Amazon Advertising Strategy In The A10 Era: What Changes Should You Be Doing This Year?

amazon advertising strategy

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Let’s first look at the steps you need to take for successful Amazon ads inside the platform. With external links, PPC’s role is somehow downplayed, yet it is still essential as it allows you to reach audiences on the platform. Here are the ways:

Strategize Which To Highlight On Sponsored Products

You can customize ads on Amazon, and one of the choices is “Sponsored Products,” which allows you to advertise a specific product. Now, among all the products you sell, you need to strategize which product should earn that spotlight:

Top-sellers: A tried and tested Amazon advertising campaign strategy is featuring best-sellers to maintain and increase their sales. 

Products that need a little ad boost: Another game plan is advertising mid-performing products for them to move up as top sellers. 

For non-performing listings, advertising may not be the first solution, but an optimization check is. After rechecking the keywords, you can also give the low-performing product a jumpstart through Sponsored Products. 

Ace Brand Awareness Campaigns Through Sponsored Brands

You would also want your brand to be known, and this is possible through “Sponsored Brands,” which is also known as “Headline Ads.” It is called such because the advertisement will appear as a headline or banner on an Amazon page. 

Because of the area it will occupy, make sure to make each ad count. Incorporate compelling images and texts that will leave lasting positive impressions to viewers and, of course, will tickle their curiosity to get a click and lead them to your Amazon store. 

Create Content That Convert To Sales

When you get that most desired click from a customer, whether from a sponsored ad or brand, you need to make it count by welcoming them with quality listing and Amazon Store content. 

Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Content: Look into Amazon A+ content you can access after signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry. This service allows you to upload more detailed images and have better graphics (not the usual product with white background) in your featured images, product descriptions, and store. Seeing content like this boosts the credibility of your brand, thus increasing sales. 

Invest On Amazon Videos

Inside and outside Amazon, buyers look forward to learning about a product by watching videos because it is more interesting than reading plain text. Videos also allow a real-life demonstration of how products are used through how-to videos. With that, look into the Amazon Video Ads guidelines, so you can begin incorporating video ads inside the platform. 

There is plenty of video content you can feature like the following:

  • How-To 
  • Brand explainer
  • Customer feedback
  • Live-selling 
  • Product demonstration

These videos will appear as banner ads in search results. It will feature the video, your brand logo, tagline, and a call to action. 

Amazon Advertising Strategy: The Work Continues Outside

After all the ads inside Amazon, the work does not stop—and also the excitement! Indeed, launching campaigns outside Amazon needs more effort, but you can also exercise your endless creativity because of it. Check out these tips to get you started. 

Look into Amazon Associates

Amazon has a service called Amazon Associates, which allows you to acquire links to be incorporated into your website and social media account posts. You have four basic choices for link acquisition:

Site Stripe: Site Stripe allows you to automatically get links to a product listing once you sign up for it. 

Product Links: Product links allow a preview of the product to attract customers even more. 

Banners: Banners make the link more attractive because it is image-based. You can customize the image with relevant celebrations and holidays like Black Friday Sale, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or New Year. 

API: This choice involves Amazon site integration to your website allowing site visitors to get more details about the product right inside your website. 

Unleash Your Creativity Through Social Media Marketing

Brainstorm with your team or partner with a reliable digital marketing agency and let the creativity and strategies pour into ways you can reach your social media audience. Just keep in mind these tips for doing your social media marketing right:

  • Figure out which social media platform your market lies, and focus your campaigns there. 
  • Provide content that is informative and educational to bring value to your viewers and establish your credibility.
  • Have a mixture of content—texts, images, and videos.
  • Post consistently and time it when your target audience is most active for increased views and engagement. 
  • Check what your competitors are doing and execute better campaigns than them. 

Understand The Power of Videos

This tip gets a special section because of its ability to engage 85% of internet users everywhere. If you need to choose between content choices, always go for video content. Here are some ways to create content that converts to sales:

  • Partner with influencers who can post videos on Youtube and their social media account. Influencers can incorporate your products in their daily activities allowing audiences to preview how your products work as delivered by a source they “follow” and trust. 
  • Pick a video content you know will be appealing to your target audience: product demos, customer feedback, tutorials, recorded training, experts interviews. 
  • Do not forget to include CTAs, so your audiences would know what to do. 
  • Insert marketing spiels and product incorporation as smoothly as possible. Hard-selling is a big no-no. 

Search Engine Optimization Within and Outside Amazon

Finally, if you want your target audience to see the ads or content you made, you need to amp your SEO within and outside the platform. You need to conduct keyword research first for Amazon, Google, and social media using different keyword research tools. 

Incorporate high-performing keywords in the blog content of your website, the text and hashtags of your social media posts, and backend keywords. In the same way, you monitor keyword performance on Amazon, track keywords here, too, through impressions your ads and content receive. 

Benefits of Partnering With An Amazon Ads Company

As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” If you partner with an Amazon advertising agency, you can get these services: 

  • Keyword research
  • Ads optimization
  • Strategy creation
  • Data tracking and monitoring
  • Increased sales
  • And more, depending on your business needs and goals.

Amazon PPC experts and marketers will monitor your advertising cost of sales and ensure that the costs decrease and the sales increase as you continue your campaigns. 

An agency also has expert content and graphic design teams to ensure all the ads and content you post are of the highest quality. 

Seller Interactive: Your Amazon Ads Partner

Look no further if you have decided to partner with an agency as Seller Interactive offers different solutions for your Amazon advertising needs. We are well-versed in sponsored ads you can use on the platform and know varied tried and tested strategies. For your content outside Amazon, because of the A10 update on measuring CTRs, impressions, and conversion rate from external links, we also got you!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-820-3746, so you can learn more about our offers. Furthermore, if you have other inquiries regarding our Amazon services, we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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