The Road to Success With an Amazon Account Appeal Service

February 24, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon account appeal service

When selling things on Amazon, you will have many questions that may arise as you become acquainted with their policies. There will also be several difficulties that you will face, and though there will be various solutions provided, only one will be successful.

And with that, what was the most challenging question you had to ask yourself when you received a message like:

“Your Amazon seller account has been suspended. As a result, during the review period, you will be unable to sell on Amazon; however, you will be able to ship any open orders.”

We understand how disheartening this message could be especially when you have followed the Amazon guidelines religiously.   The suspension will significantly threaten your sales, customer, and earnings in the next few days. However, we are not here to let the fear consume you but we are here to help you explore the road to resolution and success with your Amazon Account Appeal Service. Here’s how you can start with your appeal: 

Make a List of Possible Reasons for Your Suspension

Identify the root cause of the problem. Before you file for an Amazon Appeal, you should need to know at least why you are submitting this for you to have a clearer view of your battle. Unfortunately, Amazon will only give you a general reason for your suspension issue; that is why it will be harder for you to avoid the violation in the first place. 

You need to make a list of possible reasons you received an Amazon account suspension, so it will not happen again. It will also assist you in determining how much you must consider having Amazon’s appeal suspension appeal service for your reinstatement. 

Learn How to Appeal on Amazon: 

Amazon is different from any /other e-commerce platform when it comes to reactivating a suspended account. To reactivate your account, they will want a Plan of Action or POA from the seller account that has been suspended. Then, the Amazon team will review it to see if you qualify to regain your Amazon account. So now it’s all in your hands to decide. 

A well-written POA is essential for your account’s reactivation since it indicates that you discovered the source of the problem, how it came about, and how you believe an Amazon seller should handle it.

How to submit an Appeal on Amazon

Follow the Steps on How to Submit an Appeal on Amazon

After you have written your POA, you should not hesitate or have any reservations about submitting it to Amazon. Check for the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Performance drop-down option in Seller Central.
  2. Look for your suspension notification under Performance Notifications.
  3. Click Appeal, then Appeal Decision.
  4. Complete the Plan of Action form. 
  5. Remember to provide your phone number.
  6. Send in your appeal.

How Long Does Amazon Appeal Take?

Relax a little and take a rest. You did an excellent job writing your appeal letter! It is now your responsibility to wait patiently and hope for the best. Allow Amazon a few days to respond. Amazon has yet to decide on how long it will take to reinstate your account.

Some Amazon seller accounts receive an automated response within 48 hours. However, due to the large volume of amazon appeals received each day, some appeals can take more than two weeks before receiving any feedback. 

Help form Amazon Account Appeal Service

Need Some Help?

If you’ve been waiting for so long and haven’t heard anything, you’re probably worried about your suspended account. We will advise you to choose an Amazon Suspension Appeal Service that will assist you in reducing your loads or stress in dealing with your suspension. With this, you can assure yourself that well-professionals are handling your Suspended account.


When learning the hard way isn’t enough, having a list to follow is the best option. A suspended account may cause you additional worry because you’ve invested in your business and want nothing but the best for it. If you are undecided, Seller Interactive is willing to assist by monitoring your amazon seller account performances for a product that may trigger your suspension and taking immediate action to prevent your account suspension. 

If you’ve decided, message us at [email protected]  so we can assist you in taking the risk that will lead you to your future success!

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