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January 10, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon brand guidelines

Amazon sales rose to USD475 billion in 2020, and more than half came from third-party sales. Small brands and businesses are indeed winning on the largest eCommerce platform in the world. This is quite encouraging for entrepreneurs looking to grow their Amazon business in 2022. 

If you have already begun selling this year, create a checklist of the areas and tasks you need to follow up on and accomplish to ensure everything is noted. But to be truly successful on Amazon, part of this business plan should include a deep understanding of Amazon brand guidelines and Amazon brand registry benefits.

Amazon brand guidelines will help you in Amazon paid ads management. Ads are essential to make your business known to your target buyers, to get sales, and to rank higher on listings. Amazon Brand Registry, on the other hand, will safeguard all of your hard work by making sure that the bad actors of Amazon are proactively driven away from your brand. We’ll discuss the benefits of knowing both in this article.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry is established both for sellers and for customers. You can legitimize the ownership of your brand by registering. If there are any copycats of your products, your registry is proof that you are the legitimate seller. This will also be beneficial for customers who are looking for original products. Buyers will know that the store they are purchasing from sells only original products made by the brand itself. 

Here are more Amazon brand registry benefits: 

  1. Establishing credibility with customers

When you are starting a business and contemplating on the details about your products, your customers should always come first. Answer the four W’s and one H:

  • What do customers need?
  • When do they need it by?
  • Where will they see your product quickly?
  • Why are your goods worth their money?
  • How will they acquire what you are offering?

Above all these, ensure that you can deliver on your promises. Aim for loyalty by providing quality products and services. 

One of the ways to do this is through the Amazon Brand Registry benefit of “Transparency.”

“Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers.” -Amazon 

With this service, your products will be issued with barcodes that customers can scan using iOS and Android apps to check whether your product is original. Amazon is an awesome place to sell, but there are many sellers out there counterfeiting products. These barcodes are marks that will keep your products untouchable to counterfeiters and credible to customers. 

  1. Brand protection from hijackers and counterfeiters

Hijackers and counterfeiters are two types of Amazon users you don’t want to have to deal with. They are dedicated to ruining one’s products, listing, and credibility. Black hats can wreck everything you’ve worked hard for.

Hijackers look for listings that are dormant but have rich reviews. They ‘hijack’ accounts to rank quicker by skipping the hassle of getting reviews. 

Counterfeiters, on the other hand, are unauthorized resellers of a product. They can also sell a replica of a seller’s original products. In both situations, the original seller and brand’s reputation can be tainted. 

The good news is you may never have to deal with them with the proper Amazon protection tools. Nonetheless, in case you experience hijacking and counterfeiting, here are some of the Amazon Brand Registry benefits you can make the most out of: 

  • Violations of any Amazon guidelines can be reported immediately by the seller. Amazon has 24-hour customer service that can process your complaints regarding hijackers and counterfeiters. You are also allowed to send emails to these sellers to let them know that you are aware of their existence and request that they take down the accounts that sell your products or replicas immediately.
  • Amazon has Project Zero which aims to zero-out other sellers’ illegal actions. Amazon is equipped with bots that scan listings and analyze them to stop counterfeiters and hijackers. 
  • Another of the many Amazon Brand Registry benefits is the availability of legal assistance. Amazon is even partnering with government agencies to end counterfeiting and hijacking, which hurt both established and newer brands. 
  • Intellectual property protection is also one of the Amazon Brand Registry benefits. This helps you protect your product patents and designs, which you and your team worked hard to create.
  1. Overall selling and shopping experience improvement

We don’t live in a perfect world, but we should always try our best. The same goes when selling on Amazon. Illegal doers will always be there, but legitimate sellers can stop hijackers and counterfeiters by ensuring that they are registered for Amazon Brand Protection. Be aware of the Amazon brand guidelines and other regulations to notice which practices should be reported. 

If you need assistance in managing your Amazon store and keeping an eye on your account, you can always seek help from reliable agencies offering brand protection and assistance. These agencies have a team of experts who’ll know just how to proactively protect your account and deal with hijackers and counterfeiters in case you end up being targeted. 

Now that your brand is protected, you can proceed to expand your business. Grow through Amazon paid ads management and Amazon product ads, but don’t forget to study, understand, and follow Amazon brand guidelines to avoid being penalized.

Reminders on Amazon Brand Guidelines 

Have you read up on Amazon brand guidelines? In a nutshell, your call-to-action (CTA), brand phrases, branding on and off Amazon, Amazon logos, icons, and pictures should all be used according to the instructions provided on the Amazon brand guidelines page.

This is to ensure that you know the dos and don’ts when using Amazon product ads. The hassle of knowing and following all of these guidelines will pay off eventually because of the increase in your brand’s credibility, leading to a higher conversion rate. This is on top of the strategies you are already implementing for your Amazon product ads.

If you think you need help following Amazon brand guidelines or assistance in Amazon paid ads management, there are many reliable agencies you can count on. These agencies can help you create a customized Amazon PPC for your brand. 


When discussing Amazon brand registry benefits, brand protection should be at the top of the list. Protecting your brand is as important as all the other tasks you need to accomplish to create a successful business on Amazon. Before you even jump into Amazon brand guidelines and Amazon paid ads management, our advice is to get your brand registered. 

Seller Interactive can be your partner in fulfilling Amazon Brand Protection and Assistance. We have a team of experts who can ensure that your brand and products stay safe to keep you credible for more customers and sales. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746. You may also visit our website to get a feel of our services. Get in touch today!

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