Requirements to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

July 14, 2022
Written by Mark Salvania
requirements to sell on walmart marketplace

Succeeding in e-commerce means sellers shouldn't box themselves to a single platform.Not everyone’s going to look for your website, and you don’t want to limit your audience to just one space.

Enter Walmart Marketplace—Walmart’s e-commerce arm. Much like its brick-and-mortar parent, this online platform has a large presence in the retail world, having over 380 million visits as of February 2022. It caters to third-party sellers who want to list and sell their products on the Walmart website. The space has a diverse product range, from electronics to clothing.

If you’re interested in selling on the website but don’t know where to begin, allow this guide to help you! We’ll share the “requirements to sell on Walmart Marketplace” list and a few tips for using the platform to your advantage.

Why Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Before we go over the requirements, allow us to convince you that selling on Walmart Marketplace is worth a shot.

Expanded visibility and reach

Successful online entrepreneurs know that selling across multiple channels is now a smart practice. If you want to grow your store’s audience, consider branching out to Walmart Marketplace. The platform is one of the United States’ largest online marketplaces, giving you access to a wide customer base.

Aside from the Walmart website, your items will appear in the Walmart mobile app and search engine results. You can also enlist Walmart Sponsored Products’ help in setting up pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. Because of these efforts, your products will get their much-deserved shine.

Fewer competition

Walmart enforces strict acceptance guidelines for third-party sellers. Because of their meticulous policies, competition and market saturation become lesser. This leads to more opportunities for sales and customer growth.


The Walmart brand has been a trusted entity since its 1962 launch. They’ve turned tons of buyers into loyal customers, which builds and maintains a trustworthy reputation. If you plan to sell at Walmart Marketplace, their credibility is something to look forward to.

Lower costs

Competition and customer base aren’t the only important factors in choosing an e-commerce channel. Business expenses matter too! Save as much money as possible—especially if you’re still starting.

On top of the usual referral or item fees, other e-commerce channels charge sellers monthly fees—even if they haven’t made a sale. Walmart Marketplace only requires sellers to pay referral fees when they’ve made sales. The platform charges sellers somewhere between 6% to 20%, depending on your item’s product categories.

Impressive infrastructure

Walmart Marketplace has an impressive arsenal for approved sellers. It has many options allowing sellers to integrate their current inventory management tools into their platform while having their original handy listing tools on hand. In addition, their easy checkout process guarantees a safe and stress-free customer experience—something shoppers will surely appreciate.

Another advantageous perk eligible Walmart sellers can enjoy is their free two-day shipping offer for their customers. This offer increases their chances of standing out while improving their sales and rankings.

walmart store

What Are the Requirements to Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart expects sellers to follow their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. So if you want to become a Walmart Marketplace seller, make sure you tick these boxes.


• Proven experience and success

Track record is a highly valuable factor for Walmart’s approval. Applicants with prior e-commerce experience and success are more likely to get the green light from the retail giant.  So if you’re a proven Amazon seller, make sure you use that to your advantage.

• Excellent customer service record

Walmart conducts thorough background checks on your seller accounts. They don’t skip out on customer reviews, aligning with their customer-centric philosophy. If you have tons of negative reviews and complaints, don’t be surprised if you get a rejection.

• Competitive pricing

Having competitive prices increases your odds of winning the coveted Walmart Buy Box, which functions similarly to that of Amazon. It won’t do if your prices are too high or low for your shoppers.

• Diverse and unique product range

Walmart Marketplace aspires to have a unique catalog. With that, they avoid selling hundreds of similar products on the platform. Instead, make a great impression by showing your business’ and items’ uniqueness.

• Quick shipping and systematic order fulfillment process

Efficiency and quickness should be the qualities your shipping and order fulfillment methods are known for with your brand. Your Walmart acceptance chances are high if your store has its own warehouse. The retailer also prefers sellers who use a trusted third-party logistics service.

requirements to sell on walmart marketplace  - online registration

Registration Requirements

Before you submit your Walmart Marketplace application, gather these documents and other details first. This makes the process much quicker.

  • US tax ID (Walmart doesn’t accept SSN)
  • Complete US business address or physical operations hub/warehouse
  • W9 or W8 and EIN verification letters from the Department of Treasury confirming your US business address or physical operations hub (Submitted as PDF attachments)
  • Primary product categories, catalog size, and other related details
  • Planned integration method for your product catalogs
  • Brand success history on other e-commerce channels

Product Requirements

Walmart Marketplace allows sellers to sell diverse products in their store. However, they’ve placed limitations and restrictions on specific items and categories. We suggest you review Walmart’s Prohibited Products Policy to avoid application and future issues.

How Can Sellers Succeed in Walmart Marketplace?

Your Walmart Marketplace success isn’t an overnight guarantee. Although there’s lesser competition, you still need to stand out on the platform. Work your way up the success ladder by following these tried and tested practices:

1. Do a small test before launching

One of the great things about Walmart Marketplace is that they allow sellers to preview products before they go live. Make the most out of this feature by testing two to three products to see how the interface works. This test also serves as a practice for preparing products for delivery. As a bonus, you can play around with shipments, cancellations, and adjustments.

2. Offer bundled items

Walmart Marketplace’s Seller Center has a feature that lets sellers create product bundles, allowing customers to purchase multiple products in one package. We recommend pairing a complementary high-selling product and a low-selling one together to attract buyers.

3. Have a 24/7 customer support running

Online shopping’s convenience extends to customer support. Walmart Marketplace sellers should have a live dedicated customer support service to answer and solve their queries. If you don’t offer immediate and effective resolutions, expect negative customer feedback.

Take the Leap

If you need expert consultation in seller account management, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We at Seller Interactive are always ready to assist with any concerns or questions you may have about selling on a new platform. So please email us today at [email protected] to know more about our services.

Since its 2009 launch, Walmart Marketplace has made a reputable name for itself in e-commerce. Put your business in a greater position to succeed by selling your items on the ever-growing platform and prepare the necessary registration and product requirements for a hassle-free Walmart seller marketplace application experience.

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