Perfect Petzzz

Case Study.
How Seller Interactive Boosted Sales and Set the Stage for Future Success

Perfect Petzzz, an innovative Amazon brand specializing in life-like pets made of 100% handcrafted synthetic fur, experienced a significant transformation in sales and market presence after partnering with Seller Interactive. This case study highlights the impressive results and benefits of this collaboration.
How We Helped
10% increase on total ordered items
The Challenge
Perfect Petzzz faced stagnant sales and struggled with PPC campaigns and gaining impressions, despite offering a unique product that simulates real pet ownership without the associated hassle and expense.
Seller Interactive's
Initial Assessment and Strategy

Upon partnering with Perfect Petzzz in late 2020, Seller Interactive conducted a thorough audit of the brand's existing Amazon listings and PPC campaigns. The primary focus was to optimize listings and incorporate specific, targeted keywords to attract the right audience.
Key Strategies Implemented:
  • Keyword Optimization: Introduced targeted keywords such as "life-like stuffed interactive plush toy," "electronic pet,"companion pet cat," and "100% handcrafted synthetic fur."
  • Inventory Management: Established robust inventory planning procedures to meet increasing demand.
PPC Strategy
The Seller Interactive team revamped Perfect Petzzz's PPC strategy to drive targeted traffic and improve sales efficiency.
The new strategy focused on:
  • Sponsored Product Campaigns: Launched new campaigns with optimized keywords to target specific customer segments.
  • Continuous Optimization: Conducted weekly campaign reviews to identify and eliminate underperforming keywords,
    ensuring ad spend efficiency.
  • Daily Bid Monitoring: Implemented daily bid adjustments to maximize ROI and prevent overspending on low-performing
  • New Campaigns: Regularly launched new ASINs and campaigns based on top organic keyword research to keep the brand
    competitive and
Seller Interactive's
Sales Growth
  • 2020 Performance: $500,000 in sales.
  • 2021 Performance: Surpassed initial targets with $582,000 in sales by mid-year, ultimately driving $600,000 before year-end.
  • 2022 Performance: Achieved a 12.4% increase with $562,183.95 in sales for 2021. In the first 5.5 months of 2022 alone, the brand made $522,801.94, nearly surpassing their total 2021 sales.
PPC Campaign Success
  • Early Summer 2022 Campaigns:
    • Generated $4,514.50 with an ACOS of 17.10%.
    • Generated $1,992.35 with an ACOS of 23.34%.
  • Continuous Optimization: Daily bid monitoring to
    eliminate low-performing keywords and optimize
    ad spending effectively.

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