazon full account management focusing on brand registry and protection. Agencies have experts with a great eye for blackhat threats, specifically dealing with brand protection. More importantly, these specialists know the process of holding these cybercriminals accountable, according to Amazon processes. 

You can skip the stress of handling these cases and focus on your product and sales instead. Let your partner agency do the policing for you. 

Product Launch

Pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the most awaited day—the successful product launch! You’ll be marking this day as a milestone in the years to come and immortalizing it in pictures. The work leading up to this day has been tough and will get even tougher. You’ll be relieved knowing you have an expert team of specialists fully backing you up.

Before the product launch day, here are the tasks you can assign to your account manager:

  1. Virtual and face-to-face campaigns that count down to your product launch: Your partner agency should come up with regular updates and campaigns across your brand’s social media accounts to reach the maximum visibility days or weeks before your product launch. This may include setting up a website and creating high-quality content. Face-to-face media events or press releases where you get to tease your launch is another form of campaign you may want to utilize if budget is not a problem. Prepare intriguing answers that spike people’s curiosity for when reporters and bloggers ask about your product/s.
  2. Before the product launch, the account manager will also ensure that all the services mentioned above are in place. As a result, you’ll have a brand that can successfully infiltrate and compete in the market on the day of the launch. Your products will have a chance of ranking high up on the product listing due to well-thought product listing optimization and SEO strategies. 
  3. The account manager will be on top of your stocks and inventory to ensure that you will not run out of stock when there is an influx of buyers. Being out of stock early along your product launch will be a business nightmare. Not having enough on-hand items can result in negative feedback and a low rating from buyers. 

Preparation and Logistics

The work never stops. After preparing everything, sales are coming, and even in this part, your account manager will be assisting you. Included in an Amazon full account management service is logistics. 

An account manager will ensure that the items' packages abide by the shipping guidelines, local or international. The account specialist is also well-versed with customs laws for every destination. You will be equipped with a taxes and duty rates computation along with trained individuals handling your fulfillment and deliveries under your employ. These allow for smooth transactions no matter the destination of your shipment. Summary

To summarize, there are many services included when you avail of Amazon full account management. The account manager will basically handle all the work for you. In doing so, you are sure that trained and experienced individuals manage the steps you take in your Amazon business.

Seller Interactive offers all these eight services in our Amazon full account management package. We have a team of dedicated professionals eager to save you from your eCommerce woes. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746, so you can discuss your business needs with us.

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