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on TikTok.

Grow with strategic performance marketing on TikTok – captivate audiences and acquire new customers on one of the fastest-growing social platforms. Prepare to harness the engaging power of short-form videos and make your brand the star of the TikTok show.
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What Can TikTok Ads Do For Your Brand?

Visual Storytelling
TikTok is all about creativity and visuals. We craft eye-catching short-form video ads that tell your brand's story within seconds, capturing attention and driving engagement.
Connect with Gen Z and Millennials
Reach the elusive Gen Z and millennial audiences where they're most active. Our strategies tap into TikTok's young user base and the growing mature audiences, making your brand relevant and relatable to everyone on the platform.
Trend Awareness
Staying relevant means riding the trends. We keep a close eye on TikTok's ever-changing trends and adapt your ad content to match, ensuring your brand is always in vogue.
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What Can TikTok Ads Do For Your Brand?

Beauty Niche

ROAS for a brand new to DTC marketing
2.5x ROAS on a hair care product that was only available in retail stores until the brand started advertising on TikTok!

Apparel Niche

increase in revenue with viral UGC
200% Increase in Brand Search on Google and 25% increase in revenue with viral TikTok Ads.

Expert Creativity and Collaboration.

When you partner with us for TikTok Ads, we'll work closely with you to craft 
videos that resonate with TikTok's community and showcase your brand's 
personality in a new and unique way that converts viewers into customers!
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The Seller Interactive Difference: 
Our Philosophy

We believe that working closely with our clients brings us closer toachieving our goals! Everyone works a s a team and our clients
are a part of it.
Behind every successful ad campaign is a very successful piece of content. We put a lot of emphasis on creative testing - that's why it's baked into our fees.
With a data-led approach and not a data-driven approach, we use a combination of data, context, research, and human expertise to make every day decisions with a single goal inmind... results!

Creative Portfolio

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