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Case Study.
How Woken Climbed 10,000 steps up Amazon’s Search Ranking through Seller Interactive’s Seller Effective Account Management.
How We Helped
20% increase on total ordered items
Woken is a company run by a one-person team. As if that’s not hard enough, Amanda Harari, owner of Woken, also runs four businesses on the side. To increase sales and further grow the business, Woken needed an external service provider to manage their entire Amazon account, including handling customers’ enquiries and complaints, and looking into reconciliation when Amazon charges incorrectly. Enter Seller Interactive (SI).

Woken has been operating for a year and a half with only one employee. The rest of the services like graphic designer, social media manager, and website developers have been outsourced. In June 2020, Woken decided to entrust their Amazon account to SI.
From June to July 2020, the following are the services that SI rendered to Woken for its 7 ASINs:
  • Listing Optimization
  • Customer Service
  • Email Sequence Set up and Management
  • Walmart Marketplace Profile Setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Account Management
After working together for two months, Woken took the initiative in letting Seller Interactive take over their PPC Advertising management to further escalate the growth of the business.
Conquering Roadblocks
Although visible results were delivered after only a month, the behind-the-scenes was definitely not a smooth ride. First, Woken sources its products from Italy. This leaves them with little to no control when it comes to managing the inventory level and estimating time it takes to replenish the stocks. The delivery on the creatives’ side also took its time due to the unexpected volume of needed revisions.
Putting these roadblocks aside, SI understands that waiting time is wasted time. This is why SI took the initiative to prioritize other issues while waiting for the deliverables of other external service providers.
By working closely with Woken, SI was able to accomplish the following tasks:
  1. Maintain Amazon account’s health by promptly responding to queries, complaints, and negative reviews.
  2. Troubleshoot all issues including a mistaken expired inventory issue and missing revenue issue.
Result-Oriented Strategy
SI worked closely with the client herself to get the necessary products, assets, and information. This was to make sure that everything that would be published is factual, accurate, and on brand. Even though the client gave SI the full liberty to make Amazon-related decisions for the business, SI still made it a point to promptly notify the client about updates. The client was also involved in the process by soliciting inputs to further improve sales and brand awareness.
To maintain a healthy Amazon seller account, SI made sure to perform the following daily:
  • Ensure that all account health problems are addressed
  • Check the account’s buyer messages, voices of customers, and all of its listings daily
  • Respond to any new messages and reviews as soon as it is posted
  • Followed up with open cases daily
  • Requested an update when Amazon failed to respond within their 12-hour threshold
  • Make sure Amazon is not overcharging or mistakenly charging the clien
Constant consultations, progress reports, and successful issue resolutions kept the client updated about what’s happening in her business, which led to the client appreciate the potentials of her business.
Garnering Immediate Visible Results
Although SI’s services started on June 4, the listings were first optimized on July 21. However, listing images and Enhanced Brand Content were prepared while waiting for the copies to be approved.
In that short amount of time, the total sales increased 17% ($12k to $14k) from June to July. The overall PPC sales also increased from $1.8K to $2.4K, while the ASIN rankings went up by 10,000 on average.
After improving keyword ranking on one product, the number of Sessions increased by 117% from the previous month. In addition, the number of Page Views had a 300% increase from the previous month with PPC Advertising and Listing Optimizations as the key contributing factors.

SI closely monitors each listing and provides proactive customer service. This resulted in an increase on the Buy Box Percentage. In one month, Woken's Buy Box Percentage has increased from 80% to a stable 98%. Lastly, the conversion rate gradually increased by 3.2%.
The Seller Interactive Difference
SI was able to achieve a dramatic increase in sales and visibility over a short period of time because of its relentless focus and systematic way of doing things. SI does not stay still and wait for external parties to provide. SI actively finds solutions & addresses issues to make use of the waiting time.
While all the bustling is happening, SI does not forget to keep the client updated on progress in terms of timelines and deliverables. SI believes that transparency & communication are the keys to a successful business partnership.

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